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Name:Julie Garabedian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:38  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:New Jersey, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/4/2003 (GMT)   






 weezelrob: hi
 MaFiApRinCEss: Hmmm kinda strange how all 3 of your pics dont look alike
 mikeemike7: Hey Gorgeous, how are you? I wanted to say hello.
 __M_O_Z_G__: kur lav esi mutit arir du hay ches achkeritset erevuma japonatsu xarnort ka maman sxal janpekov ho chi gnatse? de lav hajox jana baits asem chat sirun es apsos or hay ches
 fabulous: hey babe you look more spanish or latino then Armo!!!!!!! write me back if you whana
 david28: Hey baby, how are you doing?
 raz1274: hi how are you im 28/m philly emale me if you like to chat ok bye
 HaItaly: One word WoW keep ur hair straight hun looks nice, well write me back
 RedHair: are you an acter.?
 y3gzi: Hi there cute girl . Whats happening?
 vix84: ohhhh whats this biutifull caty in the left side shes very sexy

 AZADAMARD: hi in your 1-pic .......cuty take care
 ParenizChicago: damn u look mexican. u dont look armenian.
 300G:  Well one thing that I see we have in common is that we're both pet lovers. Hit me back and we'll get to know each other.
 peno67: hi anushek oreyort
 jer_z__guy: i think curly hair is sexier...
anyway, where u from in jersey?
 scream: hi
nice pic.
 kokikoki: hi
 bambino: hi cute girl,does tiger stand near the cat? take care
 fox_dave: You are the best!
 schnitzer75:  hi lilit how are you nice photo you are cute and beautiful so good luck bye bye.
 MoMostyle: Has any one told u that u look very angelic in ure first pic
any ways hit me back ciao
 thejojorok: Hey Lil- what's up? How's Jersey? Maybe you know my cousins from Tenafly- Drop me a line sweetie!

 Caliboy: u dont look armenian ??
 ARMANI69: hello
 stepanataraxos: i think ......I LOVE YOU
 11: lilie hi,hou are u.
archeves ellayir ne kezi poonch me kekhetsig vart bidi dayi.bye.
 sem: COOL Girl.
you are my style!!
 Habibi: Hello BEAUTIFUL, Just wanted to drop a msg. Hope to talk to you soon.
 Budgie-rox: Hello,Hello,Hello
 GEORGE3: hi lili how are you are you spik armenin telmi...BAY...
 Oneinamillion21: i know this is probably a long shot but.....did you ever go to a i think it was a thanksgiving party in NYC at the st vartan church like 2 years ago. and if you did and your the right girl i;m thinking about do you remeber 2 guys dancing pretty good towards the end of the party. if your that girl write back and if not i feel embarased telling you all that info. bye
 Vahig: Hi Lili, i would like to know a little more about u if u don't mind, do u?
take care & keep in touch
 js0007: hi how are you/
 Arthur777: what are you Thinking about?
 newman: whats up???
 garabed: lili you kill me with your sexy pictures
 sarkis1st: from where in NJ r u
 apple_cocacola: hi lili.....
u r so beautiful..... can i know about you better?
so leave me message... bye.........
 sacco: Hi can I ask you something are you Armenian because you dont look like one????? ciao........
 kevo78: hi hwo are yuo im kevork 24from jordan yuo are very beutefeul grls plz sand me masag tank yuo
 ^LoCo|77|: Whoa Whoa .. u sure ur armenian baby??
 g604sev: whats up cutie lookin good get back to me byee
 newman: why u didnt replay to me?
 garyb1: hi bab u looking perfect see u bye!
 Crazyarmo12: Hey there killa, how you doin?

Lookin good!!!
 THEONEANDONLY: ayy mami morenito u look like a boriqua mija wsup with that we need more mamis like u in la drop me a line alrats
 Gladiator: Hi Lili, how are you? Just sending you greetings from Canada...
 CoolGUY: O mine, u are so cute, i wish to see u, as i can i live in NJ, sayreville, i wanna talk to u, see ya, u will not change yor mind, if......

 VICOOO: by the way, u look like chinese cuty girls,
Right ?
Anyway keep in touch CIAOO
 davs78: hi there how r u ? doing well?
so i just wanted to say hi hope u will massage me back ok gtg now see u ok byeeeeeeeeee
 dikran: Hey Lilie, tell us something about yourself... I know a picture is 1000 words, but still....
 rogerarmen: Hi Lilie- Nice profile-Lets chat sometime-Send me a shout! -RogerArmen
 Concerto: Hello Lili nice pic.Want to know more about u.Drop me a line ciao.

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