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Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
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After my prom

Britt me n Gianna


 Te_amo: WoW

 russianniggaz47: sup kell how r ya? babysittin huh? fun fun lol four year olds awwwwwwwwww cute. well i just helped my sister get on the site Liljames8 as u can see from my posts she likes to tease and make my life hell lol shes a kewl kid tho lol. well im out have fun. im still travelin plannin on drivin back to cali tommorow and ova the next week lol. c ya babe
 russianniggaz47: sup kelly my girl? aww ur friends b day thats kewl how old is she? hooter huh? wow i know way too many jokes from Big Daddy im not gonna even openmy mouth but that is really funni lol . well the guy who offered u the job must have seen how gorgoues u and ur friends r and must have been anxious to get u a job hahaha lol . well luv ya too much hpe ur havin tonz of fun! good luck wit soccer!
 russianniggaz47: Thanx kell! im really happy that i got to b captain again 4th year now yeah! ya ive been workin latly and goin to the beach ya tans r awesum im down there at least once a week, but i do a lot of landscaping work so i get tan a lot lol. well thanks hunn i really do appreciate u sayin that but i think im gonna wait a while for i get my heart broekn again lol . well u take care now!
 russianniggaz47: Hey kelly how r ya? things r pretty good here im really enjoyin my summa. i just got a cd player installed in my stang mad phyced! then ive had to callllll the jv and frosh football capts bout upcomin events bc im varsity capt so thats been uh intersting. o then i broke up wit my girlfriend that sucked. o well how is ur summa goin? i hope ur havin fun well c ya babe

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