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Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:9/30/2006 (GMT)   


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 aries_babii: thanx so much for ur vote
keep it sexy !
 majeda_elkdari: hey
thanx for the vote...
omg ur soo beautiful!!
hey bellaa
just passin by 2 say
thanx so much for ur
votee u always got
-ciaozz- xoxo

ur soo prettttty
thanks so much for your vote.
it was really appreciated <3
[[I love your eyes]]
 kisSeZzZ_x0x: hey*_
thanxXx so0 much for ur v0te!
__* hey sWeetii
thank u so0o muCh fo0r
vo0tiinG fo0or mo0ii __
lo0ove _*meGzZ
>>* go0orgeou0s!
 m1zz_bnana: heyy i just wanted 2 say thnx 4 ur votes and u r BEAUTIFUL!!!! ..i ur eyes [incredible] anyway u always have my v0te &take caree-- chaoo
 italianchik88: Hey
* *Thank You So Much 4 Ur Vote* *

U'll Always Have Mine When U Need It

Gotta Go
Those are some gorgeous pics you have there...
Thanks for the vote. I got your back next time

 Seklaoui_MaFiA: heyy yourr veryy cute
 italiandude: hey bella!!! thanx for ur vote i really appriciate it ull always get mine. ciao bella!!!!
 Ghetto_el5: no p bellaa u deserved them

ur so pretti..i love ur eyes


 italia_bro: hey sxc
thx for your vote
your hot
if u need a vote u'll always hav mine

 l1zz: Heyy
just wanna say thanx
for ur vote!!
youll always have mine
ur really gorgeous
 vAn_XoX: hey sweety thanks so much for your vote and for all ther other times u voted for me u`l always have mine, take care ur so gorgeouss!
 2GeThEr4EvEr: Hey sweety
thanks so much for ur vote!
it was very appreciated
M & M
 shortay: heyyy
thx so much for the vote
ull alwayz have mine

 Seksy_gurl: heyy bella!
thanks alot for ur votee
i culdnt of done it without youu
anywayzzz byyee byeee

Hey Bella
Thanks for your vote
really appreciated it..
NaTaLiE - -
omg your so pretty!! wow
 EuroSweety: hey bella
just passing by to say
thanks for ur vote
i appreciated it. ciao
ur tooo prettyy
 _DieseLina_: Heyy sweety
Thanks soo much for ur vote!!
really ment a lot n u always got mine!

your also gorgeous 2
 BellaItalia_xOx: tHaNkZz LoOoT fOoOr Ur VoOoTe... rEaLLy ApReCiiAtEd
CiiAoOo SwEeTiiE ur SoOo PeRtiiE bY dA waY xOoOxOoO
 vAn_XoX: hey sweety thanks so much for ur vote! it ment alot, and u`ll always have mine! take care
Your so gorgeous I looove ur eyeessss
 italian_flava: ThAnKz AlOt 4 iUr vOt3 Bella!!!!! iUr GORGEOUZ !!!
 AlEx_B: yes let me know when ull come to mtl !
 GreekSoul: thanx for ur vote cutie
 _SaBz_: Thanks for your vote gorgeous!
 Greeko_Tom: eyy bella tsap? thnx for ur vote really appreciated it ciaoo
Hey sweetyy
thanks so much for ur vote!! it ment
alot ull have mine whenever!
XoX {MaRiSsA} XoX
 ItalianEuroStar: hey bella thanks for your vote
h3y Bellaaaa

tHx foOoR uR vOt3

wUz aPPriiCiiAt3d


>> f3lii <<
just wanted to tell you that
you have gorgeous eyez wow
Hey sweetyy
i just wanted to pass by and say thanks
for ur vote!! it ment alot i couldnt
have done it without u!
XoX {MaRiSsA} XoX
ur pretty
 majeda_elkdari: maybe ill see you in edmonton cause i got there all the time..maybe we can meet up or something...and i dont got a boyfriend i can hook you up with some cute lebanese boy hehe
Hey Bella
Thanks for your vote
really appreciated
NaTaLiE - -
hey bella
just passing by 2 say
thanks so much for ur
vote! ull always have mine no matter what!
 majeda_elkdari: you look so good in your contest pictures!
 majeda_elkdari: cool...i have relatives that live in Windsor..i have gone there but i was too young to remember anything hehe.
oyeah and i live in calgary alberta..have u been here before??
 italianchik88: Hey bella, no problem for the vote
hehe ur so prettiiii hunni
n e ways ill talk to usoonnn
 majeda_elkdari: ohh and a u live in windsor ontario??
 majeda_elkdari: thanx
 SeXy_StEpHy: hey sweety,thx so much for the vote, i really appreciate it, u got mine anytime.take careeeeeee ciaoooo
 ItalianEuroStar: hey bella thanks for ur vote
 majeda_elkdari: hey
thank you for the compliment.. and by the way i think youre gorgeous...really pretty eyes
Thank You
you will also always have my vote

 Stevenzzz: hey how ve u  dd me on msn....

Just wanted to say

thank you so so much for your vote.

I highly appreciated it


__ Sarah
Hey Bella
Just passing by to say
thank you so much for
your vote, it means
alot and youll always
have mine!
NaTaLiE - -
thanks hehe yeah i love my shirt 2 lol

 aries_babii: Hey Bella
thank yu so much 4 da vote... wouldn't have done it w/out yu
thanks again
BuH bYeZ xox

 GrEeKsTaA: im going to "legal" in a few months hahaha!!! ...take care
 GrEeKsTaA: hey heyy..just passed by to say thanks for the vote ..bye bye take care
 Cuban_Lebanese: heyy.. thank you.. aa i plan on visiting Lebanon. What about you do you plan to go anywhere for spring break?
 euro_bello: heyy hey thnx for the vote
u got mine ne time

 Cuban_Lebanese: hey... thank you so much and you can also count on my vote.. you have beautiful eyes!! Yes i speak arabic and spanish.. love both languages. Well thanx for the message..

 GrEeKsTaA: heyy..tnx for the vote...looking good ...anyways im out take caree
 Cuban_Lebanese: thank you for you help... you are very beautiful
 natalja_pink: Hi whats up babe!!!!!! Happy New year to youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! Where in my town are you??? I dont see you Im me nataljainpink on aim. OK! Bye
 Miss_Desman: hey babe ..
thxc a lot for ur vote
u can always count on mine
take care love always
Miss karina Desman
 _Julian_: hey babe
thanks for the vote
later sexy
 RockinRaffi:  607/20385/2505/17902007
 UltimatePartier: hi sexy thankx fo ur vote
 italianchik88: Hey Sweety,
ThAnKs FoR tHe VoTe
 RoUmAnIaN_BaBy: hey ... thx alot for the vote sweety!! j adore tes yeuxxxxxxxxx

 Bliznec: Very nice eyes girl, they are diamonds !!
 haigkouftaian: hi how are you i think you know spanish well, good lick there bye
 leb_75: hello euro
 Strange_Love: How sweetie, How are you???.. How is life??.. I hope all is well...
 Bliznec: O girl, you're gorgeous!! I wish I was a bit older so I would definetly marry you on same spot !!
 JoKe85: Chillz Entertainment invites u 2 PUBLIX(3554 St.Laurent) April 10th 2 come launch there 1st of many sat night 2 come....>""< let me no 4 vip passes..
 BODYBUILDER: hi thanks for the msgg. I think u look great. Gym should be a fun place to go. If u think of it that way u can actually achieve a lot. Let me know if u need any nutrition advise
 Artur777: nice pix
 Rat3: Ive never been to canada and i dont think ill go for a while. have you been to la?
 unleashe: helloww long time not speacking with u hope u still remember me i posted pictures if u want see them

 ___KoRn: i like ur pic in MTL ,lookin so lovely 'n innecet

 Hyevoltage: You eyes are captivating
 Jax: ooops...i just noticed ur gonna move BACK to montreal
 Jax: what are u in then hmmm? Miss i "just moved from Mtl to Windsor" lol
 ___KoRn: mmmm...! what can i say? V.nice
 davdof_22: ahh babe..babe...babe...:crazy well.. i dunno wat i want to say.. nice eyes
 MJpsyche7: No, you left me a message a long time ago and I found you quite appealing, but I lost you. We have met again through the laws of nature...what shall we do with this chance of a lifetime?
 MJpsyche7: Well well...your still alive. Merry christmas to you too.
 gq_smooth_hye: hey hey GiGi, where u been girl? haven't talked to u for a while now
 HOTpepper: sop gigiii...well prob in october ill be going...not this month,im too busy!
why u headn up there?let me know!
When u comin to mtlll? PEPPO
 karenchik: Hi Metc sirov k tcanotanai ko het
 HOTpepper: hey girlyyyyy...long let me know then when u get here ...MUAHHHHHHHHH PEPPO
 natalja_pink: Hi babe sorry i havent responded i been sooooo buzy. I went to Windsor last night it was so fun as usual We gotta exchange #s so i can let you know next time I`m coming there. If u got AIM I`m nataljainpink! Or yahoo natalja_pink.
 Stratovarius: Nice pictures
 natalja_pink: Hey babe i tried Emailing you but it keeps coming back as failure delivery I dont know why it keeps doing that. You email me first and then I`ll reply. I`m sorry i cant make it tonight but for sure next week. I PROMISSE. So email me ok.
 natalja_pink: Hey me and my girl Brenda are thinking of coming up to Dannys this thursday. Do u wanna meet up there and look at hot men while we indulge on alcoholic baverages Thats right! If you wanna bring a girlfriend thats cool. Let me know.
 natalja_pink: Hey girly what up? Cancun was awessome! As usual. I love that place so much. Maybe in june i will move there for three months to work in the hotel spa doing facials. I gotta hook up over there So maybe u can visit me in Cun. Hey give me your email I`ll send you those pics. Take care!
 gq_smooth_hye: hey u, guess who's back on worldlounge?
 BIGFOOT: ive been so bust this week.
i just painted my room and got new stuff, u gotta see my new scarface posters.

 natalja_pink: Whats up? I cant wait 7 more days till party hardy. Hey i gotta older brother too and when he moved away i missed him also. Doese your bro visit? We should defanatly hang out some time i will get a hold of you when i get back from Cancun. I will do this hehe Take care!
 natalja_pink: Hey if you ever wanna go to Danny`s I will never cancel on you That place is cool for a once in a while type of thing! When it gets warm maybe you should come visit me here. Theres a couple of things to do in my side of town! Why did you move from Montreal? Do you miss it? If you have AIM I`m nataljainpink. Take care
 natalja_pink: Hi cutie! I go to Windsor sometimes to the casinos and Danny`s you know that place???? Windsor is ok for summer but in winter everything sucks. What u do in Montreal? Take care You got some eyes WOW
 BIGFOOT: i will when i get a six pack on my abs like yrs ...
so hmmmmmmmm howdo u get abs like that u got any tips

 ____AAZAZEL____: Hey! how you doin?
 HOTpepper: ohh boy ohhh boooyy!
 Strange_Love: Buna, ce faci? Imi place poza in care ai parul drept Vino si viziteaza-ma in LA inainte sa parasesc America
 skysoldier: how is life in Canada
 Strange_Love: Hello Sweetie and thank you..You are such sweetheart I was in Paris Beirut Dubai Italy Saudi Arabi Germany Greece..I had soooo much fun..I was modeling and vacationing..I think I am moving there..So you are going to School for Inte Bus..I have my MBA in International Marketing..Have you ever been to LA??..
 Strange_Love: Hi..How are you??.Thank you for your nmessage and I am sorry it took so long ot answer..I was in Europe for 3 months and I just got back..You have the most beautful eyes..My roomate is Romanian too....
 skysoldier: heyloo canadian girl
 HOTpepper: GiGi..ohh so u aint comin till that weekend of BAL",i havent been to one of those things in a lil while!so !
the last one i went to was BAL"....when i said other things i ment NYC! so let me know or call me!ayyyt babes,xoxo PEP
 HOTpepper: sup girl!hows everything?me and tam are vewy gooooood ,it was her bday friday! she say Ghelllllo to you!havent spoken to u since a lil bit..let me know whats the deal for mtl!and ya know what else!!!hehhe...muahh PEP
 RA: Hey dollface, how are you
 BIGFOOT: no yr pics arent boring, u just look so different in every photo ...
i wanna see more...
if u got any good ones let me know ill trade with u. E-mail 2 E-mail

 KADIR: Whats up girlfriend, where have u been, no hi, or bye, nways, hit me back up when u get a chance. Take care.
 BIGFOOT: Well it started about 5 yrs ago when my feet reached the SIZE 15.
From then it was hell tryin to find shoes for me.
And everyone knew about it asweel so they just started calling me bigfoot.

And u know what they say about people with big feet...
They have big shoes....

Put some new pics uppppppppp!!!


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