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Name:sarkis dram  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:33  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Pennsylvania, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:2/11/2004 (GMT)   

im an armenian fellow who lives in philadelphia!!!

this is me


 chobez: Jeez
Your too silly..
What's up man?
Nathing here
Seniors Guy!!!
take care
 giantarmo: so i went to the main page of this site. and there were 4 random pictures. one which happened to be russian. it was three young ladies so i decided to check it out you know whats a guy supposed to do. well guess what i saw which was more interesting. Young sarkis had beaten me to this page but unlike me he left a couple messages. which were obvious macking lines.SAKO LEAVE THE GIRLS ALONE.(especially the russians)
 Ida: TUESDAY's the dayy but shh im tryin to not be excited, im so scared ill fail
umm no u did not make that up because i used that for someone else! haha its ok though.. anyway ill see ya, bye
 Oblochko: ok, cool, so what year r u in?

 Raffithechevy: yo man this is raffi. i have to tell u what happened iight so holla back and i will tel ya iight. peace

 Ida: hey sarkiss i didn't know u were on here.. whoaahh i miss u buddy, where u been anyways we should chill sometime the whole group ok? ok its settled, ill see ya then
 chobez: what's up guy?
how have you been?
-i long to see you
NIgga please.
later love
 SexiNairi23: ohhhh nooooooo nigga look who it is!
 Oblochko: mostly star for next year and a few rapid. do i know u??
 chobez: Yallah!!!
A girl fell on the ground...well...
YALLAH..lets dance around her because we are the wild and crazy Chicago guys!
Post me back sarkis!
Did you kill it?
Sup bitch?
-post me back!
 ArmoMack: yO, whut up cuz?? i told you give me the 30 , i'll get it to you, ok?? - cough it up somehow, ok, holla ~ hagop

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