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Hey...whats up? I am from the Bay Area, California! Whats up to allll my friends!! I will be a freshman at SFSU in the fall and Im looking forward to an exciting college life! My friends refer to me as a loving, caring yet fun, crazy, loud, obnoxious and sarcastic person - which makes me even more loveable! Thus, Im always caught entertaining my friends! =) Yalla enjoy my corny, romantic quotes... "Love means never having to say your sorry..." "Love may not make the world go around, but its what makes the ride worthwhile." ***The Way We Were*** Mem'ries light the corners of my mind Misty water-colored mem'ries of the way we were Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were. Can it be that it was all so simple then Or has time rewritten every line If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me, would we, could we Mem'ries may be beautiful and yet What's too painful to remember we simply choose to forget So it's the laughter we will remember Whenever we remember the way we were. The way we were.

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 Hovo11: Wsup gyank, you know im never gonna leave you out. If i was in town this past weekend, you know we would have done somethin for sure. Well Im here this weekend, so we should all plan somethin to do before my school starts. I did not know school was gonna start this weekend, so we gotta spend this weekend wisely. Anyways gyank, ill talk to you later, post me up if you need anythin, or just call my cell.
 Lolig: LENA!!!! OOR ES DZO!?!?! I havn't talked to you in like 50 centuries! I'm leaving for montreal tomorrow! well, more like tonight, b/c we have to leave for the airport at 3:30 am AHHHH noooo! anyway, I hope everyhting is going well, when do you start school???
 Cutearmo: LOL i know i know.So whats up cuzo what you up to
 Lolig:  hi lena!
how are you hokis? we havn't talked in a while! WHATS GOIN ON HERE??! lol, anyway, I was just checkin up on your sexy azzzz and i miss you tons and hope to see you soon!
 Cutearmo: thanks cuzzzzzzzz
 heeyMikey:  lol yeah im her cuz lol ... y is everyone like " are u diana's cuzin" lol
yeah anyways i think i do remenber u ..but im not really shu wha u look like anyways i got to go keep in touch mike
 Sayat_Nova: hey
so when?
where are you from again?
my name is Suren btw nice meeting you
 amar: heyy Lena..whats up?? well Fresno is whatever..i guess i will b going to frisco and LA alot cuz there's nothing to do here..well i'm not going out w/ any friends yet since both of my sisters r here and they're leaving soon...sooo i wanna spend time w/ them...i'm goin to fresno city college and i guess i will b stuck in fresno for anohter 2 years adn then i'm OUTT..well if u do come to Frenso u better visit me ha! anyways well how's everything w/ u? yalla tell me...ok i'm gonna get going cuz i'm dead tired illl talk to u later...
 Sayat_Nova: hey whats up
great amerika "hravirumes" ?
 Lolig: Lena,
Yes, so it is 2:30 am, and we are both awake. In fact, I'm talking to you online as we speak! I am so incredibly bored, it is out of control!! Oh, I just thought of something to tell you, so I'll just tell you. It's kinda stupid, but hey, whatever works! I love you Lena-jan!
Loligs in da houseeee
 amahaynvoruhh: sup lena, happy bday!, now we can legally go to a strip club haha aryt then later
I love you hokis!
 Lolig: GIRL!!!! I"m back and I'm ready for posting! lol, I'm so gay... how are things alchig!??- can't wait to talk to you! miss you much-mwaaaa
 Jebus: lol thnx hi lena
 Cutearmo: lena why are you so mean>?.It was very fun with you being at the picnic and it was a suprise to see you there cause i didnt think you were coming .Well take care cuzz and try not to be so harsh on me.AAAAaaaaaiiiiittteee then lata.
 KhEyAr: lol ya...i knew it was u cuz like i saw u on friday like i and i was right!! yay!! lol so how's it goin? i'll ttyl alright? yalla byee
 amar: hey Len..whats up?? well nothign new i'm in Fresno the ghetto place...i just came back from LA..isn;t it wierd everyone's going and i just came..hehe..well i went thru alot of shyt that's why i came i was soo streessed out..well anyways i'll talk to u later i'm ok now...take care yalla byeee
 Cutearmo: thanks alot cuzo that was messed up.So how come you didnt hit me up when you were down here .Talk to you later hope to see you at the games
 KhEyAr: alright... i'll ttyl yalla byee
 KhEyAr: thanx....ya i did write it...dont how cute...hehe i'll ttyl yalla byee
i know u know my nishan!...
 Lolig: hey lolig, how are you doing? It's so HOT HERE!!! I can't take it anymore! ahhhhhhgggggghhhh This is seriously what I feel like---> ha ha.. This saturday I leave for St.Vartan Camp, and it's in the mountains so it'll hopefully be a lil cooler! How's your summer going? fill me in bebek!
 Superman: Why don't u use your imagination to figure out the answer to your question! < NAZ >
 Charageegee: What's up Lena ! Ya like the p-file eh? THanks for the message cutie I better get back to work before your dad kills me ! Ha Ha keep in touch Len..
 Lolig: LEN!!! I just read Sev's little post-- WHAT THE HECK IS THAT??? You got trapped in a roller coaster??? aamaaaaaaannn... I can't deal! Where have you been janigiss?
 Lolig: YAAAY!!! AYF Olympics are from Aug 30-Sep 2nd... it's going to be sooooo much fun! CHeck out and it has all the information about it--find out if you can come! IT would be so awesome if you could!
 Lolig: Lena---- REPEAT AFTER ME:
 Lolig: Hey girlie! I havn't talked to you recently, so I'm going to holla atcha baby! I just came back from the beach for a few days and now I'm nice and taaaan! nice! How is everything going? Hit me back , Lor
ps- I'm wearing a lolig shirt right now! go me!
 StudInBoxers: im from the best city in canada...montreal
 Lolig: why, thank you len
 Lolig: Len, it's 3:45 am, and I CANT SLEEP FOR SHIZZZZ!!!! I'm going to go crazy
 Lolig: LEN-- YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
 TuFFaChIg: Im GlaD u gOt my letter.But that letter cant even explain anything.You really dont understand how sorry i am. i wishhhh i could take everything bak. as much as it didnt seem like it, it wasnt my kinda party sitting here thinking, how could i let that even happen. Ugh!! i dont know! BUT anyways..HOW WAS PROM. i reLLi need to know,,lol its been KiLLen Meh!ttyL luv u so much! :mwuh: -diana
 Lolig: hey bebe! WHATS GOIN ON!!!! Guess what? I'm going to see Ani this week!!! AHHHH!!!! I'm so freakin excited, you have NO idea! This friday is ACYOA sports weekend in Boston, and then I'm going to stay at Ani-jan's house til Thursday, and then my bday is Friday! whooooopeeeee! It's going to be a great rest of the month! I miss you janigiss, talk to you sooN! I still want to hear about your prom!

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