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Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Syria  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:10/8/2002 (GMT)   

I like playing Counter-Strike , I listen to PRODIGY and Five , and adult films , playing billiard and boling and the best intertainment is going with the BLOND CHICKS and having UNDERGROUND PARTIES , my best drink is ZETZETOON , I have 100 tree , and Shaworma Stand in (40mopuntains), and some shoes cleaner Friends BOYAJI , my hobbies are reading adult magazines and erotic story , and the best hobby is playing pocker in Las Vegas with Hollywood Stars , I spend my Holidays in Hawai , my future wife will be Catrina Zeta Jones or Jenifer Loppez , Im very shy guy , just leave a message to see me 00963-21-4607003?

I like my job

I´m playing CounterStrike

I enjoy that

Hi I´m Hasso


 Italian_Cutie11: eeeew!!! im not your babe!!! fu!!!
 Italian_Cutie11: ugly
 Italian_Cutie11: u r really really really ugly and you look about 38 years old. ur such a koost!
 nerso12: amma inch idalasiyi model unis...hmmm
jisht garzes hima romayen dapigov yegeres
 fear_uncle_sam: ha ha ha tel7as tizi 3ala hall model...ha ha haaaaaaaaa
 hindukari: Ciao, se sei veramente Italiano, dimmi allora cosa hai bisogno da me.
 boss: hi man , i think there isn't anyone in the switch , stronger than me,

 avo79: ulak hayuan ya kelb ye db sd buzek ahsen ma agy anikek u anik swich ha heyuan
 boss: hahahahah best model?
i think you are the best sucker ,
i think you haven't any caractor cause you haven't the biggest heart , to put your real name ..............
so , suck it easy man .

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