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Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:3/19/2004 (GMT)   

what up every1 one out there thats armenian? u can call me the ~*PhAtMaCk*~ what up to arsen, avedis, diana, D, sarven, lucy, christina, angela, sergey, hagop, roman, and every 1 else that i forgot....what up to my bro biggzz, bobby (wobbali)!, cali what up to alex, marat, and sevak, Si-LeE, GuS, and oh yeah...-----------------------------------FUCK THE RAT ASS MUTHAFUCKAS OUT THERE!, AS I SAID BEFORE FUcK ThA FeDzZ...FrEe GiOvAnNi!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK THE RAT ASS MUTHAFUCKAS OUT THERE!, AS I SAID BEFORE FUcK ThA FeDzZ...FrEe GiOvAnNi!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK THE RAT ASS MUTHAFUCKAS OUT THERE!, AS I SAID BEFORE FUcK ThA FeDzZ...FrEe GiOvAnNi!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK THE RAT ASS MUTHAFUCKAS OUT THERE!, AS I SAID BEFORE FUcK ThA FeDzZ...FrEe GiOvAnNi!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK THE RAT ASS MUTHAFUCKAS OUT THERE!, AS I SAID BEFORE FUcK ThA FeDzZ...FrEe GiOvAnNi!!!!!!!!!!!----------------------------------------who wanna ride with the big ball? im four doors i gots room for all of yall if u dont know me im the one that they call the PHATMACK im givin intructions hows to lay a phat track I come from hard times hoping neva going back neva thought that this would coming from writing raps big money, big crib, big cars woman used to trip now they wanna know who we are i stay the same while everythang around me change my ole partna locked up fucking with them thangz its not a game really its a fucking shame if i wasnt here i prob be with them man thank the LORD im not knock on wood baby this whole world crazy, everybody living shady and im stuck in the middle staying true to myself cant be nobody else im the slabrider -------------8ball-almost famous-slabrider-08>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<---------->>>>>>u think i have a press machine for printing money u dumbies i wrap hundreds like ancient mummies-----MISTA BIGGZ ITS OVA-------------Pe@ce<<<<<~*PhAtMaCk*~>>>>>----like how mystikal says If AiNt LiVe It aInT mE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WhAt WaT Got ThAt BlIng BlInG



 _pLaYb0y_: its kool nigga i gotta look a job for my fired nigga im out

h0lla At A TexAn

 _pLaYb0y_: waat up niggz damn its borin foo..newyz call me when u can ..holllllla
 _pLaYb0y_: wat up nigga when u gettin ur stuff fixed?o shiznit check dis out they got new ones..turkey and brazil play 2day yo...koonem turkes

jack get me sum water..bitch
 _pLaYb0y_: don feel sorri for me niggz..jus a bad day..itz ova..but my car holla at me ..
 Lady_Lu: hey sweetie...i am glad u guys had a good time! And thanks for taking my you guys and I will see u soon!
 khorovadz: NUUTTSSSS....whas up babe...sorry i havent posted WL doesnt work, cuz its gay, member when i toldja at my girls house and its like 5 in tha morning now...we're drinkin and i decided to post yaaaa! nice pix hun...aiite holla back ni99a...laytehz -nay nay-
 Lady_Lu: no prob hun...see u tonight!
 Lady_Lu: Hey darling...Camp Leav friday @ 5:30 be at church u and your sis...age starts @ 8 or 9...(i think) who did u have in mind?
 bootyliciousbabe: hey whats up, im tlakin to u online lolz, well da fight was off da hook, n remember for me to know n u to find out, lozl hollaaaaaaa
 _pLaYb0y_: lol tryin 2 throw a middle finga at ya..didn work newyz im out niggz
 bootyliciousbabe: well i dunno why im having a bad day, but i gotta say u made it kinda good, lolz thanxs this is for u , lolz so whats up, i know im bored too,holl abck muahz
 bootyliciousbabe: hey whats uppp, well im kinda on a pissy mood today, im happy ur having fun in da dirty dirty south with da niggaz with gold in their moufffff, lolz holla thug
 _pLaYb0y_: JJACK

,/ /
/ / /
//' '/.`
/'/ / / : ^ \
('( _/' '/
\ /
'\' \ _.
\ (
\ \
 bootyliciousbabe: what what what is uppppppppp, lolz holla
 acheegani24: hey wutup,well thats cool.well say hi to my bro,oh wait umm my bro is coming to fresno next month come w/ him u and ur bro.well g2g talk to u later
 acheegani24: hi u prolly dont remember me if i no u but does ur brother have a friend name carlo mardirosian? that lives in texas fort worth?well if he does hi cuz im his sister ani that came down there last year over spring break.well write back if u no him.thankx.
 bootyliciousbabe: heyyyyy, whats up baby, its my b day today, didnt know, lolz jp, well i feel so speciell on my b days, hahah i feel like i was born that day, well i was whatever,lolz my parent are parskahav, lolz, hahahah but i was born in sweden so i guess im svedahye, lolz well i love la, im goin there july 1st, ok hollaaaaaaaa, from ghetto bootyyyyyyyy
 bootyliciousbabe: awww, dat suxz, yo they always gotta discriminate, about ur dad, dat suxs a lot , of shiatttttttt,well i will get on if my ghetto ass computer works, well somehting else...umhhhh yeah hows texas, dosent it suck, are there a lot of armos there, well holla thug, iight, muahz
 bootyliciousbabe: by da way, i rep cali 2, so how come u aint there,?i got a reason, but u ,same reason or what, cuz it seems like u one of those cali ap, peepz, lolz bad armo thug, holla w/411
 bootyliciousbabe: hollaaaaaaaaa, whats up, thug, how u doin, well hows life, write back, peace armo
 bootyliciousbabe: lolz internet relationship, very stupid, lolz jk, got a boy,kinda, but so sup, hows everyhitng, well holla iight thug muahz
 WakkyD: hey sexxxxxyyyyyy, how u doin? thanky for congradulatingkjnlfsajfla me. what officer are you? i forget....well i wont be here all next week so i will see u at camp LEAV!! lalala thats also on my b-day no fair! well i will talk to u later, bye bye love
 TRUG06: if its not gonna be 1on1 their be nothin write back
 kaz_al11: heyyy... im great n
how r u buddy??
well im sorta confused..
which 1 are u in both the pics..
anyway talk 2 ya soon
take care...
 Carmen: hi
im da one on da rite hand side wit long hair!
anywaz take it easi ciao

 spity: yeh joker OG of AP rolled with ap back in 1990 onwards dero u know him his my cuzn so yeh he might know ur dad u know boxer or gucci ?
 spity: ye so u know JOKER ? i bet u dont anyways
 Lady_Lu: whats up brother....have him call me!!
 WakkyD: hey jackass i love you!
 spity: who is giovani iam joker's cuzn but who da hell is giovani g ?? ov e or anyways laters keep it up g
 Lady_Lu:  hey Trouble in town?? let me know....
 _pLaYb0y_: ye ye..wat tha deal?ey hagop ..i don damn im bored newyz nigga holla back at me..haha this message and got a damn meanin 2 it but i posted u rite lol
 _pLaYb0y_: lol yea ima def b there nigga. i gots 2 pay respects for april 24..and stuff like dat..newyz wat u doin 2morro afta church?yea im workin ahaha lol newyz im out nigga holla back
 _pLaYb0y_: phatmak wat tha deal?yea i work 11.30-7.30 2morro daaaaaammn ima b bored as hell..newyz good job comin 2 church sunday or waT?aight then im out holla back
 WakkyD: who else is MY jackass?? of course its u lol
 WakkyD: hey C r A c K h E a u doin? we should all do something this weekend...what do u think?
 spity: Yo Homie Naw i dont homi i dont know who they are bro aight l8rz
 Lady_Lu: cracker....?!? That'smy word!!! theif...
 WakkyD: hey jack...we might go sat instead friday..k?
 khorovadz: NUTSS..wsup phatmiKe!! whas tha deAL!!...i might see you in 2 months...yay! how fun would it beeeeeee!! aiite hun...holla bakk...latehh -nyree-
 LAYLUSHKIN: JackLIN sup? hey listen 'member the song we were listening at vartans house that girl that cried and its about love who sings at and did u download it yet? plz tell me i wanna buy the CD
so tell me the name

 cherrychicQT: ok man ur so smart lol jk
 WakkyD: hey u doin? did u have fun on sat and sun? im tired as hell! well remember meeting on sat...holleRRRRRRRRR lol =)
 cherrychicQT: hey man whats up ok this page thing thats goin on ok i have no idea how the hec yall r doin it man!
 ArMeNiAnPuNk: Hey, ya you can get them at Sam Goody where i work..well posters and u can get the shirts at Hot Topic mostly and then this place in valley view mall called tshirts something
 WakkyD: hey jack...its on sat at 11am...BE THERE! =)
 Lady_Lu: hey whats up....same ole same are things with u?
 MeLyNdaH: hey again
thanx 4 the message
don`t really have anything 2 say
so take care
and wright back...
 LAYLUSHKIN: iiii noo lol hii wuz up? child im not an airhead
i just have to much air in my head lol

peace out davay
 DancinDiva!: haha..i dont chill with no armos i love my black ppl! they be tight!
 cherrychicQT: hey man>>> srry my away message was on i had left 4 a sec! lol i will ttyl on AOL
aight ~~~TAmAR~~~~
 ArMeNiAnPuNk: Hey Babe! I feel soo left out i dont get a shout out!!! :-( so are we going to system or what????? i cant wait!! hell ya!! well see you! bye babe
luv ya

 ArMeNiAnPuNk: Hey Babe! I feel soo left out i dont get a shout out!!! :-( so are we going to system or what????? i cant wait!! hell ya!! well see you! bye babe
luv ya

 khorovadz: i mi$$ you too NuTTTT!!!..its drivin me nuttiLY insane!! haha...catcha online, JANA! maddluv -nyree-
 armostud3: Hey! MARCH 9, 2002 HOUSTON, TX---BIG DANCE PARTY---with International superstar ROBERT CHILINGIRIAN!!! and his band. we want everyone to come party with us...and tell your friends..for more information email me.
 Skerge: awwwww how sweet, i got props in your comments...i feel all warm and stuff now...hahahahaha...btw, it's shahan not sharan...unless there's something i just don't know about...hahaha...anyway, glad you guys came, i had a blast...i hope you're going easy on your sister...say wassup to everyone and i'll catch you on the round trip...quackin a joint...skerge
 khorovadz: heey hunn...itss nay nay chewin on da hay hayyy!! lol..i miss yall ...spring break is 'round da corner n all im hearin is yall betta visit screwston! lol...say wsup to marine and your pimPin brothah! telll him he's off da hook representin da armo ghetto! lol...jana!..muah -nyree-
 TCguy2003: Wass up man? ench beses this is Armen from houston
drop me a line sometimes man

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