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Name:vartevar Bertizlian  Email:Members Only
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Age:42  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:3/29/2009 (GMT)   

Hi every body Armenian.


me in Caraduran


 HyeSmartAss: parev
 MommaSparxXx: ayo lav em! what about u??

 MommaSparxXx: hey!

 project_girl: Hiiii
himagou-hima kermesov espaghadzem...ardevne irigoun
what about you?????????
 chuchy: that's person name is MIHRAN .DID u knew him ?
 chuchy: r u from ALEPPO coz i know someone with your lastname in
 soorpartchig: parev varta!!! intchbes ess??

 lotofsecrets:  inchou goulasgor?????
 siroun: 2 daregane shoune,, es paris gabrim Paris ish yegazes???
 siroun: Thank you your the message!!
Shounigin anoune DIVA e!
toun shoun ounis?? BY BY
PAREV !!!!!!!!!

 taliana: parev varta ! inch bes es ??!
 Chris: parev !
inch bes es ?
 missly: paris gabrim. intch guiness?
 nanou: yes al okostossin souria g'ertam
 nanou: paris g'abrim toun?
 nanou: ayoooooooooooo!!!! intchou?
 lotofsecrets:  parev yes chi kremne toun ches krer
 la_misshay: parev!!!!
 missly: parev vartevar! intch beses?
 haytara: jhabite dans le 92.
 dyeze: hehe hok che gernas arnel
 haytara: parev varta.
 dyeze: inchbes es vartan ?
 happy_sun_shine: i dont really think i look like madona , but if there's one thing that we both love, it's singing and dancing!
 happy_sun_shine: hi varta!
 lotofsecrets:  ayoo!!!
 mamoze: parev
yes shad lav merci
isg toon
 hindukari: hi varta yes
 nayirie: hi varta how are you ?
i hope that you are fine
i am very happy when i take your massage
see you
 Taloushka84: lav es yes al haleben yem ge housam vor irar hed lav enger gellank chatovvvvvvv

 Taloushka84: lav es yes tamar nem tun uorgetz es
 project_girl: ishta kidtsir
 project_girl: hi
yes Haleb gabrim
what about you??????????
 Narod: HI Vartan.I'm studying hotelary also Englsih .So tell me about you.
Best Wishes
 larissa: hii vartevar...

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