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19yrs old im a second yr spraypainter im a tashnag FREAK i love my basketball my cars A one particular girl you know who you are :) oorish inch esem yaw.... karnig sarkissian you are my idol paul baghdadlian abow im listening to both in the car at home oor vor elan e..... if you want to know more just msg me. ~~ TASHNAG 4 LIFE~~



 harryjoy: Hi, am joy by name and i was happy to see your profile here and became interested. i want a serious loving and caring man for a true honest and kind relationship. if you don't mind, please send me an email to my private email here ( I will tell you everything about me with my photos ok. i wait for your mail. bye Ms Joy
 DR_TASHNAG: hey ahlen bro..
ive been mostly bizi with skool. we gotta do sumtin after i finish my trials thats like in 2 weeks.
anyways man , beta go and do some work
yalla take care bye
 _Lil_Princess_: i see i've got a H.O.T.T.I.E. on my hands
yeh it was a mistake and i haven't been on this thing since da day i registered
i'm from ryde
how bout u?
*luv* laura
 DR_TASHNAG: yoo zayim. inchbess ess man?
long time no talk. where u beeen?
hows d tashnag life..
anyways yalla catch yu lata
p.s this is a present to the turks

 fR3Sh187: eyy bra.......ooooo mr mirc ayy..... daz hektik ....... wen can u go for ur lz ...... coz u dun wna get fuked ayy cruzin wit no liscence....
aight champ i off l8rz
 Zuzu8u: I was only kidding buddy. See you boys at training.
 rin_tin_tin: if u insist.. go ahead.. khose heade but i cant assure u ill like it!
ciao hunni
 MRPLZER: parev hourtig jan lool
io man dis friday wat u doing llets go some were parra city some ok hit us back

 avanag: HAHA how are you little bro?
You should have come to the game on Sunday night, i was with Ara when you rang up, we were already too far to turn back, you can blame joseph the blig for that, anyway thanx for writing a message and hurry up and get the rest of you guys back to training, i want a few minutes rest each game, i cant go on playing full games LOL anyway i will see you later and COME TO TRAINING!!!
CYA bye
 _kAz_: hehehe sup essae, dnt go after too many girls babe ge khantanas heheh i heard my song yesterday in my mates car omg lol well i got home at 8am yereg im very sleeepy i went shopping as soon as i came home so ummm i think i mite go sleep now lol
misss u babe luv u muuuuah
 Zuzu8u: I am glad you boys have finally come to your senses. See you on Sunday and no problem about getting to the games, usually Me, Berge or Koups drives, so there is always room. Try and convince Vartan too.
 _kAz_: BABE!!!!!!! how r ya habib, i misss u sooo much i went to sum water park today abooow i got the maddest tan ahhahaha, tan in winter anyways gotta go goin shopping tonite its friday nite shops r open till 1am CAN U BELIEVE DAT??
yalla bye muuuuuuah
 MRPLZER: henry jan yerp insi bidi danes koo babit nor otoin mech ??????????????????? lol wat udoiing u wont read this intill friday i know i wrote this on wend lol chill bro yalla we have a killer of a time

 fR3Sh187: shu bro... wat u been up to ..... u been cruzin round yet in ya dadz beast yet??????? dun know if i would get in wit ya heh ..... get ya lz ya bum
 One_Sexy_Chick: Harrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy garodtsa kezi bro!! Last Friday I was like "Where's Harry?" to everyone...Joe was like "He's gone to Coffs Harbour" and then I was like "Nooooooo" *Sniff* *Sniff* We haven't been able to see each other for a while now...I've missed my little bro (you!) Btw, how's ur cute little brother? Bro, amot intsi vor kezi ter chi davi imin tiv@s...I have yours...why didn't you tell me sooner that I didn't give it to you...I feel bad about it now...I thought u had it...ok well I'll msg you privately after this and give it to you
 rin_tin_tin: hey janig
siroun aghchig yegoor hoss kez ge danim yekipdos.... my nene used to sing dat to me when i was lil. I doubt im that siroon tho. Just tellin u that you brought bk some memories (thats a good thing). Ok hunni
catch u later ok
yalla bye
 kaz_al11: hey harry
havent talked 2 you in ages
how u been??.. its aleena btw
anyway take it eazy
catch ya later.. mwa!
 MRPLZER: H E N R Y u legend u one hell of a legend
remmeber ppl when ever in doubt just call
remmeber ppl when ever in painjust call
remeber ppl when ever in strife justcall
or when ever ur lonly bored or just not laughing just call u gessed ti
H E N R Y, H E N R Y, his our man if he cant do it no one can lol

wasdoing bro freakinf fuking hell we have to go to china town n buy some stuff u know wink wink nuge nuge ... its been to long i cant cope ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh H E N R Y

 Tsavet_daneM: harout A harout Y and harout B!! hehehehehe Harout P-eh oor eh?? P FOR PAMBOUKJIAN!!!!!!!!!!
 One_Sexy_Chick: Hey Harry, Just a quick apology for not showing up at the agoomp on Saturday but I woke up too late and by the time I got my butt moving to Fairfield I thought it might be finished so I just went to my sis's place Hopefully I'll see you this Friday...there's going to be a meeting again. I think Tamar's going to email everyone.
 The_Armoz_back: thax bro take cer
 One_Sexy_Chick: P.S Do we get to see ur cute little brother? He is soooo should bring him to the meetings too
 One_Sexy_Chick: Harry, you are such a yavrig!! You shouldn't have gone to so much wouldn't have been a problem to wait for it. Thank you sooo much sweets!! I'll email you one of my photos. Thank you once again!! Btw, I'm glad you liked my's true about're a good person. I'll see you tomorrow morning at the agoomp bro!
 HayasTanci: hey im alright i guess and you! thanx for the msg anyways ye umm not sure when ill come to ff who knows maybe never lol dont have anyone to visit there anyways ye ill say hi to my bro ok but his out right now and god knows where ill c if i will put a pic or not..... maybe when i get my yr 12 formal pics then i might alright byeeeeeeeeeee
 One_Sexy_Chick: Awwwwww Harry, that was soooo sweet of you hokis!! Damn, you got me emotional...I've got tears in my eyes...I was feeling like crap and now you made me feel happy!! You're an ANGEL TOO hokis!!! You're like a brother to me...I'll kick anyone's butt if they even think of hurting you!! No worries about that pic and profile thing...take as long as you like...I know how you really are...I know that you like to stick with your word once you give it to someone. Anywayz sweets, take care of yourself and we'll talk soon!
 _Sn00pY_: sup sexy ... LOL
how r ya bro ...
i dont no about adidas ill let u know later wen i ask
c ya bo take care
 MRPLZER: dam u sxy can i have ur nombalol .inch ga chiga well just fiking about class and the comments we crack ............i dont know were u com up wid em but keep em comming

 Da_1_and_only: Nassalzin aesen bu turkey or bu armeni . U know i luv pising u off harry. Only joking. Yalla bungidiyoren
 MyZtiKal_OnE: Harry mate....good hearing from ya...mate did it go off or wat lol...i had a mad time and it was killer meeting ya....i got home my knees were still shakin bro lol bloody weather anyways man i'll catch ya later...hope to bump into u again sumtime
adios amigooooooooo
 One_Sexy_Chick: Hey Harry, How are you anoushig? How's ur cute little bro? Sorry I didn't get the chance to write to you sooner. I'm positive that the profile will be the greatest thing that I've ever seen!! There's no doubt that I'll love it...especially since you're the one creating it for me! I hope to see you tonight at the meeting. Take care for now and I'll see you tonight! P.S Tyson is the bessstt!
 haigo: No worries m8 c ya at may 28
 One_Sexy_Chick: Hey Harry, How are you sweets? I hope your flu has gone away. I enjoyed last Friday night too!! We'll do it again this Friday night...let's hope we finish the meeting early again. O.k hokis take it easy for now....and Tashnag 4 life babbbbbbbbeeeesssss!! Hehehehe
 One_Sexy_Chick: P.S Are you going to bring your cute little brother? Hehehehe
 One_Sexy_Chick: Hey Harry, How are you feeling now sweets? Sorry to hear you were not feeling so well. I hope you feel much better by tonight...are you going to come to the meeting? I totally agree about the fairfield scene...the same people hanging out there LOL Tashnag 4 Life babbbbbbbeeeeesssss! hahahaha Btw, I love you for agreeing to do a profile for me too! I bet it's going to be mad!!! I can't wait!!! Mwwwuuuuahhhh! Take care for now.
 One_Sexy_Chick: Actually, I thought of something better...make a Tashnagtsagan profile for me with my pic next to it and I'll put it up on my profile can fill in the've got a pretty good imagination
 One_Sexy_Chick: P.S When do I become a member of the Tashnag group? LOL
 One_Sexy_Chick: Hey Harry, How are you? I still can't get over that terrorist thing you've got up on your comments section....It's absolutely funny! LOL How's ur little brother? He is sooo adorable! I could have eaten him up
 ProlificX: Tashnag IV Life!!!
All da way bro lol
 shiftygreek: narrr bra actually i dont....
 Zuzu8u: How you doing Harry? Why have you boys stopped coming to circuit on Sunday mornings. If you boys want to come give me call. You should have my number. Be good. c u later u terrorist.
 SEXC_2C: hey sup wat u been up to
 SEXC_2C: yer man my last name does say it all lol jks well i already told ya that my scanner aint workn sooo how ya been
 SEXC_2C: well i like rnb rap and abit of hip hop nethin else i probably hate bout u
 InchAnoonTnem: Hello!chem havadar teh minchev Australia Tashnag martig gan unhavadali eh yev shad knahadeli, so basically if u are really charged with murder which i doubt 100 dogos it would be a really big turn on so anyway wb yalla byee
 SEXC_2C: k den well how r ya
 KOOPS: harry, harry, harry,harry,harry, harry, harry, harry, harry, harry, harry, harry, how r ubro

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