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Name:Sarkis Majarian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:33  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Australia  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:8/20/2002 (GMT)   

Im Armenian Chat 2 me 2 Find Out More Itz All Good Keep da music alive ppl especialy the Armenian PoP tune & RnB :-) l8r ppl hope 2 c a msg from yaz, couse id like 2 get 2 know uz more :-) l8rz



 HaMsKam: yeh for sure man
until next time take care bro

 HaMsKam: hey sarkis from us hamskam girls we just wana say get rid of that hrag fool and bring the good music to the next bomba not that stupid damnce crap
 WiLd_CaT: SARKIS how r ya hunny??
havent spoken in yonks
wass hapenin??
anyways talk to u soon k
 One_Sexy_Chick: Hey Sarkis, yes unfortunately I've been studying....I am doing this script course but it's finishing in a few weeks so I'm happy about that!! Btw, you missed out on a great dance party at Panoyan...I had fun dancing! Never mind, we'll see you at the next event.
 One_Sexy_Chick: Hey Sarkis, I'm doing fine. Unfortunately, nothing exciting has been happening...just studying, studying and more studying Btw, are u coming tomorrow night to the dance patry? Anywayz, I'll chat to you soon! Take care.
 One_Sexy_Chick: Heeeyy Are you on this site too? Looks like everyone is! Byyyyeeee 4 now!
 SeXyDiVa: were u the guy djing at bomba? you were good
 kaz_al11: hey sarkis
how r ya?
u know who i am rite... (aleena)
and my frend kaz ses hey 2..
c u at bomba..
 Dj_Freak: eyyyy , lav es bro?
wats happenin? ma PARTNER RNB DJ
i do dance u do rnb
lol rememba?
wats happenin man u been ok?
ill talk 2 u soon..
c u @ bopmba anyways

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