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Age:30  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:7/1/2004 (GMT)   


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 SweetAngel4u: Hey supp im me when eva ur online!
 lenioug: hey mini ardo how r u? yo hayastan was so much fun anyways when u get ur pics i wanna c them ok? yalla take care
 armenian_bad_as: yo...i forgot to tell u that if u c a girl u like ask if she has a twinned or a bestfriend like her!
bye bro!!
 armenian_bad_as: sorry man!
anyway this is maybe the last time i'll talk to u so...
don't forget my coke thing
and bye!

p.s. sey hey to lenia for me
 armenian_bad_as: bored and it's not fun making fun of lenia when she's not here
anyways bye

 armenian_bad_as: bored and it's not fun making fun of lenia when she's not here
anyways bye

 armenian_bad_as: yo man how u doin?

 armenian_bad_as: yo man how u doin?

 armenian_bad_as: yo man how u doin?

 armenian_bad_as: ok man ichde page me!

 lenioug: hey cutie i cant believe im leavin 2morrow im leavin in 12 hrs omg so i guess ill c u in a week in hayastan man kaken bid ella WE RE GOIN 2 ARMENIA YA BABY im so excited so take care c u in a week ciao cutie
 armenian_bad_as: guess who's back? back again! frank is back tell a friend?

p.s.i know u already saw me i was just bored
 lenioug: yo man pick up ur phone our ess i gotta ask u somethin yalla call me back
 lenioug: hehe lol well its exactly 3:45 in the morning so ya i cant go 2 sleep cuz im 2 hyper so thats y i decided 2 write back even tho there was no point in it im sure u understand y
 lenioug: hey cutie im talkin 2 u now
 lenioug: im bored
 lenioug: well it hurts after when she puts the needle in its like a mosquito bite
 lenioug: hey cutie yo guess wat im gonna take my shots 4 armenia 2morrow morning as in 10 hrs wish me luck anyways ttys yalla
 lenioug: ya im bored 2 u say im bored i come online and ur not there
 SeXxXy_chika: do u have a pic???
 lenioug: aight so i guess ill c u there cutie tk ciao ciao
 lenioug: yyyeeeeyyy cutie is back so how was it did u have fun? u comin 2night if u r ill c u there yalla holla back
 bLoNDl3itCh: nuffin muffin u?
 SeXxXy_chika: not much..u?!?!
 lenioug: yo cutie let me know when ur back
 armenian_bad_as: when u come back send me a holler

 PiMpIn_DaWg: tjenare e armen fron sverige..vad hender e de roligt i usa..ja eller nJ..aiight ses i bye.
 lenioug: hehe ok forget it forget it
 armenian_bad_as: yo i don't like the song it's like their playin the song with the scotish music thing gavre ev ge cheke
 bootyliciousbabe: lolz 10x what, lolz im kinda slow, hahah holla back
 bootyliciousbabe: sorrrrrrrrrrrry happy b day
 bootyliciousbabe: awww i love da music sorry i havent been online foe a long time, ight holla
 _tashnag_life_: heeyy
well which alex r u???n-e wayz write back!
 lenioug: alex ur so cute
 lenioug: u welcome yo where were u last night? i only saw u b4 u left anyways ttyl take care
 lenioug: hey cutie i know i already wished u happy birthday at school but i wanna say it again c u 2night have a good one
 lenioug: hehe ur gonna get 15 punches ill b nice and i wont punch u cutie 2 days of school and 1 day bday yeeeyyyy yalla get online our ess?? holla back xoxo
 lenioug: hehe 4 days of school left and 3 days 4 u know what c u 2morrow
 lenioug: hey alex 1 week of school left imma miss seein u everyday and 4 days 2 ur birthday yyeeyyyy i wanna b the 1st one 2 say happy birhday k?? yalla holla back
 cute_princess: hey wat up where do u live???? u msg me before but i dont know who u r n e ways im out bye
 bootyliciousbabe: hahha thats sweets, so whats up what have u been up to lately
 bootyliciousbabe: thank uuuuuu!!!!!!!!!Lolz
 bootyliciousbabe: lolz
 bootyliciousbabe: ok ok and what about u ?lolz
 bootyliciousbabe: well foe fun i like livin life, lolz menain partyin hang woht moi boyz n girlz, chill, daneceeeeeeeeee my ass oiff, n umhhhh oh yeah shop,travel,workout, n talk lolz dats about it,
 ArMo_ChIcKa: hey..
who r u?!?! i know LOTS off pple from laval...n e ways i'm out..put up ur pic

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