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Name:Mandy   Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Massachusetts, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/14/2002 (GMT)   

I Love You Kenny 8*25*02 Shouts To The "Family" *Juls*Joe*Kelli*Sandi* RIP Damien! Well Dont Leave Wit0ut Postin Me!!!

-*Ugh Pajama Party!*-


 PimPjuIcE2000: hey mandy...i thought you'd mail me but you havent yet so i hope you mail me sometimes
 PimPjuIcE2000: whats up amanda i saw yout pic and you look hot i dont kno which one its you but i hope u the one with the necklace in the first picture and i got ur sn on the aim hope u dont mind that ...well write me back
 Amy02: WHAT UP SIS? How is my lil sis doin? Chillin Chillin??? Love ya girl! Be good!!!! ~Amy~
 Atomicblast: I'm up near lowell how about your slef?
 mike53re: u look pretty hott
 Atomicblast: hey sexy holla back if you want
 russianniggaz47: hey hunn sup? well im still travelin i spent the fourth in carolina it was so much fun. im glad to know ur doin well and ill talk to u soon luv ya o and that pick i don't know sum ass just took it out no clue its wierd i just went on the site and it was gone ill get it back up c ya hunn

 russianniggaz47: hi mandy just wanted to say happy fourth luv ya hunn!
 blackman: hiiiiiiiii wher r u? avo

 blackman: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii who r u ? send mi ok? avo
 russianniggaz47: lol trade me for ur bro hahahaha. well im off to north carolina so i probly won't b on the site for a while just lettin u know miss ya bye hun
 blackman: hi tankx for wrete I will sed do u no armenian? avo
 blackman: hi cute babe eho r u ? u r e beyoutefule babe . kre intzi ok? avo
 russianniggaz47: hey hunn o i know if we lived near eachother id b at ur house evryday and we could cruse down to the beach lol. i luv these smilies

 russianniggaz47: hey hunn how r ya? partying sounds good to me i hpe ur havin a blast! is the weather good up there? its awesum over here seem s the whole nation is havin a heat wave damn lol! well c ya hunn take care and thanx ur the sweetest
 russianniggaz47: Hey hunn don't worry i didnt' forget bout u ! ive just been at the beach lately but don't worry im back? so how r u? i just broke up wit my girlfriend that sucked but im still alive don't worry nothin sum alchol won't cute lol jk. so wut r ur plans for the summa?
 X5man: hey u are so beatiful miss italiannn andddd ssss.......... ok byyyyyyyy
 ACIDMALE: hello!!!!
 russianniggaz47: Hey mandy wuts goin on. u would not belive wut happend to me . sum loser got into my account and delted it now i have to do evvvvrything ova again. well just wanted to say hi post me ok hun?

 god_man:  hi <<my information>> i like pop and reb musik and ilike dancing and iam coing to school . what
about you
 nano85: hi how are you beautful miss
 god_man: hii iam armenian 100% and iwont talk with you
 star123: hi how are you my beauty

 star123: hi how are you massage me
now i have pic
 star123: hi tell me
 GreekPimp5988: Hey stupid! Its bored, so hit me back when u get the chance
later babe
 ArmoKEv: UR A LIER !!!
 ItalyChik: yeah sure sounds good to me! post me bk lata bye *maggie*
 ItalyChik: how bout the weekend afta next, u can give me a new pic LOL and we can chill!! well post me bk hun bb *maggie*
 ItalyChik: how bout the weekend afta next, u can give me a new pic LOL and we can chill!! well post me bk hun bb *maggie*
 ItalyChik:  hey hun we really have to get togetha and do sumthin!! so call me bk n post me... sorry i thought it was funny! and wuts the point of this guy ooooo, hes fainting LOL. well ttyl post me bk hun BUH BYE MWUAH maggie
 ItalyChik:  HEY, u dont live in waltham, dont got ditchin us here in watertown! u kno u luv it here!! luv ya grl, post me bk *maggie*
 Snoop_Dogg: yes thats at
 nUnUsHeEg: whats up hun how u been.. well this is my new sn keep in touch mmwaaaa
 chilupa2k1: ahhh, where in waltham? anywhere near tat Jordan's furniture place??? life's fine... i guesss, how bout u?
 chilupa2k1: belmont, u??????
 Arsen84: okkkkk so what do u do for fun?
and do u know any armenians there.
ok tty
 Arsen84: okkkkk
 chilupa2k1: hottt stuffff
 THEhiGUY: oooowwwaaahh not bad sweet not bad att all

 scorpions_84: i love u honey.
I want to be ur BF
 ardashes: u are so fugin fine..i love ur azz..come write me back if u like me lets get together and chill for real..i wana get wit u ..write back bye..
 Arsen84: how r u?
can u tell me something about yourself
 xxArMo_Gxx: KUtE
 Bullig: im goin to this armenian thing for the weekend....i guess im gonna be cillin durin vaca what about u?
 Charaghcheeg143: lol no yea no you didn't

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