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Hhheeeyyyyyyyyyyyy to everyone in markam ( my armos looll!!!!) and where eva u guys r and to armig and shant that r all da was in detroit miss yah guyz(BUT IM CUMIN IN DA SUMMER LOL)!!!! anh hiiii to evreyone in oakville the worst town to live in no armo sniff* sniff*!!! talk to yah guyz later byebye luv yah xoxo wanna no more bout me post me a msg! byeezz xoxox ooh im gonna put up my pic soon loll hopefully hehe

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 SoAdbaby: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yay im so happy yippy yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooo ok well ill ttyl bye
armo jeeger
 ArMo_Studd: maybe..Aug 26??
 ArMo_Studd: OMG...i was in Montreal for a couple of days and then I went to Quebec....
When did u go??
 veron: hi nairi esal gouzeye cunudatse aghchege m@ hed zanotanal g@ zanotanas heds?OKEY?
 ArMo_Studd: HeYY HAMOVIG!!
Hope u had fun in FLORIDA
I missed u
Ya SOoo...i've been busy buildin a tree house for ma cousin sooo...
I"m SOOOOOooo tired
Imma go to L.A. on August 11 or somethin like that...soo hope to see u SOooo BYE take it e z
 SoAdbaby: heyyyyyyyyy wuts up
your back yey
and your going to come here
im so happy
well im out bye
armo jan
 HyeQtLikeNOotHa:  I don't think you are a geek hehe mwa... ok, well.. i'm at armig's house right now, she's looking at some pictures of her family at Florida. Well, are you having fun there? Ok, we will talk to you later... bye bye~
When u comin BACK
take it e z..bye
 SoAdbaby: heyyyyyyyyyyyyy
u wrote bak
come soon we miss u
me and galine were looking thru photo albums and we found a pic of us at new years
armo jan
 SoAdbaby: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
finally your on
well post me bak
 SoAdbaby: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  yyy

 HyeQtLikeNOotHa: Heyy hunnie, it's Natalie lol.. ya know, Armig's b/f lol.. anywayz, wud up?! So, Happy Fourth of July!! lol.. heheeee.. so, how's your flu? Did it go away? ok.. I have to bounce, i'll talk to you later okay hunnie? ok.. luv u (even tho i never saw u lmaoo) jp.. ok.. luv ya bye bye hahahahaa. ~ Nat ~
 SoAdbaby: lol u have fun today tlakin to my little friends
so how u been
in france they better hav internet so i can to talk to u
armo jan
 ArMo_Studd: heyyy Nairi!!!!!
Guess Who It iSSss!!
Havn't talked to u for da longest time!!!!
anyways..drop me a line.............!!...... ...take it e z..
 SoAdbaby: hey nairi this is my new sn
 hyeqtpie: hey cuz sorry i havent been posting u in a while
miss u guys
come soon i cant wait anymore
ttyl byebyebye
armig soad
 kia: parev NAIRI inch bes es .yes gabrim syria allep kaghake
 kia: parev NAIRI inch bes es .yes gabrim syria allep kaghake
 kia: parev NAIRI inch bes es .yes gabrim syria allep kaghake
 kia: parev NAIRI inch bes es .yes gabrim syria allep kaghake
 ghugas: parev nayrig how r u.

 kia: parev nairi inch bes es lav es inch g badmes ku masit.mersy ghrgash massagit
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 hyeqtpie: ohhhhhhhhhhh nairi has a boyfriend hahhahahah
he calls u sweety too
armo janing
 kia: hi swity
 hyeqtpie: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i was looking at a message u left some guy nd u play rock music on the guitar i wonder if u can play daron's part in soad songs that would be soo kool
ps i used to play guitar
 hyeqtpie: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i was looking at a message u left some guy nd u play rock music on the guitar i wonder if u can play daron's part in soad songs that would be soo kool
ps i used to play guitar
 hyeqtpie: hey nairi u never answer me when im talking to u on aim so i have to write here
when are u gys coming ??????????????????????
i cant wait so HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!
luv u
 hyeqtpie: hey nairi we might go
either we r going up north or my mom said we might go to montreal cuz my moms first cousins live there but i dont want to go because my moms cuzins kids are boys and they are like 26 and 30 so im not going to have fun or we might come to toronto maybe
ttyl byebye
 hyeqtpie: im j/k about the esheg thing
i g2g study for my last final byebyebye
armo jan
 hyeqtpie: heyyyyyyyyyyyyy esheg why arent u posting me
in the summer we might go to toronto or maybe montreal and my moms going to call u guys i dont no when though its to talk bout when u guys r coming here
so u can sleep over
im listening to chop suey now
armo jan
 shahanoug: COOOOOL!!!!
do u really make new songs??
thats cool!!
i did it once but i didnt try it again!!
i do it wih chords do u do it the same way or with notes???
i would really want to c ya!!
i want to c ur piv!!
 hyeqtpie: u forgot my NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angr  y:

 shahanoug: ive been playing the guitar for 4 years!!
i played the guitar when i was 7 years old but it didnt work out!!
so i kept the guitar in the closet untill i grew up a bit and then i started to play again!!
i looooove playing the guitar!!
its my life!! i play the electric guitar too!!!
isnt it hard to play with the left hand??? i mean all the strings up side down!! i had a concert before 2 weeks!!
if u were here u could have come to it!!
but no prob !! we will meet inshaalla!!
keep writing!!!

 shahanoug: ya i have msn !!
i will wait u online !!!
bye bye!!
 shahanoug: hi there!!
so u know nataly??
i know her very well !!
well i wanna know more about u !!
chek my pics u may like them!!
 hyeqtpie: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
when r u coming here
my GOD why r u taking so long when ur school is over come cuz i dont think wer'e going anywhere
do u know wut my name is?????????? tell me when u know i forgot

 hyeqtpie:  hey >>we gave the laghmajoons and i dont have yahoo messanger<<
ttyl g2g
 hyeqtpie: we had the best time at the concert
me and natalie had so much fun omG
 hyeqtpie: hey the dance was ok we went crazy and we danced our bootays off
 hyeqtpie:  jonathon and dillan
my throat hurts soo bad

im for s.o.a.d
 hyeqtpie: hey im talkin to u on msn wut up
its really boring here
well bybye
 hyeqtpie: hey nairi i really think galine has still lost her mind those hanson girls from what i know are dead or working at a local drug store in some kind of hill billy state in the south { system of a down raised $20,000 for the armenian genocide isnt that so kool}
well i ttyl
shavos acheeg

 hyeqtpie: system rocks system rocks
hey one day im going to marry shavo from system of a down and you are going to be my brides maide
 hyeqtpie: this is armig
hanson sucks

 hyeqtpie: this is Armig ang Galine! who is Zareh??? eeewwwww! what are you thinking??? we were the 1st ones to post you, not him!! jeez...bye.
~system rocks~ (and so does Hanson) lol
 hyeqtpie: hey i wish i could we'll see
 hyeqtpie: hey nairi i finally got hold of you my GOD YOU take a long time to understand well anyway post me back
system rocks

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