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Name:razmik keheyian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:35  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:United Kingdom  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/8/2002 (GMT)   

A paragraph does not say shit about yourself, so leave me a message then i will write tell you a bit about myself.

Sorry, razmtaz has no pictures. Check back soon!


 ArmenianRomeo1: Hi mate how r u? hope ur well and all ur exams went well, take care and ill chat 2 u soon!
 ArmenianRomeo1: He he guss who? Raz i missed u g' how u been havent chatted 2 u 4 time hope ur really well, and hope all ur exams r goin well 2. Take care and i'll chat 2 u soon blad. Bye!
 Oshkosh19: Raz mate luv es, dude P1 is on monday GoodlUck man, ill call u after the exam. Later
 Caltech: Hey raz - But good job for studying hard on all your exams!! Keep up the good work dude - are you still passionate about playing tennis?
 Caltech: wow, everything for you is exams, exams, and more exams..what are you gonna do after all these exams?.. go on holida like ruth, take a break from london? Or are you gonna go straight to uni for some more exams.... No, I don't go to scouts here.. My scouting days are over. The only thing similar to scouting that I do, is when I go hiking or camping with my friends or my geography teacher. Yes, hopefully you can come in the summer, maybe you could even come along for the 2 week long camping trip - I think it will be an amazing experience for you because I don't think you have camped or hiked around arizona, utah, and the desertrs of california..
 Caltech: raz.. how are you getting on with your fellow london Armos? I hope everyone speaks to eachother and is warm and friendly - that's how It should be... but judging by moogigs message to you, she said "havent spoken 2 u in aaaages" - so makes me think that everyone keeps their distance from eachother... which is how it was when I was there... well that's a shame... come to America dude, where everybody is...When Arbi came here, I showed him around, and we had a wicked time, it was such fun. How's Haroot? tell him I said wassup. Is he still crazy about bastketaball? - Do you guys still go to Northfields and play sports at the sport center? ... Ok my friend, take care.
 Caltech: I found a guy that looks like you,  asp?UserSid=111174 ... yeah I'm in college, but i'm not exactly clear on what I want to study. what are you studying? Well your smart so its probably gonna be something like "fourth dimension hyperbolic topology with an emphasis on quantum optims and the effects of deionization on a inverted polyoptic parallel universe"

how u doin'?
havent spoken 2 u in aaaages.
what u up 2? whens ur 1st exam?
c ya soon xxx
 Caltech: notheng much.. Im NOT in hard core studying mode - Im more like in hard core chilling mode. Notheng much is happening - I gotta tidy up my bedroom lol.
 Caltech: hey wassup pal... Whats going on in London?
 meghoo69: hey raz!!luv es? how u doin?? c u soon
luv beexxxxxxxxxxx
 Caltech: Well well well... Look who we have here... If it ain't razmik! The super star tennis player/International fashion model / Genius thinker / The pride of London Armenians. How's it going my man? Guess who this is... Somebody you know...Yes, you do know me, I'm not just some bum who randomly decided to leave a message on somebody's page... Its me, raffi... Yeah, hows it going?. I hope life is good and you are truly happy in London, because I think you are a sincere person, and sincere people deserve to be happy.
 Sexy_Laticha: hya have you goy a pic wher in uk do u live ?
 MissJacob: Razmik jan, you need a pic babe or this page is gonna stay very blank.... I know you're a cutey but not many other people do!!! Speak to you later xXxXx

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