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Name:TaLaR  LiLCheRRy  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:5/9/2005 (GMT)   

HeY PpL!I HaVe No ClUe WhAt To WrItE ExCePt ThAt I JuSt WaNtEd To SaY...Im A UNIK GiRl & AlSo A HyPeR ChIkItA!!!I Lo0k LiKe An ANGEL...BuT GuEsS WhAt Im A...DEVIL!!!Im..5 Fo0t 6 ...145 Lbs...BLak EyEs...AnD BLak HaIr!!! What the fuck you think a trick is a nigga? Nigga done stick and wet his dick... and then get tricked out all his richness by a....BITCH! YoU BiTcHeZ JuSt StaRtEd WaR!!!!!!A BiG Sh0uToUt To My BeBe´s!!!LoVe YoU ALL FrOm!?!*~*QuEENTaLY*~*


*~*If Ya WaNNa TaLk 2 Me & uR HOT... LeAvE Me Ur EMAIL!*~*


Me in L.a SuMMeR 2oo3


mE N´mA gIrL

iN JuLy 2oo4

AliNe & Me...SuMMeR 2oo4

OcT 2oo4 before JeTClUb


 SmoothOne: why u so horny talar? hehe if u want to answer that
heres my email :
 SmoothOne: chou talar,,,
 shaun_bonjovi: heyy wasup beautiful
 AmouraXOX: omg cutie , whats does pic, ur so cuteeeeeeeeeee mouah
 JoKe85: "Chillz Entertainment" invites u and ur friends 2 PUBLIX(3554 st.laurent) April 10th 2 launch there first sat night of many to come....75$ a bottle
vip passes b4 12....
 mopar_exco: hey cutie hru im good so u very sexy and ure page is nice happy valentines day lol cutie newayes my msn is and u very hot really hot wow newayes msg me back plese k and add me on msn too ciao sweet hart love ya
 ___KoRn: I loved that name,,,,BITCH

 lil_angel_sarah: hej lil mamasita!!
how ya doing?? Long time no talk, are u always online tho, even when u have the sign( away) or not??? How come ur not anymore VIP ???
HOPELY talk TO ya soon
MuCh lUv-xxxxxxx-
 AllEyeZOnMe_97: hey girl, whats up?
you r very beautiful. r u from montreal? u look kinda like a girl i use to have a crush on. neways message me ayt
 fg: u r very cute if u want leave me a msg!!!!
 lil_angel_sarah: hej hunny
how are ya? im very good.Yeah sanela is my sister, and maybe shes nice to you but shes bitchy to me...we are 2 complitely different person..
anywayz,talk to ya soon

 lil_angel_sarah: hej hun!
how u doin? im alright..just getting ready to go to ottawa. thx for writing me backwas nice to meet you 2
by the way nice pics,and i added u on my msn
so i guess ill talk to ya soon
take care,ciao xoxoxo:
 lil_angel_sarah: hej!!
how are you? its me
are u still at st.max??
write me back
 SwEeTiE: do u have msn ? if u do well add me we can chat aight later babe
 SwEeTiE: Heyyy i dunno if u remember me but anyways lol Nice pics bye babe
 Demarco: what are you doing in canada ? how is the weather there ?

 Demarco: you are kind
you are fresh
you are feminnie
you are clever
you are the LADY
you are aristocratic
you are irressitible
you are stunning
you are striking
you are attractive
you are tempting
you are lovely
you are pretty
you are exquisite
you are divine
you are amusing
you are delicate
you are superb
you are breathtakiing
you are astonishing
you are fantastic
you are magnificent
you are increadable
you are spectacular
you are matchless
you are unbeatable
you are super
you are suprem
you are gifted
you are talented
you are genious
you are impressive
you are fabulous
you are extraordinary
you are terrific
you are cool
you are dazzling
you are alluring
you are glittery
you are feminnie
you are magnificent
you are increadable
you are superlative
you are marvelous
you are best
you are untouchable
you are exceptional
you are outstanding
you are incomparable
you are matchless
you are superlative
you are marvelous
you are best
you are untouchable
you are exceptional
you are outstanding
you are incomparable
you are matchless
you are untaouchable
you are unbeatable
you are super
you are suprem
you are gifted
you are talented
you are genious
you are impressive
you are fabulous
you are extraordinary
you are terrific
you are cool
you are dazzling
you are alluring
you are glittering
you are glittery
you are miraculous
you are extravagant
you are bravura
you are virtuozo
you are wonder
you are sparkling
you are luminous
you are gleaming
you are shining
you are intelligent
you are imposing
you are inspiring
you are striking
you are moving
you are remarkable
you are notable
you are GOODNESS

 LiL_AnGeL: hey sexi beeyatch! inch ge sharjigorrrrr (other than my vorig hahaha)i like ur pix 2, specially d 1st one loll hahaha cutie patutiee! yalla i go sleep! talk 2 u l8a! bibi!
 MommaSparxXx: HeyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyY?!?  !?!

 ScubaChik: damn girl, you should think about modelling!!
 xCaliGuy26x: whats up me back if you wanna chat.....

 MommaSparxXx: wut the fucc u sayin 1 time illegal! u insane..ALL THE TIME ILLEGAL! MUAHAHAHAHAHA yalla peaccccccccce

 MommaSparxXx: okay..well he didnt ask her permission actuelly..he just said YO IMMA CALL U and went offline..wut a demandin kid..wtv i couldnt care offence.. yalla im off peace bo0ette!

 MommaSparxXx: yoooooooooo kalven chatted with taline on msn..and he was askin her permission to call her my goddddddd! that kid will never learn..he was a hood kid but wtv..en tk im out peace xoxox

 MommaSparxXx: WasSsSsSsSSsSsSappenin' girl..ummm your pants r so nice wut u be talin bout dso!! they no make u looky fatsy aiighty!!! okay gayness got to me!! en tk..holla back or if u want ask her where the pants r from!! lol yalla im off bybye xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 MommaSparxXx: hey hey miss thongette! the last pic i want ur pants! where u buy em frommmmmmmm!!! lol and ya me too been a while i got vip! u see..they all LAB US! DAHAHAHAHA!! yalla peace much luv xoxoxoxoxoxo


 Hye_Shortay: no problem !!
 Hye_Shortay: Hapy Birthday!!
 PuSsY_KaTT: lol me i left and i walked all the way to mcdonlad's with my friend and we crossed the brige like BREFOOT coz we were weirng this big ass long heels lol well i guess u got to find ur own fun lol
 GreekThug: QueenTaly make up a new name fo me cause yo I AINT NO NICK CRATER...heheh.aiight so msg me back ma new name

 PuSsY_KaTT: ah i didnt like it at all its was boring and all i did was stay outside with my friends, i went inside as soon as i heard like a latin beat come on then i left again alot of epople were there tough that i knew i doubt im going tonight though
 PuSsY_KaTT: hey, yeah i was where u there? u liked it?
 WiLDBiTcH:  hello could you ppl see im bored !!!
 hotprince: aightt its all good queentalyyyyy
 hotprince: sup baby your very prety ive never seen a armenian princess like u
 b00tylicious: we should bone meaning...u knowww
 shadow_man: hi your cute i don't know if you want to add you ok leave a message for me or add me byeeeee
 shadow_man: hi wild diferant girl how are you nice words nice picture nice hairs too if you care leave me a message yavrig ba bye
 SwEeTmAn: i'm gone untill 23rd !!!
 SwEeTmAn: unfortunately i'm missing the kermess cuz leaving at 4 am to atlantic city and go to the beach !!!! i'm pissed cuz i ain't gonna see your beautiful face !!! ne ways ciao will talk to you when i get back on th 23rd
 Lizzzard: heyyyyyy girl
yes im there both days but late! i dont feel like goin early!
n-e wayz girl!!
c-ya tomorrow!!
 MiNtCyPrIoTDoG: hey just to tell u i got my pic go look and tell how sexy i am later cheezy
 Astro911:  hey wazaaaaa bella where u live to canada ? laval ? mtl ?
 MiNtCyPrIoTDoG: itssss commin soon dont worry its uploadin bye bye baby msg back hotttie
 MiNtCyPrIoTDoG: hey very sexy girl u r a hot mint mama anyways hollla back later cheezy
 SYRIAnIMM0RTALZ: is gonna be open arround a week before September
 SwEeTmAn: ye i've been at parties and all at sourp hagop !!!!! i think you've seen my and i have seen you

 SwEeTmAn: i was wearing armani glasses !!! do you remember ???? i remember you because of your extreme beauty !!!!!
 Mangas28: hey talar your soo fine your soo fine you blow my mind hey talar!!!!! wooowhoooo ok that was gay hit me back on MSN baby CIAO
 SwEeTmAn: hey listen you might not remember me but recently you saw me at mcdonald's with a girl there and i was with my girl rmemeber ??????? holla back
 J_To_Da_T: Bonjour lil Badeldjan
lav es?
I finnaly decided to be in worldlounge lol.I wasnt lazy for once
yalla im out
message me back
 AleXXX: lollll ya manger une raclée
 shantos: inchoo koves online ches?

 shortywayans18: sup gorgeous,u got a b/f?anyways msg me bak
 shantos: hi .... inche lan u blocked me thanx how u doin yalla holla at me back...
 Sandy666: hey baby how you doin???? im ok see i wrote back lol ne ways ill see you soon at school and write back gimme some news
byebye xxxx
 Mangas28: hey baby hit me back

 Lil_Red: remember i was the one that said u were a cutie and u said whenever i get my pics let me just holla at you
 TaNiAb888: HI TAL
 Lil_Red: yoo sexy lool u commin to kermess?
if ill spot u i will come near ya and tell u that im Lori
 xgarox: heyyy r all armenian girls in canada hot like u ?if yes i might go there
 BabyPhat: THNX BABE!
 Lizzzard: talarrr
whats up?
u commin to the kermess right??
i MiSS u Lan! lol
n-e wayz
byeeeeeeeee *liZzZard*
 manoliser: Hey
how r u me im ok
dont worry bout the message b4 its ok i understand
well i wanted to say that ur really good lookin n ur a cute girl so if u want add me on ur msn n well get to know each other better so n e wayz laytaz babez!
 Sexy143: ok gurl
ill see u thennnnnnnnnnn
 Sexy143: wers that at gutrl
holla bacc
 Nap0DaD0n: ah so toi ausi tu tenmerde...ya plein de monde ki trouve que c lete le plus plate....pour moi c pas le plus plat mais....pas loin! hehe ciao 'be
 armo_playette05: Talyyyyyyyyyyyy sup boo
how u doin? me im aiight
i missed u but hopefully i'll c ya at kermess if u goin!!howz yo summer?mines good but sxoolz gonna start, aiight well i g2g holla backz
 CuTyGrL:  allo ma cherie ca va !!! me not bad aiight just wanted to say hiiiihihihihihihihii je taime bye bye
 masta_pierre: haha!...inche lan! very good?..toun inchbes es?
 masta_pierre: wsupppp dzo....nice pics...anywayz holla back yalla bye
 Nap0DaD0n: loll moi aussi moi aussi talar! ... raconte moi..kes tu fou de bon de t vacances?hit me back!
 Diezelb: Hahahaa.... its like we go to some state....and we b-ball and meet up wit some peeps...its alott of peace!!!!! alott!!! post me up iight peace baby
 Yo_StuD: heeeyy sexy !!i got 67 i passedd imma be in sec 4 how bout u did u pass?!
 Nap0DaD0n: oh shiiit its true now i remember!!! dont do it again plz,,,u and christina made me losing ma head when u and her left me ...g pete les plombs lol joke nah but its true this thing was ... was anoing!!
 Diezelb: yo baby u goin to sports weekend???tell me if u are because im might be goin...peace baby
 kevork18: yes it is a name of a hotel.
 edgard: hahahaha i thought mabe u don't want to add me so to make sure that u do add me heh yalla ciao and 10x for responding

 Nap0DaD0n: u've neva pissed me off....well i think.if u did i dont remember
 Diezelb: hey babes...wut u mean [things could be better.....????? where u goin!??!! lol holla at me peace baby
 Nap0DaD0n: ya long time no c :/ miss u 2 gurl ill probably c u so0n maybe im going 2 les berges next 2 ur scho0l hit me back peaceee
 edgard: helo sexy cute pics so talk to u after u add me yalla byeee...
 BabyIce69: well iono u look familiar..maybe ive seen u around or something..anyways maybe the next time u do something wit red..ill come or back at me xoxo
 WANNA_LICK: sup wildbitch!
just wanna let you know you look amazing in those pics
holla back
add me on msn

 brick1983: damn your a hottie!!!!! where in canada u live??
 Diezelb: hey baby....ive been skatin guitar playin and jes chillen wit mah bros this whole time we havent bout u???hows everything goin...hola bak babes peace cutie
 kevork18: well im coming friday noonish im staying at the comfort inn in laval.
and im going back sometime on sunday.
bye bye
 gReEkHuNk: eh sorry man she shotmy tawel in the pool u one time her 1 time...i wantedto throw it too...but i guess i pulled to hard lol...sorry linaaaaaaaaaa....later girl...holla back
 BabyIce69: hey u! how r u?..its ok im sociable anyways i live in chomedey..u probably know my best friend arianne (red)..anyways holla back at me xoxo
 n3mO: heyyyyyy ohhhh i wanna see that pic man i hope i dont look bad lol anyways scan it and liek put it on wl anyways holla back at me ciao xxx.
 megadeath: well u look better so what part of Canada do u live in
 Diezelb: YO BABY!!!!!! where u be at??? i havent spoken to u in a me bak...i love the new pics the body....hehe postme bak iight peace baby
 axeplayer32: what's up girl, are you really 15?
 BabyIce69: thx for the compliment on my back at me
 megadeath: so what u think im cute
 megadeath: im in santa clarita next to six flags
 kevork18: dont worry im not a boring person trust im pretty i guess im gonna see you there.
bye bye
 kevork18: im from toronto. Are the kermes's good in montreal because im coming mext weekend for it

 AssyrianGod: chicago enuff wit the small talk lets get to the cherry lol j/p
 kevork18: hey thanks for compliments your not to bad yourself anyways were you from in canada.
bye bye
 AssyrianGod: hey babe wats up damn that sucks bout the cherry and yea that is harry how do u know him?? well hun hit me back peace

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