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Name:StRiP TeeeZzZee  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:39  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Greek  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:3/9/2003 (GMT)   

How r all the ladies ?? Well, what can I say ?? Im 6´2, 180lbs, light brown hair with highlights, brown eyes, and tanned ..... Wit a cute ASS !!!! I love golfing, women, and of course, MY BOYZ. No woman will ever take me from my BOYZ !! Looking forward to my trip to Cancun for the 3rd time. Anywayz, letz chat/hook up !!!! :)

Me, and Me :)


 Candy_22: Hey PoRnOPeTe, it's about time you replied. Well, where are you from? If ur 180lbs that's all muscle i hope .

n-ways i just finished school and by september i'm getting a full time job where i work.

nways add me to ur msn
 cute_christi: hi

 ShY_GIRL: no lol dont worry im gonna be coming to u hehe nah seriously a frend and me are saving up to go to either america or brazil i dunno yet i just want a mad yime i love keeping dark lol i have my own solarium1 i cant help it its so exotic lol so wat do u do with ur life single ? working? clubbing??
 ShY_GIRL: hi pete i liv in syd australia i must say ur tann is so indulgent lol
 BBUNNY: hey baby!!!!!
 COCONUT_WALK: This is crazy, u look like this bar tender at Money night club(Toronto),are u him????????well, i better ask, are u from Toronto?later
 PlAyToY: ti???? u don't reply??? yati
né, ero milao eliro elinika. yallah kalinilta
 grkqty12: XRISTOS ANESTI!!!
 PlAyToY: hey again! how u doin'?? to answer your question, i'm from montreal... where are u from? and what do u do for fun! wink wink l8ter xx
 PlAyToY: heeeelllloooooo, aren't we HOT!! ciao's
 LesboChick: sorry havent written to u lately i have just been a bit busy!
 euro_girl: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTTIE .......
 LesboChick: well i am from montreal what about you?
 grkqty12: hey whats up?..ever come to N.Y?, where in canada u from?...exo pollous sto Canada! Holla Back 2 this GreekQtY!
 euro_girl: I just move in windsor 8 months ago I use to live in montreal defore. ciao
 euro_girl: Hi, where from canada??? ciao
 armenianqueen: Hey! Nice Pics! So tell me more about yourself.....
 sergeo: hey, whats up pimp daddy,whats up brother, long time no see, your a good guy pete, maybe i'll see you soon. I hope everythings ok with you.
 NinaBojo: they there, where in canada r u from?..xoxo

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