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Name:karina davidian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Australia  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:2/3/2004 (GMT)   

hi my name is karina. im 100% armo n would like to meet more armos. so plz go ahead n write me a message n ill write bak to u thanx bai

Sorry, lollypop has no pictures. Check back soon!


 WiLd_CaT:  hey hunny
 HaMsKam: hey gari!!!......guess who...its your cuz....neways jst wanted to say hi and dat i miss ya'z.....hope u'z like d pics....byeee
 dusty11791: hey, wutup, im travis, i wanna get 2 know u, so post me a message, aight, later
 Rap_varouj: hey babe!!! lol put ur pic up girl! u gotta show off ur eyes... ?
look add me if u want ok
and im always online.bye see you

 Levy: hey Karina.......
wellllll weres ur pic girl??????
anyways how u been
(still breathing??????)
 RMO69R: u say whaaaaaaaaaa..?
look 1st get a pic up den talk u understand........
and i know i look gr8 in the pics u dont have 2 remind me

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