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Last Online:8/29/2002 (GMT)   

HeY...WaS uP ppl?!?! MaH nAmE iS nAtAlIe A.K.A NATOSH (hehehe manda) I LuV pLaYiN and WaTcHiN bOtH BaSkEtBaLl AnD hOcKeY!I lIsTeN tO nOthIn BuT R n B, HiP hOp and SOMEEEEE freestyle and dance! If yall wanna know more just msg me ...MwAh... XoX NaTaLiE XoX { |\| +}

mah babe n i


 armo_thug155: witch one are u in that pic? and thnx
 SeXy_ArMo_GiRl: hey
its me zani!!
hows life ?
how are u ?
how did ur grad go
anyways later

 armo_thug155: ohhh ya calorine came to my house and told me that she knew you so ya i guess your friends!
 tashnag_life: YO NATTTTZ,

Very IMPOORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dnoren called me n i hav to tell vreone whos comin to armenia that theres a joghov for the students and parents!!!!!! SO WED> AT 8 b there w/mom n baba!!!!
 armo_thug155: hehehehe, i did nto no you knew calorine! lol, what are you her friend?
 GinOExtremO: OHHH wait now i c u lol.. ur pretttttty fine.. message me ok im gettin my pics soon.. bye
 GinOExtremO: yeeah ur hot.. wait which one r u? lol message me c ya
 armo_thug155: ohhh i see! sexy! lol i used to go to agump, but i ate scouts so i told ma moma and i left! peace!

 HamovigHagopig: r u goin wit badanegan??

 HamovigHagopig: heyyyyyyyy
wats goin on
didnt u go to armenia yet??/
hows everything goin
c ya

 armo_thug155: and damn strait eminem is the greatest rapper in teh world!!!!!!!!!
 armo_thug155: im from toronto what about you??? and witch girl are you in that pic?????
 tashnag_life: IMM BORED...................yallah lets do sumfin again.......LIKE MIKE.....LOL.....LATER

-PoOh BeAr
 ArmoGina: JR ACYOC PRESENTS~~~~~~~~~ MUSICAL FUSION JULY 19 2002 A NIGHT FILLED WITH MUSIC FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE PREFORMED BY ALL ARMENIAN TALENT FEATURING: ARAKADZ --> Armenian Kef Music ANTIGEN --> Independant Armenian band playing rock music & DJ MAXIMUS spining freestle, dance, hip hop and reggae all NIGht LOCATION: 920 Progress Avenue Inside the Holy Tinrity Armenian Church Doors open @ 8 first band up @ 9 ..10$ with flyer.... 12$ without FOR MORE INFO CONTACT ME
 ArmoPrincess: Hey!!
im not in the pic....NO!
i guess its aight!
anywayz....sup? nething new wit u?
well gotta hop.....
 phat_balla00: hey sexxxy chika!!
sup well nutin much here sup witchu!?!?
well um...ur at kermes wit dzovag rite now havin fun?!?! well i g2g l8az! peace

 XxX_Superman_Xx: guy of course im comin to kermes...but imma go on saturday only...i saw ur grad tape and it's hillarious...everything is os scripted
 Cankman: hey wuts up? where in canada do u liv? l8z!
 eminem1: im not telling u that everyone is looking down at the cake, i meant that when u sayd u were the one in the cube dress lookid down to the cake, well EVERYONE is looking down at the cake so how should i know who u r. but i found out from the CUBE dress <u get why i sayd everyone was looking down to the cake> hope so lol
talk to ya soon
 eminem1: kool.
ur cute
lol everyone is looking down at the cake!!!!!!!!
 eminem1: which one r u???
 highoctane_31: NATALIE what up havnt seen u in a while i guess ill c u soon
miss u havnt in a while 2gether
 armo_playette05: hi
lol oops i didn't know they were still going out!!Ur from t.o?lol im guessing ye anyways holla back
 armo_playette05: HeY
u never answered back about which amanda lol ....well plz holla back
btw ur pixs are so cute lol oki yalla holla back
 cute_princess: hey nat im only goin on sat dont ask why n e ways hope to c u laterzz
 cute_princess: hey no prob hun n e ways yah maybe ill coem to the festaval on sat. u ???
 armo_playette05: Hey
well i've heard of Amanda from t.o.....
and theres one in MTL thats my best friend lol so i dunno which one ur talking about...the one from t.o? or mtl?(but the one from mtl..there isn't anything going on wit souren)
anyways holla back
 cute_princess: hey im good chillin u look so cute @grad n e ways how u doin???wats up msg me back

 armenians4life: same here
 armenians4life: hey sup?
 BaBy_PhAt: ha ha i know ur name is nat i was jokin !!!! anyway i feel so special u know me well ttyl byebye
 BaBy_PhAt: Hey Tam
sup? i know who u are but do u know who i am???
 phat_balla00: hey natalie
sup?!?! well nutin much here...jus really really board...hows ur summer goin mine boring hehe...well u mite cum 2 jampar so..ill c ya der oo n on friday hehe...aight l8az!!
 Sexy_Tamar: its goin good!! hehehehehhe!!! but i miss all of u guys man!!!
so monday were goin to wonderland....8ers n 9ers
ur ass best be der lol
 BaBy_PhAt: hey gurl
sup? howd u find me ??? well i gotta jet aite ill ttyl then bye bye luv ya bunches
 Hye_Shortay: Hey Hun! thankz alot!! hehe i got it all @  y/backgroundpages/backgrounds.html go there, it'll help ya!!! hehe have fun chica!
 ArMo_Studd: Well Well Well.....look who it is.....havn't buGGed u for a while ehhh.... ......anyways...just wanted to say hi and HopfuLLLY...i'll se u soon........
 ArMo_PwInCeSs: listen hot stuff!

im fina and u? aww my feet hurt too! man that gift from ma mom is so cute!
i wore it last night like wow i looked like a porn star! LoL (dont think nasty PERV)
imma miss ya sooo much when i go 2 greece! u duno how badly i wish i could like put u in a luggage and take u with me!YESSSSSSSSSSS ZEX !!
screw him i knwo he wants some1 else its sooo obvious! but who cares i want some1 else too some1 named NATALIE but if u tell her ill rip ur nasty minded ballz off PERV! Imma think bout u like crazy in greece n maybe i will ahve fun but it would b sO much betta with u! LIKE WOW

bye bye have fun dopind watta u gonna do in d summer ENJOY DZOV! lol.. give her some tit advice HAHA!

Bye Bye BABEZ!
i love you soo much PERV!
c ya soon i (in ur words)
xOx MaNdOliNe xOx

ps- u ma 1st!
 hamovigshakar: hey! sorry im writing sooo late...i jus found ur message now n i got messages from like 5 other ppl i dont even
 XxX_Superman_Xx:  AMMMA LOOK WUT U DID< LOOK WUT U DID>>> HEHEHE>>MUAH I luv u how's da left tit? is it sagging... lol jokes hamooveeg... cya bOOtZ... keep it PG 13
 ArMo_PwInCeSs: HeY mAh glad we surprised u Friday! u duno how we planned that! HaHa Ma mom wanted u in da washroom ..hhaha
Enojy da pj's lots!.. lol.. i know ish soo cute!

next friday yalla me and u gonna hve ZEX in d RsX...hahaha inside joke ppl inside joke!

Ok SeEe yah BaBez n EnjOy
ps-no probz!
Buh bYe
MuCh LuV
xOx MaNdoLiNe xOx a.k.a YoUr iMpLaNt BuDdAy! lol JOKES!

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