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Hello! As you can see Im a 23 year old Chica, whos Proud to be a Lebanese Armenian. :) Im the biggest Lakers fan that you can ever know... Its all about the Lakers!!! My first Love always happens to be music. <3 Gardzem Askane Pavarar e for now but if you want to know more, Im sure you know how the story goes... ;) leave moi a message and Ill get back to ya Shortly! *The World Is a Stage, We Just play a Part In It! :) *Live everyday happy as if its your last. :-) *"I can promise you tomorrow, but I cant buy back yesterday." *(by ~Bon Jovi~)* "For the bread of God is He who comes down from Heaven and gives life to the world!" Some of my favorite Quotes: *If your Heart is full of Love, then you always have something to give. * Where there is great Love, there are great Miracles. * To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart! *"Sometimes the heart sees what the mind cannot." "Now Ive had the time of my life. No, Ive never felt like this before. Yes I swear, its the truth, and I owe it all to you." - (Dirty Dancing) Take Care and Laterzzz people :)))

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 sweet_joe: aha hima yeghav kich kich achkis ge mdnasgorlol.kalov tsaynit toun bora yesal ge lsem asge turin inch ga ashkhare bzdig e kides.inch vor e housam ge gherges.take care fsdekh yalla bye:
 vartanacki: chem kider,inch bidi hartsnem urish? hasagt pavagan lav e inch asem im masin?minchev irigun kordz,adge yedk,gam @ngerochs gertam,yev gam al dun,yev music mdig gnem.yeghpayr unis?isg amene garevor@ bf unis? glendale gabris te urish degh?btw hayerent pavagan lav e,gerevi te tashnag ek @selov yalla see ya
 vartanacki: 13 years...nice.well,i m trying to come there,if i get the chance.i have lots of cousins in LA but....may b when my brother gets there,it will b easier.i work in a photo the way which school u did attend when u were in u have hotmail?aaaaaaaaaaaand picture.too much ha see ya
 vartanacki: i was just kiddin..anyway,10x 4 ur reply,i live in elissar(between antelias and bickfaya)aaaand nothing.since when u r in cali?and studying?and where is ur homein lebanon?see ya one day
 vartanacki: i m a great fan of u
 jorj: parev inchbeses laves yes souryatsiyem paits hima noren tarsa lipanan ashkhadelou in(bourj hammoud)take care
 sweet_joe: hi fsdekh oures aghchi oures toun laves orert laven tbrotset verchatsav hachoghetsar? housam ameninch ok e hedet shad mi mdadser 100in gese 50 e lol ok se ya habibi take care ciao:
 jorj: hi laves yes lipanan chem abrir yes souria gabrim aleppo kaghake
 SexyKamasutra: lol its so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lakers 1-0 ah ah new jersey
 Yorgo1: Thanks for the message I hope your doing well
 FunHye: whats up hun, how are you doing?
 ActorHarout: hay thanks for the message..... you rock! Ill be in the LA area... august maybe?
 tallandcuteguy: SORRY FOR RESPONDING LATE IM 6 FT 5"
 khandjians: hi baby how are u. thank u for asking hals kefs lav e i hope toun al anang ellas mishd.

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