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SIROON UGHCHIG YEGOOR HOS, KEZ GE DANIM YEGIBDOS, YEGIBDOSEN HOONASTAN, HEDO YERTANK HAYASTAN! HOB HOB JIVANI ARINeh TSAVET DANI! LOLig AN VOR GSEH VAKHGOD HAYE,ANOR BID DANK BERNI HAME HRAMAN DVEK VOR GADARENK, TOORKIN BRNENK VODEN GAKHENK HEDOH DANENK SHOOGAH DZAKHENK MARDIGNEROON PAMPOOSHT GNENK! A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY SHMORKUS,coz she thinks shes special! =D "once a shmorkus, always a shmorkus" - A. Der Vartanian One more shouout to that shmorkus (and that shmorkus knows who she is) ur good... ur good, but im better! =P in case u were wondering, im the one at the botttttoooom of the foto, the other two guys are absolute legends Mr Mike at top and Baron RPR in the middle... yeghav? OK im out! =)~



me on the ´chap´ (left ishteh)



 ReDChEeKs: ari im tsavs dar!!!!! hop hop jivani lenan koo tsavt dani! hehe did u know thats my favorite song?!!?
 RMO69R: ahlaaaaan arin jun...
man i gotta tell you it was nice seeing you again anagngali yegav man u looked sharp last night
anyways ill c u around ..
take it sleazy u hektik armo

 WiLd_CaT: forgot to mention

 Yaooby:  bitch u told talar! oh eh khent now u give me an 'idea' ok? or no more pic up lines from my drunken head lol..omg wat the hell did i say dat note dem lines lol yalla hajis hajos etc etc byee!
couldnt be bothered writing da rest
yeah we all know ur a khiar lol
umm well skool is aiight
bball...well lets just say dat dis is all i do and its gonna get worse!!!
well im glad to hear ur aiight
anyways gtg ill smell ya later u schmuk!
 amahanousheegem: Arrrrrrr, im going through hayasdan withdrawls and im going through male withdrawls....and im gonna start college next freakin week (grrrrrrrrrrrrr) bday is next week too!!! AHHHH im turning 18, its bout damn time! yippy kay yah yay!!! haha, nah but seriously...i miss my summer already. ooof yala help cheer me up. dudeeee, i never told you bout my hayasdan experiences did i? wowwwww, theres sooo much! well, next time we cheneh and both of us are free...imma hit you up with the deets ok? hahaha, its my duty to take ardas place in her absense. (she did tell me to fill you in on her ordeal anyways...i gotta finish up with that i believe) ok out like shout! A-ok!???? yala peaceeeeee *alz*
 HamovegPrincess: hey u doin?? long time noo speak budddy.. i just wanted to know how u were... and ohh thanx for the idea u gave me the last time we talked..(i got it)ull seee it soon...ok yallla i g2g ill talk to u later..bye
 HamovegPrincess: hey u doin?? long time noo speak budddy.. i just wanted to know how u were... and ohh thanx for the idea u gave me the alst time we talked..(i got it)ull seee it soon...ok yallla i g2g ill talk to u later..bye
 WiLd_CaT: hey antranig
how u doin??
anyways smell ya later!!

 hyeluck432: hey eshegggggggg im going to ayf camp tom!!!!!!!hahahaahahaha anywayz yalla byeeeee
 amahanousheegem: ImMMMMmmmm BaaAAAAAaCcckkKKKKK!!!! Arinnn, omg....i want to go back tho! haysdan is, without a doubt, the most beautiful place ive ever been too (this is disregarding the fact that the only other place ive seen outside cali, is texASS) wow arin, i really really wanna go back. i gotta tell you all about my experiences, and that includes the guy aspect of it! lololll, ok babes, ill talk to ya soon. muwahhhh...buh bye! *alz*
 Yaooby:  mister mister! thanks 4 a mad nite man!! man i was like aww... heheh and thanks 4 da pressy, even though i said voch to it... man that was 2 the 1st of many nights of clubbn n partyin n inch kidnam!! heheh I swear dem pic up lines were da bomb..c nthin can happen once ur under the influence of im still deaf, and got no voice, but its a price u pay lol...!! yalla bambino ima jet, smell ya later u shpunk! hehe (i see dem girls wid big butts looking at ya ciao!!!~Jb
 hyeluck432: heyy arin u loser havent takled to u for a while k yalla byee
 MrSTimBerLake: ARINN loll noww i rememberrr ... SARIN.. ARIN hahaa sorryy i didnt remeber b44 ssoo hows lifeee ur still talking to my cuz narinee akh akhh ookay yalllaa byeeee
 fR3Sh187: hey bra how r u ....... nah hektik send em my email is ...... add us on ye msn if u got it......
bro i fuked i turn 18 next year cuz....but i b getin jakz id we look da same i rekon so itl b aight....... nyways bra take it ezy
 amahanousheegem: ARIIIIIIIIN...khello! im going to hayasdan in a couple of daysssss! im sooooo stoked man, i cant control myself! okay, just wanted to say HI my lil aussie friend, and nar is right...we never saw youre friend! soodakhos! okay gabeeg, guh khoseenk. buh bye! *aleen *
 RMOBOY: Arin,
mate since i left hamaskaine i went to some stoopid skool in belrose, for highskool i went to a school called NBCS where soon armin came to it, now i goto Killarney high, where alex goes also renata's fine. How have u been man? where did u go afta hamaskaine? now u tell me
 fR3Sh187: well well well...... inch bes es bro....... havin seen ya in yonkz.. wat u been doin..... bro i havnt had a drink in agez bedk eh khmemk noren soon......... adios bro
 iilusive: howdeeys, your doing science? sounds like tuns o' fun. no wonder your wanting to change into a more stimulating subject. i'm at vic uni doin visual arts. Havin a ball with all the tree huggers in my class. Umm yeah my daddy paints, here and there. i guess thats where i get it from.
oh and you can count me in for the whole unisex game, lol.. i wanna bump n grind with the best of em..
talk soon tata
 WiLd_CaT: ALOHA!!!
man ur vertically challeneged and im mentally challeneged!!lol
but seriously think bout it..u r a chojookh lol
no dont u dare cum to our games on sunday nite....if u wanna cum watch me u have to cum to ma rep games
i play da best der!!!
and i was der last week
i had an early game!!!!!
wat time was ur game??
anyways talk to u soon
 MZ_aDDiCtiVe: hey! I'm in LA. The weather is getting pretty damn hot. I want ot go to Australia some day. Especially after seeing the Olympics. your pictures are really cute. see ya
 hyeluck432: lol ya thats it i miss her!! lol 2 weeks of no homework just pretend hehe im the soo char lol i havent done any homework for the past week lol and i still have a week left!!lol but then there are finals shyttttt lol its ok 18 days of school left!ahhhh i cant wait till summer ill sleep until 2-3 and then wake arda up and call her to swim lol(all she needs to do is jump over the wall)hehe ok anywayZ buh bye!!
 hyeluck432: ARDA WENT TO HAYASDAN!! theres no1 to bugg and make funna anymore! shyt on a log haha i used her word hahaha
anywayz yalla bye
the one and only NARINE
 HamovegPrincess: hey Arin...lav es??? i havent taked to u for a i hope everythig is well.. i just wanted to tell u that im goona go to a HAROUTTTTTTT BARAHNATES ON SATURDAYYYY...lolll i hope ur jelous..haha no im jk..hell sing ZOKANCH again for u...ok yall aim outtie..ttyl..byee~*ME*~
 hyeluck432: haha u look like ardas brother!!!!!!
 hyeluck432: hey lol ythis is ardas cuzn next time u talk to her just say coke-boy lol hahahah and say "i know this one...MILK" ahh ardas comming bye

 frosty: walacadincon we have a deal
we will be known as the real keepers
bye yow
 sugarANDspice: i tink i am een kheaven when yu seeng to mee like dat! wowwww, i deednt know khot boys can bee soo rumateec, i was to faiint I tink i am een lurv wid yu two dearie! oh my...and yu say you khave most pets een village? Yu are like my beeg, strong clan leader and i vant to jump een yur bed..i meen, i vant to jump on yu...errrr, I REALLY meen that i vant to jump een relationship wid yu! I cannot vait to meat yu, my nice peece ov meat! ok sveetiepoo, i vill khear fram yu i khope sooner than i can pants are all vet...i mean...errr, ok i cant cover dat one up. lolol, khaydeh...khoolaah back ya khear? *al..i meen, grrrpreet*
 amahanousheegem: omggggg beedee mareyee! hahaha gooligoogoo1? YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW FAMILIAR THAT IS! hahahah ill tell ya the story IF you ever im me hayvan ...lolll i dunno if you asked arda, but ill just say it now in a lil riddle.....its the first NAME in the beginning of THIS message...translates to "DAMN!IM HOT" hahaha was that inconspicuous enough? ok yala stoopido, guh khoseenk <---what a retard! *aleen*
 sugarANDspice: NO STOOOPID....the hot one on the left was ME! heeheee....khellu sexy khot boy...are yu eenterested een along term relationsheep wid a khot, khappy, khorny grrl? i vill make yur dreeams cum truuu! yala, i cannot vait to khear fram yu soon...bie bie you khealthy virile boy! hahahahah lolol:::::: i know you love it::::::::hahahah buh bye arinnnnnn! *aleen*
 TaMoUsHiG: lololl heyyyy nigger wigger! lol. JuST wanted to say Hi back at ya! Hope everything is good with remember im half armenian and half armenian, so excuse my armenian .. =) LOL. Ok im going koo koo cuz i studied too much, you know wut i mean??? lol. Ok so i will talk to you later online. =) byebye *TaaaaMaaaar* lol <~~thats my new way of writing my name.
P.S. say hi to Hamlet Lol
 StyLeZ: wazzzappppppp maaattteeeee!
i miss u baby, long time no see!
nah ive relaxed on the punching fones n that, i realised it was unfair towards my fone! hahah
 amahanousheegem: you anjourny angeert ankheeghdz anamot anuska anjarag anshunork antulpad (lmao just an inference) dugha! Toon ov es!? huh!? not takin yo pills aint no excuse to mess with tha best..ALEEN. haha omg im so ghetto! lol HI ARIN! whats up "foolio"? how was your or? mine was a-ok....i still have to go n turn in my registration papers for college. I got accepted into the honors program at fresno city (so i can easily transfer to ucla) and i get first dibs on my classes. YAY!!!!! woop wooooop! skippin classes huh? im tellin your momma! esheg hayvan! *shaking finger at you* lav neesher bedkeh peres....ashkhadaser yegheer hasgutsar? just say "okie mommy" hahaha. ok about april fresno, we just do a demonstration at fresno state and it usually ends there. But this year, with ayf...were going to la to protest at the turkish embassy (ill be with arda n the others) ok arin jan, i have to git to the college before my ass is too late...heehee yala take care hon!!! *aleen*
 RMO69R: AZAD ANGAKH HAYASDAN....all the way brother....ohh bro np ill b der at mayis 28 c ill c u der jan (aper shad mi khmer}....
thtas right buddy we frashed em haha but will c wen our teams play eachother it will b a close game ma8..anyways thanks 4 the songs and ill c u mayis 28
til den take care jan

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