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whats up all. this is davy dave from chi. im a outgoing person n love to have fun. ifu want to know more just give me a post.


Prom Night


 JennyM: Hey Homie! I know!!! I missed hearin from u!! Yea I wanna go for the Oly. but I dont know if my dad is gonna let me go. My cousins are goin and gettin a room and they keep askin him if I can room with them, but I dont know. I hope I can, that'd be awesome to see u! Well I gotta bizounce talk to u later! Peace out
 chobez: Mr.Odisho,
Olympics is just around the corner. Yea man this will be a good one. I can sense it.
How are you, how have you been?
take care man
 HaMoVeEg6: wadup habibiiiiii...i miss u hokis..jus wanted to holllaaa....lan get ur ass down to CHI already....i neeeeeeeed u hereeeeeeeeeeee... well neway ima hit u guys up today,,,cuz i miss ur voice...yalla huunii..hit me up lata...tam
 boobrig08: YEAAA we have to take pictures next time..but the question is...when is next time??? oh in montreal now. having the best time of my life!! bye hun
 hyechick02: well mister...u know dont b mad at seriously slipped ive been mad busy..but HEy I STILL CALL U HERE N THERE UNLIKE U...ud rather talk to haigouhi its ok..for mee..
mwah byebye
 Babygooey629: hey r u? still sooo sorry..soo hows ur summer..i actually miss u soo i thought id post u soo u know that ive been thinkin about u..later hun and take care haigouhi
 HyeAngel7: hey hey...ive actually been right here where I was when you came to visit lol...we missed you in chi boyy...funny I didnt hear the word toaster once in that came and you had garo start calling me that thanx alot haha im kiddin...yeah so dont worry were takin good care of "ur grl" lol kk keep in touchh
 boobrig08: because we dont have one!! lol no worries. i really wish i was coming to seniors though. dont know when ill see u again. bye hun
 Fstkh17: heyyy uu...whats going on? haha you need some new pix upp boy yala..dont worry about the "Date" hehe i hope you had a happy birthday ..byeeeee hun~
 HaMoVeEg6: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UUUUU BABY...i wiish i was there chillin wit u..esp today on ur dayyyy..mauh hokis..i wanted to call u...but i wanstn home all day..and its late u.. have fun tongiht..mauhz..tam
 Fstkh17: Happy birthdayyyyyyyyy!!!
 boobrig08: hey..hows everything? I havent talked to you in a while..about your so called "boy"...i dont know about that
 Nay-Lo: Dang Dav....You cheatin on me down in AZ??
 HyeAxCHi: thanks for callin backk
 xOcHoCoLaTeOx: Hey David~It's Tania...I miss you soo much....I wish you cam down with your brother..How are things down there in AZ....When are you going to come back and dad was asking me about you before, and I told him that you hadn't talked to me in a while, so he also wanted to say what's up? Anyways...hows your mom and dad, and everyone else...I saw mark, and now i Miss you....what's new....Anyways...are you mad at me hokis, cuz lately you've benn kinda never talk to me anymore...anyways..i hope you post me back, because I wanna hear from you!! Love you Muah xoxo!! Talk to you soon!!!!!
 HyeAxCHi: oo going on??
 hyechick02: well loser...i love the way u call people esp this one girl in prov..what r u 2 good to talk here n there..damn i knew u loved stanci women more what about ur irishiansssssss huh..damn i knew i loved mark more!
 HyeAxCHi: heyy..whats going on?? yo i was jus joking last nite~
 Babygooey629: could u just break up with me...i mean ur the one who has all these pictures up of ur "real girlfriend" and your just making me think that u want to marry me!..but you dont even love me..and i didnt call u back because i was on the phone long distance and when i got off i couldnt talk..sooo when i imed u online u totally acted shady and didnt answer my im...soo now im left heartbroken and ....sooo give me another chance please!...... from the wife!?
 chobez: DO(Madchill)
What's up? How have you been?
post me back sometime
 xOcHoCoLaTeOx: Hey Hottie!! I miss you sooo much...Can't wait till I see you!!! Say Hi! Love ya...XoXo..Tania
 hyechick02: awwwwwwwwwwwwww SP mad cute pic!!! ur girl is pretty ne ways call me sometime shady mwah
 Adelina: hey you!!!
great pix hun sorry i havn't been on much hope all is well!

 HaMoVeEg6: CUTE PICCCCCC...yalla get ya ass down here..we miss u too much..mauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..tam
 nUnUsHeEg: cuteeee assss picccccc amahhh davids gettin
 Babygooey629: hey hunny! r u?..ur girl is very pretty the picture...u got something growin on ur face nosa..hmm when r we gettin married ..i dont even know hunny..we shoudl worry about when we are gonan get to hang out first dont think!..i mean married as long as u wait for me too doo what i got to do then we can get married in like 7 years or 6 years...hows that with u..ok hun call me!...
 HaMoVeEg6: i missssss u fackeeeeeeeeer ....shiiiiiiiiiit........ ima be in boston this weekend and seminar after that..but ima hit my boys up soon..and i hear ur not comin down ..let me kno uuuu..muahhhhh
 Grbo: im walking awway.. from the troubles in my life.. im walking awway.. to find a better day
 hyechick02: HEY sweety~ SERIOUSLY WHERE HAVE U BEEN? ur never around never on aol..u never call..damn kid didnt think ud get sick of me that fast i thought iwas ur hmegirl whatever i have a funeral to go to..imout call me thi weekend aiight sweety mwah i miss u sexy tell ur bro jess said what up~~
 nUnUsHeEg: heyy i came across ur pic on world lounge and u look veryy hamov i was wonderin if i could tap that hahah whatttt uppp babyyyyyy... u char dghaaaaaaaaa!!! i wuvzzz u~ call me u losaaa! muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
 sarookhsako: David you bastard you forgot about me, i still luv you brother
 Boubrig: I miss your pervertedness. i miss you at school. i miss going over my neighbors house.. i miss sittin in your room and talkin.. i miss my mom!!! i miss you guys like crazy.. i think i really want to come there for a while..and get away from here.. i think ima talk to your mom soon i know she misses her daughter and she wants to see me!!! dave nothing is the same!
 Crazi3Cuti3: heyyyy whats up lan? how the hell can i forget u lol?yea its been a while man where u all been? i havent heard from u in forever! loll ure still after those odars arent u? well darling im not in high school anymore, i graduated early, so i go to PVCC. u can come wit me one day and look around and take ure pick from da college girls lol. ey what happened about ure prom date i wanna know the story. i added u to aol so when i see u on ill holla at u aight yalla bye byee
 nUnUsHeEg: ahhh who is this geeeeeek lol *new sn hun mwaaaaa
 HyeAxCHi: garo..he DOESNT talk to me i see how it is...soo settle downn~ lolll
 Grbo: u talk to sara and sharice but U DONT TALK TO YOUR BOY????.. i c how it is...
 HyeAxCHi: heyy i was jus readin the post u wrote to sara..and i Jus GOTTA answer that for word...nectar lol byee
 Adelina: Heey Papi..whats going on? we havn't talked in so long. I just came back from NYC a few days ago.. omg was soo awesome I had so much fun! How was your spring break? I'm burnt liek a mother! haha... well wb and keep the love flowin..miss u! -Your Mami
 HyeAxCHi: what the hellll./....
 hyechick02: DAVID..I AM DISGUSTED W.THAT POST..IF U EVER GOT W/LIL LUCY LOU I WOULD SO NEVER talk to u ever again u know that right?
 HyeAxCHi: hiiii loserrr! whats going on? loll this weekend was madd funny...pump up bras megkh eh garo well my ride is hereeeee see u tommorw maybee!! mwaaa
 Adelina: Hey I'm glad you had fun in boston. I leave for NY in a week. I'm soo excited! well keep in touch babe
 Adelina: hey hun... wow watta chick list you got here! haha.. things are good here. I'll be in NYC for springbreak..can't wait! Lemmie know how Boston is!
 Adelina: Oh my Gosh! I was just going through the pages and I came across a picture of this nice looking guy that looked REALLY familar! haha how are you honey!? I havn't talked to you in forever! hit me back sometime
 hyechick02: sexyyyyyyyyyy?! where have i been? where have u been..u dont call me ne more..i dont feel loved.well march 22...ima see ur asss YAYA..yea yea iill brin the odars..but im not promisin u much most of my girl got guys u kno! mwah
 papa024: whats up bro? missing u crazzzzzzy, u better hook me up with an amp for my car from BEST BUY!! lol
 HaMoVeEg6: watup babayyy...i kno dzo i miss u 222..get ur ass here already bro..yalla cant wiat for the summer u "soooooo much"..yalla baby..well talk soon..mauhhh..tam
 Grbo: were gonna have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 reetz30: awww, i miss u guys coming out this way anytime soon??
 SexyHye15: not much really. im glad everything is cool there. its so cold here. i hate ive been bout urself?? my screen name is Hyeatchker15. sure we can talk n e time. the only guy in my life right now is vahan. lol.n e wayz....ill ttyl.bye.
 SexyHye15: hey david. i just wanted to say hi and see what was goin on? how r ya? howz everything in AZ? aight ill ttyl.bye.

 meloman: bainshout
 papa024: yo bro, you're not in Illinois anymore, lol...and why do u keep calling my cell and hanging up???????
 greatboy008: hello whats up how r u and hows ur study
so say a big hello to there everyone okey take care and keep smiling and if u want anything from me i am here and u know i am (mano008)

 HaMoVeEg6: hey u beeeeen fstukh?hope u had a great vday wit ur miss u khent..imma call u u beta be smilin right bout now..yalla boo..ill talk to u uuuuuuuuu "sooooo muchhhh".lolllll..mauhhhhhhhh tam
 Hyeangel61: Hiya husband!LoL!How r ya?Howz everyfing in AZ?Well i juss wanted ta say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!MUAH!
 hyechick02: ok dave..what are u talking about...i dont know what both of u are talkign about i was straight at sr's...even ask vartan and angel-wink wink..YEA ok..LOLL u take n e more of my damn drinks away from me agian and ima have to stop the SP U HEARD..
 meloman: "Hagop I can't" Yes you can. HOGHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. sup nhicka
 HaMoVeEg6: hey hunni..hows it goin down there?..miss ya guys..u like the pic? i thought it was hokis..ill def. talk to u u..say hi to mark..and ur u..tam
 JennyM: Hey hun! How u doin?! I'm aight, that'd be cool if me and ur boy looked good together. haha, I'd come up but it's too cold for me.
 JMB84: Hey Dave it's me Kristina I send Mark a message so i thought I would send u one 2. Well Happy New Year, hope u gave a great year, How u doin wit ur girl from Boston, I know u can't wait to go in the spring, I still remember from when u told me. Oh yeah what happened to the CD's u were suppose to make for me, Remember my friend Aster well yeah her cuz made the Cd's that she wanted, I am still waiting for my cd's. Well got to go, by the way this is Jenny's comp
 meloman: what up nicka
 greatboy008: heyyyyyyy david
hows everything
i hope go well
marry christmas and happy new year
i hope 2002 will be better and great then 2001
say hello to ur parents
anyway keep in touch and take care
see u
 Nay-Lo: I can't wait to see you guys!!! YAYAYAYAY so when you guys headin down? you better let me know ok?? I miss you babe and I love you so much!! Have a safe and happy new year babe!! - Nay
 Nay-Lo: Shushhhhhhh..Hey baby!! It's your love from Chicago!! How are you hun?? dayum, i was telling your bro how it's been so long since we've talked. How is everything babe? I hope everything is good..just be happy that ur not here in the winter cause it is FREEZING outside and you and mark are probably in shorts. U suck. I miss you chill. Keep in touch babe, let me know how everything is going!! Mad love- Nay
 JennyM: Hey how u doin?! Yeah, I've talked to your friend. He seems really nice and so do youI dunno if I'm goin to Philly this year. Plans are changing but I'ma try to make it. Merry Christmas!!
 Grbo: BROZ B4 HOZ!!!!!.. newhooo.... merry xmas bro.. evn though this is da fake one.. da real one is JANUARY 6...much love much love.. oh btw.. i talk to her... at first i didn't but i was like wat the hell... yalla genj.. pe@ce out... ~Grbz~
 hyechick02: hey hun..def were gonna come up to see u in boston..what u have something agains provie that u dont want to come here..its alright..we still love u! yess im ur ONLY HOME GIRL..well gooey too..only bc i love her
mwahhh cal me sometime u heard
 Fstkh17: hey odishoOo...sorry i didnt reply earlier...sometimes it doesnt let me..wierd..but neways ..yea like u said days r goin by real fast..i remeber seniors..seems like yesterday...neways hun im gonnna go keep n touch bye bye
 JolieAcheeg7: Davidd!! I like being SHORT! lol..well not really gotta think of a nickname for you!! See ya soon hun! Take Care xoxo ~Vana~
 JennyM: aww thanks. haha ur really sweet. how u been?!

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