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Age:39  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:10/2/2002 (GMT)   

dream big, work hard, have fun, talk loud, laugh louder, love freely, that's how this proud armenian does it ; ) oh yev hayeren khosatzek






 Anto_A: tell me that pic is not in Houston on Richmond and Hillcroft and I'll leave you alone.. Anto

 anievetx:  HAPPY 4th OF JULY WEEK!!!!!! Go see the Addison works on Wed night. They're good!
 meloman: whad up whad up!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha
 tarksdogs: Close....I was 17. I dont have anything newer. Dont you have some pics of me? See you at church tomorrow, if I can finally wake up in time!
 justpuzant: hii,,sorry parev..just ..hayeren,,lolllllll//
inchbeses..........................  ..............Where your love is, put your heart, guard these moments well,
Where your dreams are, put your hopes, you know they will not fail you,
When the sun rises in the morning, you will wake up and find her yawning,
When the wind blows strong and cold, she'll be with you until you grow old,
Where your love is, put your heart, oh what would you do if your dreams came
take care,,toun kezi lav naye..

 meloman: im gonna bust the nicest line right now. Yo nic when you gonna call me? hahaha
 anievetx: hey, how's it going? I fell off the wagon, the 'phone call wagon'. yes that's right, even my sponsors couldn't keep me from it. hey, at least I stayed on for 2+months this time. I guess it was worth it if he is now falling off the 'phone call wagon' too! Hope you're staying on strong. If you ever need a sponsor don't hesitate to call me!!!!!!!
 meloman: yo u really like him?????????
 khou_khou22: hiiiiiiiiiiii Evelyn how r u
 meloman: To be honest I dont know if we will be coming down soon, but I hope you are gonna go to olympics. Hey are you online at night at all? If you are we have to catch up on things. And what up with everyone talking about ice carving with me? I dont really talk about it that much. Anyways My aol name is ltsgtpaid5. Well hopefully ill talk to you soon. Tell lucy I say whad up. hags
 ARMANI69: ed encher es asoum yes ell vaxoumemm kezanes...
 Lady_Lu: wow 2 post from you .....what is this world coming tooo....ummm i am curious to know who you think it is...i'll call you.....and you where suppose to call me for the posters DUH kinkos ring a bell???
 Lady_Lu: caught me....I think not Who is this mystery boy??? lets see what you What happened last night..forgot about me...jexkgelouxh
 ParenizChicago: hello my name is Armen im from chicago soon im moving to Texas Dallas and i wanna make some friends in Dallas so write me back if u interested.
 original: once again i sincerely thank you for everything, i look forward to come to Dallas in the near future and definetly keep in touch
 meloman: hey I heard u like barry manilow???
 myprincess: hey is that shawrma king in houston?
 original: agchic,,, i wanted to thank you guys for everything and you are always welcome here...

 original: ok i am in town so give me a buzz
 ActorHarout: hay gorgess!!!!!

 TCguy2003: hey no prob but no i don't think we met but i saw down there

 TCguy2003: Barev inch beses? Hey weren't you at Haroot's
concert down at Houston?? anyways How r u?
drop me aline if u get a chance talk to u later

 meloman: ahsee eench eh Parevmih Cheekah??? That's ok I know youa re playing hard to get. haha It's ok I don't blame you either. Naw man I'm just kidding. Anyways hows life? I ask lucy how u r doing so I hope you get the messages. Yalla keep in touch. Hagop
 HyeMYes: hey hey hey, u dont even post ur own brother whats up with that. Guess I gota come lookin for u, huh. hehe Luv Ya.
 cherrychicQT: hey evlyn lol what is up?!?! tommorrow at school when ur teaching can we get a free day?!?! hahaha just playin ttyl evlyn!
 LAYLUSHKIN: hey evelyn this is liana form church u know me right?well i just wanna say hi to ya well bye take carezzz )
P.S. nice pix
 original: HI i am going to be In Dallas Texas the first week of April for work i dont know anyone their, could you please help ? parev hokis, inch bes es , hoosam amen inch lav ee zeer koov, drop me a keez when u get this yalla bye

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