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There comes a time in your life when u look back at all the things uve done and regret most of em ... thank God i have no regrets .... Big Upz to all the balles .... T-Mac Rulez... Peace


Thats right ..

Me and ma bredren in armenia


 QTNeLeHQT: Happy birthdayyy
 sunehz: barev seroon laves?inch khabar?amene laven?menk lavenk amene barevoom yen.oshin jan ches gales mer mod?barever felan bye.
 armond109: oshin jan barev yes ko enger arinen em isfahaniz . inch es anoom ?lav a anznoom? hooysov vor lav lines.
 karineh: aber jan barev
inchbes es,vnas chooni vor oosh es message ooghargoom baytz yerp garoghatzar ooghargir barevir mamid,babid yev meghooin
oshin jan khntroom yem meghedoo maile hastzen grir des kaniyerort angamn e vor asoom yem
 sunehz: barev seroon jan,laves?message hamar mersy.amene laven,barevoom yen,doo el amenen barever.bye.
 sunehz: oshin jan barev,laves?
inch khabar?ba doo vordegh yes?
oshin jan amene barevoom yen,meghediin
el asa happy birthday,hooysov lav dary oonena.
 armo_aphrodite: Well your going to sleep now
And I thought id leave u a suprise youll find tom. Well Me gonna go sleep too now, but first I must say
I LUV U! and bachig(s)
 armo_aphrodite: Well BooBooshiG,
Your princess has decided to drop u a line Just wanted to remind u that u have to take me to the zoo soon, it will be soo much fun Well thats it for now g'bye hokis
 sunehz: barev aber jan laves?inch khabar amend lavek?ba ches gales.lava antznoom.
shad oorakhatzam vor desam.
barever amenen.bye.
 ArmoGina: JR ACYOC PRESENTS~~~~~~~~~ MUSICAL FUSION JULY 19 2002 A NIGHT FILLED WITH MUSIC FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE PREFORMED BY ALL ARMENIAN TALENT FEATURING: ARAKADZ --> Armenian Kef Music ANTIGEN --> Independant Armenian band playing rock music & DJ MAXIMUS spining freestle, dance, hip hop and reggae all NIGht LOCATION: 920 Progress Avenue Inside the Holy Tinrity Armenian Church Doors open @ 8 first band up @ 9 ..10$ with flyer.... 12$ without FOR MORE INFO CONTACT ME
 karineh: aber jan barev
inchbes es
ba inchoo kookoorin mail ches ooghargoom
narinehn asav vor esdegh es
hobare inchbes e,mamed,meghedin?
meghooin asa vztah mail ooghargi
ba inchoo es engerid yerese gooyni hentz ed ngarn e vor intz hamar ooghargel eiir?
oshin jan sbasoom yem mailid
 Vin_Diesel: yeah im going to kermez so i will see u there take it ease
 princess_tam_: OSHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!
Well hello there!!!
How are you? Nice pics man
I hope I see you guys this week end at Kermess...ok? bye 4 now....
 Vin_Diesel: yo oshin whats going on out in muskoka for the weekend...well anyways i didnt know that u are on this thing to well anyways take it ease.
 DulceCiara: ohhh how exciting, fireworks,lol. hope u had fun. ya armenias going to be soooo fun, i cant wait. afterwards, ill be meeting my bro in italy, then im off to spain and france. that should be fun too cause its just the two of us so. what else, what else... hows bball... u got any hops yet or still working on it,lol. k ttyl babe.

 DulceCiara: hey sweetie, i know we havented talked in forever, i miss talking to u. anyway lets see,...ive been playing hockey now., not intense, but just practicing for like 2 weeks.. and im doing better. um... on july 11, im going to armenia, then to europe from there with my bro. itsgoing to be fun. in august, i might be coming up to vancouver so u have to meet me up there,lol. ya and my future for next year is still unclear but itsallgood. thats about it.. oh ya, im seeing someone. thats about it. whats going on wiht u? k ttyl ciao

 armo_aphrodite: awww thanks...i know i looked good..jk's
 bobonina90: barev laves?hishhom es,nairin em esfahanist,shad es mestastel,meghedoon el barevi amenin,bye
 Ararat84: ur done eh!
 Ararat84: wow one last exam.. then its over!!!
hah hah good luck with phys and finite man... later
 armo_aphrodite: Heyyy...although i juss saw u i wanted to say that I miss u ...i always think about u...night and day Can't wait 2 c u again, soon I hope!
 kegger: shut up i got your phone
 KASSAB: yo what's up oshin??
guy u missed it man.....mcsharry took a picture of all of us for his retirement and he shook everyone's hand and wished us good luck....awww don't worry I am sure he'll remember 5-10 years from now as the big guy with the uni-brow lol puuhh
anyways man I'm out, take it easy bro...peace
 Dave_da_Rave: wat the hell is ara saying on ur page

Big puhhh!
 Dave_da_Rave: hahahahhhaha
yo, Send that guy!

 kegger: guy we need you tuesday, Alex may not play
 Ararat84: GUY... im gonna tell u wat i told russell last week... "just the thot of the ridiculous amount of studying i have ahead of me, and the ridiculously little amount of time i have to do it in makes me shudder..ITS ridiculous"

 SikdirGitOlum: wsup lan....long time no see...we gotta chill this week...lates
 cool_melody: Hi man... i know u don't know me, but i do know u and ur sis,
say hello to her.
be happy don't regret
 Ararat84: hang in there bud..9 days to go... u cann do it.....
 SikdirGitOlum: hehhe scared yegher...ive been around..u know the usual places where u dont come anywhere cause ur too cool..haha lates
 Ararat84: i blame this on you.. its ALL your fault..ALL f it.. you and ur barab predictions.. watch your back in school... im gonna come outta nowhere and pull an alfredsson on ya...
 kegger: where the hell have you been boy, we really missed you on tuesday. anyhow i will have the phone next week.
 HardcoreHarout: oshinater the scoring and blocking machine ur turning into antoine walker
a big man who is chucking up 3's lol
 GB_Esquire: whaz goin on bro... what you sayin i called you tues after we won to go celebrate but you didnt pic up it was crazy neways... ill see you soon
 Phrystile: that's messed up y0, anyways i won't be around may tournie cuz i'll be working...but hopefully i'll be able to hit any jams they decide to through.
 Ararat84: GUESS WAT BUDDY! now were leadin by 2!!!

 Phrystile: not much kid..not a whole lot....hows ur leg bra...feeling any better?
 GB_Esquire: bang ur aunt bro... if you think so what your going to shoot web at me il kill you lan ...later
 SikdirGitOlum: hahaha spiderman yegher

you think i care..........ill buy you and spiderman lan
 badboybaret: puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hhh
 kegger: for what
 Phrystile: Wha' guy....sssssssstill
 kegger: don't worry guy, il get you that phone
 GB_Esquire: whats up bro whats goin on i hope your ankels better becuse i messed up my knee i might have tore the ligiments in my knee but i still got to find out later take care bro see u prob fri....latz
 OnE_bIg_ArMo: FOO?? whats goin oN??
Guy ur ordering in ur shoes?? from where..i barely found my shoes at size 15...its insane..
So..what did u do todaY?? i went to Ottawaa..YEA YEAA.. gonna go to bed..So tired..
ill talk to u later
Yalla BYe Shorty..
 SikdirGitOlum: guy ill wipe the floor with you

damn iransis think they can mess with the turkeys

word to ur mother BIATCH
 kegger: a a a aWo shirs are in and they are
just tooo anousheeeeg
 hye_fedayi_1915: alloooooo barevvv aperrrr jannnnnn lol vonces kich baghali ker lol kufta shilaa ghorme sabzi whats up man how you doin hit me back man see ya
 MommaSparxXx: hey ssup? its good u dont proud of u my son ya its good ur into b-ball so am i good sport lol
so ya watchu think of my new pix?? holla back ciacia ~xXxXx~ -MAryA-

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