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Name:AZAD YACOUBIAN  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:35  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Lebanon  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:10/24/2004 (GMT)   

Life is Too short so enjoy every moment of it,and no matter what, don't care what the others say about you,so just be urself!

Harout, Raffi&Sis, me and Seb


That´s me on my birthday

On my Birthday


 elkimikh: hi

 ozonmydyke: how r u ?
 armen24: whatever you have to tell yourself
 princessa: hellooooooo
i heared ur leavin to Franceeeeee good luck!!
 ozonmydyke: im talking about where about in lebanon do u live?let me know because i want to see if u close by my family please!!!!!
 ozonmydyke: i like ur top
 VB: Hello there? where was your boyfriend from? If he loved you he would have stayed with you. Anyway I would like to get to know you and chat with you. I will be coming to Lebanon next year. Take care
 laightslive: hi gamoosnanas intzy
 CooL_Me: ya3ni...gam toun shash es...gam toun...ya3ni asge aveli medz nugar tunel nal chullar...meg ankamen kam kezi poster muh dam...inch guses... btw u look cute artoug uradz adenud...
 OsbournE: aytttttttt asinch er yaw zenk menk falan ge vakhsnes gor ha hima vakhnalov ge gerem gor lol ama vnas che odar chenk hay enk ches zarner lol ama hedet 1 hat godosh me ga yaw grnak me kitnal ove loooooooool >> asi kezi hamar bes Psycho groupie cocaine crazy,Psycho groupie coke,Makes you high, makes you hide,Makes you really want to go- stop
 vartanacki: gsires gor heds inal.awiyye gerevis gor shad miyayn grnam kidnal vor shrchan@ gabris if u dont mind.isg yete ches uzer mi eser.kidem vor bidi badaskhanes yev dag@ bidi chi mnas
 itsmylife: hi aghcheg tun keze pupe ge garzesgor archug yes keze garotsa shad yes shad ge zaghrem amenun gedsar enze i missed u byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
 greeneyedchick1: hey babe finally hope you have the best time ever holla and im so happy for you
 red_devil: hey girl wazuuuuuuuuuuuup laves tsezi shad garodtsa , yalla yergushapti djampa gellem ok,see ya parev ere amenun , byyyyyyyyyz
 ssaamm: parev sirounig oures tun meg hadal pan me chi keretsir hade nayim msn dur vor chat enenk miyasin PPPP miss you sweet home girl
 LebaneseDiva: azadig!well mabrouk ese girl, i passed my class without repeating any courses,isn't that gr8?hell it is
so, abt the prom hahaha yeahhhhhh yes & toun hon bidi ellayink remember? ummmm bassita lav vor tcheyink , how's ur summer? sea & stuff?anywayz talk to u later, yalla ciao
 sevouliggg: salut anouchig yev sexy poupee
comment tu va ma bell jepere que tu va bien
je serai au liban au 1ere aout et jaime bien te voir et te connaitr tu est adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:lov  eeyes:
 lunaticV: hi laves?i like u very much ur so sexy and great and hot
 sssteve: well miyan hajis aratch vor vertchatsnes artouge mikani gdor yes al ounim lvatsvelik yev artougvelik hajis yete tsantsrouyt chi badjarer
lav ngarov esgeseres pays gamas gamas ghentutounet mechdegh yelere
esbase miayn verchasenem asdghere hambereles goukam kovet vorbesi avaznere
miasin hashvenk <<ghent>>
 lunaticV: hehehehehe
 red_devil: oriyort kuyrig wuyit wuw laves aghtchig ama gula gor ok see yaaaaa
 Doomsday: So i did what you told me plz tell me what you think ,and i also put some new pics tell me what you think!
 sikiwawa86: kou negaret desane mera fa ingi message mi gherger kani vor merag em bye
 GeOrGe69: yes koved elamne avaze che avazin mamanal ge hambrem ,but miyan koves yeghir
 INVARIABLE: Hi Azadig how are you?? so , you dance with Hamazkain... i was wondering where i saw you before by the way, did you dance in " Lebanon 2000 January 6 at Armenian night" ???
Take care & keep in touch
 red_devil: shad danger girl ess bee nayee oriort. kuyrig. amma gula gor hasgetsar . kidsar????
 hot_ice45:  chad vendankavor gervis gor vaghe derk bidi ghergem vor zenked arne

 we_come_1: i'm gonna kill u hahahahahaha
 Seb2paris: hi baby i just wanted to tell u I LOVE U SOOOOOOO MUCHHHHH !!!
i hope that this month will pass as a day!take care hokiss!
 hey_ya: hey sexy babe?how is it going with you? post me back
 lunaticV: heheheheh commentneret negarnerun comig e
 foggy: hi azad .....i see in mono yesterday u r very good danser red dresss..very cool & hot
 blueeyes23: hey ...u really like nice...well..nice features...anyways..are u sure u will hang out with yr bf??
 Seb2paris: salut la plus belle,la plus intelligente,la plus incroyable,la plus charmante,la plus unique fille que j'ai jamais rencontré dans ma vie!
je voulais juste te faire un pti coucou pour te dire combien je t'aime et combien tu comptes pour moi!
là je pensais te voir online car je viens de me réveiller
j'éspère pouvoir t'apeller ce soir
 SexyKamasutra: hey how r ya azad hows going everything cool pics and i licked the one that there is tamar also in that pic take care ciao ciao

 kankourig:  hello bebe enbeses laves hajis hakousdneres al artouge sird tchounim! ok!!
 darkblue: hey... whats up? r u?pretty interestin pics u got up...cute lookin....what part of leb r u from?....what do u do?....take care...keep in touch....
 hagopig22: hi laves anoushig aghchig
 freestyler:  toun hoss naye,ass bagasser yegher. ba3ed na2ess.toun havake kou engerotchet,just for the curious reader of this message,i'm just kidding with pouppee cause she's my youngest sister.hele yertank nayink mouys peroushanin yete megee pan me tche keradz yergou dogh me kerenk. ok???????
 kevorkmarkarian: verchin barahantesnit adene es honeyi ev shad lav g bareyir

 greeneyedchick1: hey great pics hun
i see you havent lost your touch and bout seb's message you know we kid and rigolent
shad anoushig yeleres tchesem vorov iragan aveli anoushig es
i love you intchbes er knoutyounneret hope vsdah em lav eyin
take care bebe talk to yu soon hopefully ill see you in summer time

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