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Name:Leon Der Hagopian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:40  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Italy  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:4/20/2005 (GMT)   

I would like to make new friends all over the world.




Me and My Ladies


 nattos80: hi levon , how r u ? I miss u so so so much... keep in touch
 RUPINA: hi leon,what's up???i didn't scan the pidtures.i will do them and i will send them to u as soon as possibe.
take care byeeeeeeeee
 RUPINA: hi leon.
how ru ???? fenak men zaman
miss uuuuuuuu
keep in touch
yalla bye
nice pictures by the way

 suzan: Vonc es???
 suzan: Hi
 HalfChinese: i am... I
 nayirie: hi leon how are you
sorry i take you massage after some week
i wish you nice days
 CoolGirl_20: Thank u
Thank u
How r u? Where in Italy do u live? I love that country, i think it is one of the most beautiful in the world!!!! I love to visit it one day
Well, keep in touch and thx again for u compliment....
 gaiane: you also look nice
 Angel: yea it is, thanks, so hows italy?
 festekhig: Hi leon,
Thks 4ur msg ,so a new armenian friend far away by miles but really close by smiles Nice to have u.
 sarina: hi levominas how r u
yerp gukasgor haleb
kesi e mail gernam kerel

 haygan: Hi!
Sorry for this long reply, but i don't check this site so often. So you are coming to syria, very nice.
My e-mail address is:
Best Regards
 miss_gold: hey if u want more about me
write me in my e'mail adress plz
if u do'nt mind
see ya.

 miss_gold: hi
when u come here tell me
for good time together.

 Tsakoug: Hi,how r u doing?
Nice to meet u too
 Mimo: if u will come to here u can bring with u ur ladies as good friends ha ha ha

 julietshagh: walla jishtin nayis yete mege idalian tsekelov souria chikar
just kiding!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
 lovelystory:  hi leonminas thans for you message iwill be ready to see you if you will come to ALEPPO,iam waiting u my email adress is
 TalarB: hi,how are you?
 larissa: hi u look biger than ur age...
and nice to meet u from ur pics...
 anik: hii Lion it will be very nice 4 me to have friend from ITALY , i think you will love our country verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much i'm sure !!!!!! but where you are going to stay in Damascus or Aleppo ? hope you luck

 loug18: Hi, it's nice to meet you.
welcome to our country,Syria!!
 SEVAN: Hi, why not , we can be friends.
 tvin18: hi leon so u want 2 make new friends so youre welcome
where r u goming in syria im from alleppo if u gome here i want 2 see u fase 2 fase
bye for now
 SILVIA: yes i leave in it
 sos: oooooooooooooooooh barev enger laves? dou parov kas syria kez mer klkhoun vra ge tnenk hents vor kas kez hima e-mailov im heratsayni tive ge krem ok by for now.
 Lenchoug: hi Leon, nice to know you, I guess Italy is a great place to live, You are lucky...Syria is good, but has different life style, by the way I'm from Damascus, are you coming to DAM or ALEPPO??
Good luck
 blue_eyes: hi how r u ?
 leo_307: hi leon
how r u ? when will u come to Aleppo?
thanx for your message.
take care
 Narod: Hi Levon,
What are you going to do in Syria.I'll drop a message into your hotmail so check your mailbox.
 lenazz1: Hi leon ,How r u ?When u r come ?welcome to syria .Do u speak armenian.
I am so happy because u sent me a message .
 SILVIA: hello leon the life isnt good in aleppo as i been here coz there isn't freedom ok never mind i don't like leaving in aleppo so i will go on.

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