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Age:29  MSN:Members Only
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Last Online:8/31/2002 (GMT)   

hey...... im wild n i luv 2 party. Thats all u need 2 know bout me! p.s. ~i luv u Gerick, Alex, & Mario... natalie u know they r... just remeber ... the beach... lol. those were da good times. Whooooooooooo! lol(alex is left out) IN TIME...

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 armeniandude: hey what's up?
look i shega kani sheyi kider vor engerneres mege bidi yerta hedo kidza vor steve and haroute hon eyin maybe kal dari gertam
luv u bye bye muaaaaaaaahhh
 armeniandude: hey talar
what's up?
hey did u go 2 chicago? did u have fun ?
post me back

 onebigsev: hey stupid do u think i am...of course i know who u are....why would i let someone i didnt know hav my name tag so hows everything goin???? hopefully everythings goin ok... write me back and let me know whats goin on peace
 lusciouslips17: Mike is hott. Mario is not. Gerrik is sooo hott.....alex(i almost forgot, lol)is $$$rich$$$ and hott!!!~Natalie
 HrEsHdAk: UFFFFFFF YAW! UR FREAKIN BACKGROUND ON YOUR PAGE MAKES ME DIZZZZZZZZZY YAW! lol i like have a headache after i message you....and TAT's!! AMAAAAAAAAAAA the background color is so dark!i have to hightlight everything so i can read it!!!! WUT IS UP WITH U GUYS YAW!?!?! lol! JUSTT JOKINNNNNGGG no payts seriosly change AGAIN!
 HrEsHdAk: wasssssssssup gurl??? i love you man!! like every time i message you always reply back yaw...other people.....yalllaaaaaa they reply back when its like time to say merry christmas loll n-e ways babe HELLLLLLLL YEAAAAAAA im gonna be ur counsler next year....eeshalla im gonna be counsler for 9 year old gurls that fall asleep at 9:00 and wake me up in the middle of the night cuz they have to go pee pee! loll HELLLLLLL NO! yalla sweetie ill talk to you hedoooo...MiSSS You! LoVE YA! BaChEEgZZ!
 HrEsHdAk: ufff yaww i wish i went raiding with u guysssss..yanni i woke up payts i never went in the cabin with you guys u kno...i was outside with taliaaa and reenaaa OMGGGGG reeeena looked so paleeee and her eyez were closing cuz she was so tiredd...ohh god it was so year every night were gonna get the 12 year olds aiight!... yalla hun ill talk to you hedoooo....
love u babe...
 XoarmokessaboX: yeah i know summers not bad, it sucks that school starts i two weaks though ..aww well there aint nuttin we can do bou, hows ur summer goin, havin fun?
aight i gots to go
ps, tell kev my bro says hi
 SeXyfLiRt69: ur cuming ova today!!!!! loL...TTYL!!!!!!~nATALIE MARIO IS HIGH
 SeXyfLiRt69: ur cuming ova today!!!!! loL...TTYL!!!!!!~nATALIE MARIO IS HIGH
 SeXyfLiRt69: Hey baby! ur such a bitch! i write u this long ass note and u write me a short one!!!i miss alex...omg!next time he better watch out cuz im gonna **** him!...u no! IN TIME...
 BankOnBanks13: wat up, ya, sorry i wasnt in a smiling mood, but i wanted to take another one with u but u never asked me again, maybe next time. and u never asked me on the last day for my tag, otherwise i was waiting to give it to u but u never asked. o well, ill ttyl, bye
 On2Legs: wazzup ?
 HrEsHdAk: LaKKK HRAK!!! i misssssss u guys mannnnnn......uff like the second u guys left im like MY BABiiiiESSSS!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!! LoL =)~....we had some good times mannnn.....and you man! how many times did u say that u were going raiding! HECH!!! u just SLEPPPt!!! loll...ama i came back home....i slept literally for like 6 hours...woke up ..ate...slept again man...yalla babe ill talk to you hedooo....if u see any of the HYE CHICASSS tell them i said hiii and i love them...yalla bye hokis.. MUAHZZZZZZZ MaGGiE
 BankOnBanks13: is this the talar i know? if so, i just want to let u know that marina has my name tag. peace
 LiLQTAngeL3270: Hey Hokis,
whats up?
im talkin on tha phone wit u ryte now lol!!
n e ways sooo whats goin on?
i miss u no who lol
umm im boared!!
I love u But i gatta go now!!
love yaaa!!

~3 Marina ~3



u wont die ill save u!!!!
 RitzBitz: Hey talar! whats up? thats cool did u have fun at camp? christina wants me to come next year lol shes like u better hahah! well write me an email sometime love ya muah!
 LiLQTAngeL3270: Hey Babe,
I Miss Shant, Lisa, Laura, Maral effffff i miss everyone!!
im gonna cry again!!
I gatta go
love yaa!!
 nano85: hi hamovig oures yaw inch mezi mortsar

 esco1: heys is that ya real icq number oh by the way im esco42pac the aim remmeber ?
ok i got to go holla back see ya!!!!
 esco1: heys is that ya real icq number oh by the way im esco42pac the aim remmeber ?
ok i got to go holla back see ya!!!!
 RitzBitz: Hey Talar. its Rita! thanks for posting me, well u told me to write back so i am lol. whats goin on? i just got back from california today at 2:30 am (ca time) and 5:30 am (mi time) lol so im just reading my mail right now. and im actually pretty awake considering i only got 1 hour of sleep on the plane lol. its aight though. well ill ttyl bye! muah!
 Dragon_Slayer: well ma name is chris im 15 i used to live in leb im sure u no ma cuzin harout.
 hovsep1626: hiiii talar laves insbese tasyrt insov gh sbaghvis ys ghuzym ku ngaret dysnyl yte neghtyu jigane im imyls postmaster mesh ga {osten1626} tun ghzi lav nayir
 Dragon_Slayer:  hi sup?
 On2Legs: I was bored and surfing and i tought of saying HI...if u dont mind ?
 harout_9:  hi hokis inshte or mene gantsnenkgor lol ok ?

 harout_9:  hi hokis
ok eghav
pan me kre indzi

 harout_9:  hi hokkis
laves ?
es lavem toun?
10 for your messadg
 lusciouslips17: Hey blah blah blah u probably wrote this before we called u! c ya in florida
 bLoNDl3itCh:  hey swEEty!! oh ya i know its gr8~~ i figured ill put some of my armenian frieds on? but i dunno who else to put on?lol MWAH!~

hi hokis
seres kz ge dam giankes kez ge dam ke modes bahem garodes arnem havidian kez sirem
lalis em yar lalisem yar gan kishe tshereg antatar havada yar havada yar gan metshes grage anmar ok byezz as amene kezi hamar kretsi hokis
ok byzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 lusciouslips17: Hey i miss u sooooo much! u betta get ur ass down here! we might stay longer
 On2Legs: Leb's not bad, I'm not bad too...We both(Leb & I ) would feel better when we see u in person
 armeniankris11: hey talar! Post me back
 On2Legs: LOOOOLZ well It's freezing cold out here in the airport, can i leave ? plz

Bye 4 Now
 armeniankris11: yeah yeah
 esco1: hey girl well i got an aim
its esco42pac if ya like too add me ok now i have to go see ya bye

 esco1: heys girl wassa well thanks fo sayin that ok look where is ya pic girl if ya got msn add me
ok and if ya can do me a faver open me an aol so we can tolk ok if i knew the way i would open it but i dont know well i got to go im allmost ganna leave now see ya bye ~when a thug cry's~
 armeniankris11: hey wat up blah blah blah
 armeniankris11: hey wat up blah blah blah
 harout_9:  hi hokis laves ?
naye ok erp vor email panas indzi dour ok? byzzzzz ge desnvin hokis hetsh hok miner
 On2Legs: ya ok habibti...
try to come for me and I'm in the airport at this very moment, waiting for u from right now (joke)

 harout_9:  hi ok hokis naye shad merci vor hayeren ge khosisgor lol. hokis naye emailt dour plz ok byezzzzzz
 hovsep1626: hi
lav es inch gnesgor
incbes gansensgor jameret?
hed CHAT enel guzem ur ge nsdis?
dunet ur e aysinken
bye bye

 harout_9:  hi
naye hokis hedes hayeren khosir plz he hokis? bye

 On2Legs: Then DO ! who/what is stoping u ?????
bye hayeti
 harout_9:  hi hokis
naye indzi add ere plz
gouzem emailt ounenal ev gouzem kezi .................
 On2Legs: Hey hope u visit it again after about 10 years...
anywayz see ya "helwi"

 armeniankris11: HeY Talar!!!! Wats up!!! OMG your the best couisn in the world! No not really. So wats up? Come see the new Austin Powers movie with me and other people. Post me back. Stay money.
 harout_9:  hi

es harout nem nayer hadjis indzi add ere

 hiequeen15: hey hun!!! i know sweetie soon soon bede kam.. i have no time. But i think we're gonna come over ur house or something sometime soon to visit my mom's friend who came from lebanon. Anyways hun keep in touch. Bye sweetie.
 italiangirl13: hey my name is stephanie if you want to chat hit me bACK

 On2Legs: then, u have to learn some more words...and haven't u ever been in Lebanon ????
KIT..bye bye "ammoura" !
 HYEPRINCE: who are you do i know....?

 On2Legs: habibti* (that's just a minor mistake)
 On2Legs: hello "habibi, hayeti" so u know arabic ?? u have to be from Lebanon...not so ????
ok write back plzzz !!!!

 marcos: thanks
 elie_farhat: Hey well soory for not reppliying to u any sooner but i had some buisness i neede to take care off
anyway u told me u might not come to lebanon well that really suck i wanted to meet u and where is ur pic?????
anyway i might go to the usa to start my own buisnees maybe we will meet there
 On2Legs: Hey "honey"
It's good to know that u want me to post u back
sooo ? 'ssup ...?
 Chaldean: yeh...

ammm Everything is smooth soooo smooth...well I'm a bit bored at the moment anywayz anywayz ttyl
 hovsep1626: Im postmaster e_mails chzesne {HOVSEP1626}HON CE CHOSIN ASAD
 dabuzboy: now i get u?next time rigth abs without saying 6 pac,and 10x for the kiss
 On2Legs: Hey "Baby",
How's everything with ya ?

 bLoNDl3itCh: hi hi hi!! i miss u!! mwah! ew no they r freaktarded!im gonna put some hott 1's up whenevr!lol

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