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any one want to chat shall come to i,m bravehaert

me in armenia

ME on Moto

The Camp at night

All the Scout Group

The Scout With the Patriarche



 4u: parev zare laves gnayres shadontz jam kratz enjan loorart inj ga kovt yas lavem o bas
 Ice_queen: hey zari im in LA now and im already havin fun so plz say hi to all of the guys and especialy to kiki and garine plz oh its sooo cool here my cousine chuck is groovy hehe ill scan my pics and put them on my page k byebye
 irresistible: hey
life is great
how about u?
 vicen: Parev engher.
Ies argentinen tashnagsagan iev homenetmenagan em
 MCsquare: Oh don't worry I aint mad at u
I'm busier than u lol!
So that's good if it's all about physiotherapy.I had a very rough accident a long time ago.I was trying to jump in the pipe when I failed and fell aside.It seemed to be the end of a rising career.My ACL was torn.It could be the end if my sponsors hadn't found world's #1 surgeon,the one who cured Ronaldo.Yeah.You're lucky and I'm happy for that.Knee injuries sometimes cost lives mate!
 LevM82: Hi man !!!
Well, my sister also was there at{hoyeta}, maybe u know her...
So, search for (dr-lena)...
 LevM82: Hi man !!!
I'm also a Scout...
So, will u come to the 7th Pan Armenian Jamboree in Armenia ???
I'm waiting for your Answer...
Take care...
 MCsquare: Hi mate.
I saw a brace on your right knee in pic #2(motorcycle thing).Why's that?
Any surgery?
 LiL_AnGeL: hey zareh!! i love the pics! u guys look like ure havin so much fun at camp, man! those were the best times! n tabaria!!those hotttt hours in the car through the desserts till we got there, but it paid off! n remember eilat?? that place was ssooo nice!! n i remember u and papken and zorab would call our hotel room then hang up, and me and lena could hear u guys laughing! hahahah sssooo much fun!!!lifes so wierd, i mean we grew up 2gether and now we havent seen eachother for years!! ..anyways ill talk 2 u soon! n i like the bite, who's is it? yalla bye!
 abo_eva: hi abo l shabeb look am very adde my en msn plz ok
 irresistible: Hey i am great
how about u?
 Arazig: Hi Zareh, yerani kezi Hayasdan aytseletsir yerani papks gadarvi yevyes al or meh tertam ok, talk to u later byeee
 Ice_queen: dzo ! ge badresgor! bye
 irresistible: Hey Zary
I am fine
How about you?

 irresistible: Hey Xary
I am fine
How about you?

 Ice_queen: dzo!!! inche deserem hayastan iragan kef urir!!! see ya in the kamping!
 SiRuNiK-AhChIK: Yes i know
take care bye
 oasis: ehleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
nice to meet you !
 kokopuff: jigar laves toun housam esadzit bes mod oren ge denvink ok hade gsbasemgor kezi anhamper shoud ere k?take care
 LiL_AnGeL: hey they're all good!hows ure family? miss u lotts!bi bi!p.s. luv d pics
 LiL_AnGeL: theyre nice!! take care!! bye byes!!
 syrian_girl: lol heyy parev my grandma is armenian so i know how to speak armenian . So hope u'll write me back . Oh ya and by the way if i do some mistakes it's because i'am not the best in english lol see ya
 zareh20:  parev zareh housam laves yev herou baghestinsi ansnasban zinvorneren lav anagengal mner namaget housam lav enger glank
yete hayeren ches kider ese vor lezoun poghenk

 Hagop30: hello zareh 10x for ur message
oki im waiting uuuuuuuuuuuuu babayeeeeeeeeeeeee
 HayiAchker: hey, inch vor toun genesgor hos yes al noune genem gor hos

 tatoo: thank u
 LiL_AnGeL: heyy! im good, theyre all good!! hows ure family, i missed u guys soo much!! yalla take care zareh! bye!!
 DELPIERO: hi man wazup...offcorse i rember is everything there..say hi to all man and take care.....ciao
 vacco: what's up zareh, how are you? ya i remember you. how is everything over in israil ? u guys hanging in there, in know tamar is gonna come over here sometime this summer,it's gonna be cool seeing her again. oh yeaaaa ! i got your boxer you let me borow LOL! crazy.
ok anyways good to hear from you and talk to you soon.

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