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my class mates


 600rr: hello my name is raffi, i am from the USA. I was wondering who the girl in the middle is and what is her name. she is the fourth girl from both sides.
 Jewels_kiko: heyyyy aghchig ! inchbeses? garodtsa kezy shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd inch ga chiga ? say hi to all miss u
 arturmesjian: hi am new friend if you want?
 RP: hiiiiiiii .....i dont know when im going to armenia maybe next month....i dont know
see u

 RUPINA: hi soso,how r u????miss u toooooo
i was online yest. but i couldn't stay for a long time.anyways see u online soon.byeeeeee, take care miss u
 harout9: sossy khachadoore kezi parev ooni yev gsegor aysor chati bid ooshana ha ha ha
 RP: hi sosy how r u????
keep in touch.....
 Dr^Metal: parev sosy ... inchbeses?
sorry for not writing ...
so how's everything?
miss u alot .
take care
bye ...

 coolhaig:  Hiiiii sosy,how r u?thx 4 message,anyway,here iam,so how r all there?may be i will come and may be not,iwill try,,, we r sending some pics,from me and my sis,sareen,,i will call u guys later ,,,befor camp,,,,tell them ,that i miss u all guyss so much,anyway,take care,and bye 4 now
 big_vic: heyyyyyyyyyyyyy
whats up sis , how are you , i am doing fine , am sorry cos i cant wriite , am soooooo busy , as if a business man
but i am sure from now on i can do that every week at least,
misss you a lot , and , i miss all of you armenaganer, , i wish i was there , please try to send some pics that you got there
sos take care of your self and lets hear from you again , as for now miss , lot of hugs and kissesd
 khatchig666: hay sure im coming to kessab
but maybe not from the first day
maybe ges an
but we r coming
where it's well be like last year ???????
mmmmm about guitar i can't promes coz (abahov dagh badk a trvy) u know it's spanish anyway we'll see about it
 THEBLACK: hiiiii inch bes es .
write me back ok.

 armenagangk: wallahi martoon mege metsere yev emailnerov gspaghvigor mashallah,aghchig yerp metsar aysor ge desnvink anbayman jame 10:00am
 khatchig666: hay sosoy tell me when is kessabin panagom e i'm coming
and i miss u ...tell me if u sing well coz i'm thinking to bring my guitar with me and tell me what happend in panagom ....say hi to all
 naroush:  hey girl!!! it was nice hearing ur voice too!!! i really wanted to come and everyday i cryed cause i didn't come!!!! hope to hear from u again!!!!!!!!! misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ttttttttttttttttttttttttooooooooooo  ooooooooooooo
 alessa: miss uuu tooooooooo hokis
 big_vic: hey sos , how are you , , i cant come , well ask jordanians why , , we need to pay a fee around 5000 jordanians denar to pass , and as you know , no one can do this , well still i remember you , and miss you , i dont know what am gonna do when i see you , i really miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much, hey sos say hi to all of the ppl i know especialy hagop khashig herag and the rest
hope to see you soo , i will make sure tha next camp i will be there next to all of you

 khatchig666: i hope so sweety
 khatchig666: hayyyyyyy inch bes es?
i miss ya a lot how was ur bakalooria
look sweet i really don't know if i come to kessab or not
i really wanna come but
but nayenk inch gella yalla bye ...
 naroush:  hey girl!!!!1 i'm ok what about u? well..... i have some bad news we're not coming to the camp cause the bridge is closed and there r alot of problems but wwe will see what will happen!!!!!!!! Hope we can meet in another place bye!!!!!!1
 alessa: hi sossi, i sent u email (adrooni@ yah) ok!!!! gishte????
 coolhaig:  Hiiiiii sosy,how r y/iam so bad and so moody,iam tired of this killing exams,i will finish this saturday,so, how did u do ur exams?or r u still doing it?anyway,i was so busy,of studying,4 that iam late to answere ur message,,,,keep on touch,and tell me ur news,,bye 4 now
 khachadoor: u r an armenagan

heyyyyyyyy me too i'm an armenagan an from same club i know u
inchbes goodasgor knootioonnert oriort:
 vegita: hi sis how are you sosy i realy miss you and how is hagopis hi fine say heloo to hem yes lav am too mach
and tell me you all o,k say heloo to evry won good bay
 COBRA_001: hi
 coolhaig:  hiiiii sosy,inchbesak plornet??inchbes ah bacaloriat?yesal hoss, kezii bess TAWJIHI geh sorvem,,,,,inch,agoop gertass?nor loorer lesenk kezmehh...bye sosy
 big_vic: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  mmmmmmmmmmmm akhchig , inch bes es, yes shad shad lavem , garotserem tsezi , yev gemedazemgor , yete jordan bid kam , noren bid desnevink , gam khalas mortsar mezi ,, yalla see you babe bedke kortzi yertam yev e mail gespasemgor kezme mwahhhhhh bye bye
 alessa: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii susu
 naroush: ofcourse i remember u!!!!! how r u????? I'm fine!! i miss u alot
 Dr^Metal: Hiiii ...
verchabes esgesar krel ....
kezi yergar parag namag ge krem ...
yev kezi gsem ammen pan .....
miss u alot ...
hope that u'll come this year...

 araz85: hi soso i've got ur letter thanks a lot
so how is everything
i gtg
ok keep in touch
 alessa: dso aghchig i misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss  ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss u alot dsooooooooooooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
 araz85: hey sossie whatz up
inchbeses welcome here
how r u
keep in touch!!!!!

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