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 Cute-Dgha: Hey Vagig, sup? I've been meaning to tell you this. I don't know if you remember it or not, but when we were "kids," we always tried to be related SOMEHOW, but I guess we didn't have to try after all, cause we are "OFFICIALLY" related now after the wedding (ur bro and Talin). (I didn't know about the wedding until 2 weeks ago!!!!)
 armenian_flower: hi honey vonc es jana? hey, i found out that you were born on july 1st, right? Cool, so write me back and see ya baby
 Anichka: hey cutie))))) I like delphin tooo))) and i wanna tatoo too))) lol sure Anna is my friend))) She is sso cutie and nice girl))))I'm glad to hear from u)) tola to u later..
 armenian_flower: Thank you, honey! You're very sweet! I just want you to know that i trust you. Let's just forget all about that, i don't wanna waste our time on such a stupid things, do you agree, baby? Miss ya, Any!
 ArmoAngel: hi yavrig h r u/ inch ayleven online ches miss ya man go online. bye now btw nice pic i love it.
 armenian_flower: hi there....actually i don't know what to say...i don't know should i believe you or not...but what that man was talking wasn't so i can't be sure it was not you...but i guess you wouldn't talk to me such way...anyways let's forget everything what happened...lets start it again...bye bye
P.S. so your nick in msn still hrashk?
 armenian_flower: Oh God!!! Thank you soo're so sweet...i like you too...dear You're awesome!
hey...tell me when we can meet on msn...plz...i keep waiting for our Talk!!! See ya

 armenian_flower: hi hun...wuzzup? hey...i like your second is
by the way...can't you be online at your job? no? ok drop a line...bye bye
 sweetnsexysyrianchic: Hey You..No i dont got MSN soooorrrrry... talk to you laterz muah byyye
 MissJacob: Thank-you, you're not too bad on the eye either.... So what do you do???
 armenian_flower: ok dear...i'll try soon...
 sweetnsexysyrianchic: Hey Vago, thank you very much sweety, you look good in your pics also..keep in touch muah byyye
 armenian_flower: hey sweety, i've done it already...when can we meet here to talk? maybe tuesday or maybe thursday in about 3:00 pm my time, and there will be about 2 pm...ok?
msg me
love ya too
 JennyM: Thanks for the compliments...did u look all of em up in a dictionary or something?! lol
 armenian_flower: hey dear thank you so much...i'll try to make it, i promise
see ya
 CuTiEpIe: hey hey!~! thx for da message..
so what's up with ya? anything new?
here notta lotta.. just chillin'
hope to talk to u soon k? yalla take care QT..
 armenian_flower: barev...i really wanna talk to ya..but you know what, my sister has MSN under her name, so i don't know how to make my own MSN, maybe i just have to download under my name as usually but i'm a bit afraid that her contact list can be deleted, no? tell me please...

P.S. I'm really stupid in that kind of
bye bye
 JennyM: Hey Vago! WAAAAAZZZUUUUPPPP!!!!! I'm chillin here..SCHOOL"S ALMOST OUT! YES!!, yea u could e-mail me sometime. lol GOD! it's great hearin from u! talk to u later peace out <3 JeN
 armenian_flower: hey hey hey...thank you so're cute too I'm glad you're in safe place.. hey so how are you? tell you have an icq #? if yeah than we could chat someday i really would like to...he he he...take care...see ya..

 armenian_flower: shalom...mashlom xa? that's all i know in boy? how is life over there? have you ever been to armenia? where exactly in israel do you live I hope not in that place where is war, right? so keep in touch...see you
 CuTiEpIe: hey hey bro!~!
what's shakin' bakin'?
how's life goin'? it's pretty kool here..
thx for da msg post me back soon k?
yalla gtg byeZZZz..
take care out there..
 hiequeen15: Hey~ juss wanted to say hi and dat ur cute. keep in touch~~Talar~~
 CuTiEpIe: hey there bro what's up with ya?
anything new? i told ya i'mgetting a pic and i did so check it...
yalla gtg now take carezzzzzzzzzZ BRO
 CuTiEpIe: hey hey !!
thx for da msg hah
so what's up with ya bro? anything new?
notta lotta with me here!!i'm just
yalla byee
luv ya, miss ya
 CuTiEpIe: hey there!!what's up?
ge garodnas gor indzi? hehe lol irav?
ne wayZ.. notta lotta to talk about .
hope to talk to u soon.
bye bro

take care
 CuTiEpIe: hey there boy!!
what's up with ya? nice pic heh
ne wayZ.. i'm nothing to do lol heh well miss ya
take care
 ArmoAngel: hi u miss ya 10xxxxx again muahhhh
 KhEyAr: uh....thanx....i guess!!!

 ArmoAngel: miner kaaaaa ameshtsa hima hehe LOL ur still sweet. muahhh bye now
 ViewSonic: hi bro h r u i'm fine i got ur msg 10x a lot for helping msg me back pls
 Hunterz: hi vago , hehehehe orere lav togh ella asdvadz ouze yes koved goukam navov aghvor trip me genenk
take care too and wish you all luck for your exms !! see you
 Hunterz: hello cute boy
well i see you are surrounded with many girls hehehehehe need a bodyguard ?
good luck Budy
 blackeagle: dzo why i,m not in the pic vagarshag i,m gonna kill u bro ha ha haaa
 KhEyAr: thanx me too!!

~Alleen~ wb
 ArmoAngel: hi i'm ok. how about u . u still look good in ur pics. hehe talk to u sooooon bye now
 SERGIO2: Hi Man,Nice To Meet You
 Cute-Dgha: Hey!
Yeah I know. I don't go on IRC as often. I'm busy with school work, unfortunetly. So how's everything?
Yesterday, FOR SOME ODD REASON, i was thinking about your dog. Lassie?
 KhEyAr: thanx...nbsp? what does that mean? lol

~Alleen~ wb
 KhEyAr: hey ur cute!!

~Alleen~ wb
 HrAsHkV:  Looking good dude
 Gyankihator: etum em Holywood inch anem??????? ba duk???
 Cute-Dgha: Dzo Vago! I didn't know you were here too! Your'se so changed! How is everything? I miss you so much!!!! Keep in touch OK!? say hi to your family and Tantig Janet, Arpine...and everyone!
 corey: hahaha tzo vagig I can't bealive it LOL
 leogirl12820: hi there
thanks for ur msg!!where r u from isael?
the pic that u r with a girl,behind u is frnech lesson right?
,,do u have msn?or icq

anyways keep in touch
 LiL_AnGeL: my bro is on this thing 2, his nickname is corey!! okay talk 2 u l8a! buh byez!!
 LiL_AnGeL: VAAAAGIIIIGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! hey i didnt know u were on this thing 2!! btw i got ure pics and i loved themm write back k?? bye buyz!!

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