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Age:34  MSN:Members Only
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Last Online:3/12/2004 (GMT)   

Makin the T dOt O dOt one of a kind..


Talosh + Melosh




 haigkouftaian: hi how are you , nice pictures if you wanna talk one day for anything or you fell sad mail me or contact me at or
 Artur777: cute
 leo_stephenson: are you scared with the number of people applying? I heard there's 100000 applications for 67000 spots..
That's crazy... What subjects are you applying for?
 leo_stephenson: He's about 17... He's on the ACYOC exec (treasurer maybe)? Are you part of the double co-ohort?

 leo_stephenson: cool... i think you may know my brother, hovan?
 leo_stephenson: A church picnic? I honoustly can't remember, but if you are involved with ACYOC then I think it was you... Maybe i'm wrong..
 leo_stephenson: Hey there..
Did I see you at a picnic or something last year?
 RANMAN: adorable
 scarface_riddim: damn your beautiful girl
your one of the cutiest girls around here
anyway shuggar just wanna say hi
if you whant pop me back
take care

 kevo11: happy birthday

 H22_STUD: mello sup! look they are sperms
 Pific: ur pretty cute....
 barsegh187: tnx sorry for the late your cute too
 ara323: hi you are very beutoful
 Hopig: hey , how are you ? i might seem a little weird , but i like your pics , i want to add you to my msn , but i know i will seem really wierd wanting to add you just like that , without even knowing , but anyway write back to me , i am waiting
 vieri: what your name?
 vieri: hii lavess..?

 nO_Limit: oh mElo!
mamayis anoone..payts iraganotione shad vaylere kezi as anoone
take care..
 nora: HI Mel,
How are you?
I haven't talked to you for such a long time.
We have to do something this summer!
I'm going to Armenia on July 23-Aug 8.
and to Providence Aug 11- Aug. 23. Notice it is Aug. 11 not 10. I begged my mom to make it on the 11, so I can be here for your b-day for once!!!!!! I couldn't stand to miss another b-day!
Love you Mel,
 AssyrianGod: hey sexy wasup? nm here just when can we talk to each other on the internet?? i wanna get to know u better so gimme ur sn and ill im u sometime aight babe muah bye bye
 justpuzant: anoushig jbidov keghecig aghchig....
take care meloooooooooooo.and hit me back
 Levon15: oh godddddddddddddddddddddd take out the first pic plzz
 ArabDREAM: Im from Montreal ... i was hoping ud be a lil more closer to me ... ur really cute
 Caliboy: ya you do!! hey whos that other chick next to you.... shes cute! did i tell you u look like that singer ?? ohh ya i did!!
 XGuY: hehe whats up cutie? how u doin? well then when u check just send a msg ok? c ya bubye
 XGuY: hehe whats up cutie? how u doin? well then when u check just send a msg ok? c ya bubye
 AlKoHoLiK: lol thankz ssup? how u doing?
whatz ur hobbiez? fill me about u girl..ofcourse if u dont mind bebe
 AssyrianGod: yes they are and y arent u goin? now i dont look forward to it since the hottest girl isnt goin to be there well sexy gimme a holla back bye bye
 jigga: k... whats up with these new faces

 AssyrianGod: hey wazzup? lookin really really good in all those pics... are u coming to the homenetmen games? ill be there lemme know maybe we can meet up and do something bye bye hottie
 Caliboy: in that last pic u look like that singer maraya know the blonde bomshell!!!!
 nino123: hello baby! you are very gorgeuse girl i see in my life plz send to me a massage bye with love
 AlKoHoLiK: dAmN gIrL yOuR lIkE WhOa...yOuR hOt!...u kNoW dAt?
 SikdirGitOlum: hey snookums wsup haha why does maria always pick on me...why melanie whyyyy...anyways stop bullying me in the halls...i dont wanna hurt you hehe laaaaaaaates
 iverson376: hi melo ur soo cute my pics coming out tommrow as in june 14 see ya love u
 jigga: Melo... we both got Mariah Carey by 2 different people .. hahah thats so weird
bye luv u
 BaBy_GuRL: u remind me of mariah carey in the last pic
 ArabDREAM: hey cutie.. where in canada u from?
 nino123: hello haw are you ? i like a gorgeouse girl and you are very gorgeuse girl i looked that in you r eyes bya with love
 XGuY: hey lol what a fast short answer u come online every month once?/ lol anyways c u soon
 jigga: NO NO NO U GOT IT ALL WRONG ... youuuuuuuuuu're my honey bunch sugar plum pummy-ummy-umpkin you're my sweeeeeeetie pie you're my puppy cake gum drop snookm snooookm love the appppppppple of my eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee
 BmwPower02: i'm doin good thanx. yesterday was the last day of school cuz i'm a senior and tonights the prom. should be fun. anywayz hun ill post you again later. bye
 suren1984: barev vonses? sirun arjik
 ITaLBoY: WEll if u ever go.....let me know......cuz i might go...
its been while ive been to toronto, so ...its all good!!
take care
 shantos: hey thats ok u well learn lol So why did u take a long time to post me back? yalla post me back bye bye...
 Nasty69: yummy!
 jigga: supppppppppppppppppppppp nig
 MoMostyle: Hi just saw you on the main page and decided to drop a message so if u want hit me back.
 XGuY: hey how u doin?

 BmwPower02: heyyy u got aol? hope so
 shantos: because im tashnag...
 shantos: me i from Detroit i go to AGBU but i hate them lol
 fel0menal: MELO ))) FELO...WAYYY...

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