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Age:33  MSN:Members Only
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Last Online:12/19/2003 (GMT)   

hheyyyy ARMENIANSSSSS.... life is worth living my friends.... and always KEEP ON UR HOPESS U NEVEER KNOW IF THEY COME TRUE!!!! wanna talk to me...u know how!

graduation DAYYYYY


Tamar & Me(ALEX biblotheque)


Hello my dearest,
Hope you are doing just fine over there.My name is rose.I just want to let you know that l come accross your profile and your e-mail adderss from site here and after going through it l found you intresting,hope you don't mind.If you are intrested in knowing more about me and for me to send you my picture,just feel free to contact me at my private mail addresse at( to hear from you soon,have a nice day and stay blessed.

please contact me with this email(
 keegho: wow..maral..i didnt know that u dance. and u see that u are a nice salsa dancer too ..see u later donji
 DONT_TOUCH: hi,i want to put my pic.but sorry i can't coz its very security so take care & kick me back
 GGG689: hi there
 DONT_TOUCH: hi,it's a nice keep in touch,b'bye
 eshta_tahn: hey,,
sorry i didnt reply soon, i was so busy, nd i didnt open da WL a long time ago. so h r u?
u miss already sah..!!
nweyas, Qattar suckxx, nd is really damn hot.. more dan in Egypt.
ill be soon in egypt, dunno belzabt whn but soon inshalla.
yala c ya soon.
 Alan: finally im writing one as well ebset ya 3ammmm u added my pic kaman??? 3ayza tetafeshi el banat meniii walla ehh??? yalla talk to u later...
 nanarrrrr: maraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!!
inch bes es yavrig!!!/??
hey listen......i know i didn't write 2 u....but listem ....i'm sooo busy that i'm checking my mails once a week.....imagine.....
listen...after tomorrow i'll go to barcelona.....for some rest ...hehe!!
so i'll be online almost everyday......i have alot to tell u....just wait anoushig....ok???
btw......the new pics r perfect...
don't forget to say alot hi to naatttt!!!1
 sev15: hey B***,,, how r u ., it's su su ( J***) how ru ?
write back
 YourLover: Hi there,
Thanks for your message... made me real shy !
Take care and keep in touch - Nareg
 pyton: parev maral,,laves??
walla mer kove pan me chiga,,lourere tser kovne,,polorin al pareve ha chi mornas,manavant aghchigneroun.muaaaahhhh
 pyton: parev maral,,laves??? .
eee inchou ches krergor,,neghveres indzme???
 tamicious: hey gurlie.. wellllll u know me and my mind lol
i make very small stuff complicating!
rawa2 ba2a ya 3am be cool be fresh pfff cant wait till i go to sa7el!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAH
ill see mozza heheh u now who im talkin about LOL
yalla we'll meet we'l and ciao
BBEZ<@OLTSORRY ba2a.. bas u know,.. we have to do that. i mean.. if u thin anythin u HAVE to tell it. not keep it.. kay?
yala ciao
and when am i gonna see u ba2a?
ENTIMESAfra bokra
a7e a7ou...

 nanarrrrr: HELLO MARALIG
I'M HAPPY THAT U'RE IN VACATION....for summmer courses began...i should stude(they're saying so...)
so i'm extremely busy....
but i'll write to you...don't worryy!!!
so ciao tiill then.,.....
 sweet_heart8888: hi maral
i'm carla from aleppo do you remember me?????
i'm waiting

 shahanoug: aywa ya gameel enty!!
u didnt know that i have an account??
leh ana moush adoh walla eh????
nice pic ya gameel enty!!
the girls r liking my pic with the guitar!! sha3'al nar!!!
mashi c ya later and good luck with ur exams bye!
 Bella: Hi Twin, rember we met in Tekeyan when you were in Montreal, say hi to your mom, dad Jirig and your grandmothers
 nanarrrrr: hey girl don't worry...ok????
mechernis asang aboush hashivner chiga....ok?????
so....i have to write u an email...there's alot to tell u about....
till then.....i just advice u to study well....
by the way my school is over...
 taloush: Heeeey u do remember me thats nice of you. well i do have a good memory myself and that's how i remember u .
Goodluck in your exams.
So u saw my brother. lucky him he saw you guys once again. I want to pay a visit as soon as i can. Anyway take care and kisses to all
 taloush: Heeeey i can't believe this if u still remember me i am Talin Koftikian the Lebanese girl. Well i remember you were a kid and you are all grown up now. How is the family? Please say hello to all and kisses too. Take care
 jpavak: Hey 3arafat...

Here is the line you've been waiting for.

 killer83: hello h r u nice pic

LOL, Listennnnnn im never online anymore, sorry...i don't have much time to write to u
take care leo
bye byeee
 Cruel_BaBe: hey Gurl wassup? nice of you to drop a msg.. thankx well about the basketball pics i didn't want to confuse the hot Armos you know like" i'm the one in the middle left..etc." get get yea the pics are the ones of Syria but the last one isn't (it's in Fridays " well i gtg now hope to see you online.. yalla caio
 Az: Hye nice pic we can chatg sometime anyways i liked you pix so gtg yalla see ya bye
 ugly_boy: holaaaaaa como estas bambina tu muy hermosa ciaooo Hey hokis indor ess hoosam amen inch lav eee zeer mood, whats up, what do u need besides me =), ok email me back yavreeg

 tamicious: heheheh, now i realized how long my previous message was bgead
well, sup? are u studyin..? ALWAYS remember da request ond a radio hehehhe ya lahwiii.. and i was like "nice songs.." i got you on that1! -->STUPID<--
anywayssss... yalla.. see ya gurl
like 2 months lata
ciao bella
 jonathan: hey how are u??im sorry i dont but i have that face that i look like everyone... well ill talk to u later..

 XRPX: hey maral wuzzup!!!!!!
STUDY no ways mans i prefers funs
thanx 4 urs call us reallys cheered mes ups huns
keeps in touchs
Nice pics
 Shahan: Maral!!!Hellllo there!!!! r u??.hope fine and everything's going for egypt don't you worry,i'll come again,....maybe 2 years later or so,cuz I want to visit Aswan ,luxor and Karnak.......everyhting's fine here,r u coming on summer??......anyways, take care ,..yalla bye 4 now
 PoWeRgIrLl: hey! marallosh wassup girl ? dman here is everything goin like hell lolZZ i'm bored school, final's ...well talk 2 yo lateZZ **mwahh** luv
 PoWeRgIrLl: hey ! maral it's me garin whatsup ?miss you girl ...howiz gin there >? how is school etc...?
well hit me back lateZZZ
PoWeRrr :{{:}};
 WIcKeDCloWn: heay too...

well... glad ur Armo...

and u don't have a BIG ass... but.. i DON'T CARE about the BIG ass... i care about the FAT ASSSSS... ... hehe... ..

and btw.. u look good too..[IF u care about my point of view about u too]....

and if u wanna chat.. nO problems with me... but right now iam SICK of ICQ... sO try to msg me on MSN... thats better ....

c U.. and t c...

bye... W|cKeD^CloWn
 hrklz: r u sweety..i am from Lebanon my name is Haro.i really get interested to armenians lets b friends if u like, dont know we may meet each others a hope u reply 2 me , take care and bye
 tamicious: MARZZZ!! sup?
how are you?
u still open ac, right? hehehe. i hope..
yalla bezdiggg study!!!
ensi ba2a el trans parties, wel carnavals, wel bazars
eshta eshta!
 larita: hi maral how are you??? i send this email just to say to you hiiiiiiiiii.see you . lour.
 armendonj: hey cuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzz
how r ya doing???????
well i missed ya toooooooooo
and you are the best cousin in the wholeeeeeee world ;0
muah kisses to u

 avobak: hi maral how r u .. if u want to know about me i'm fine thanks .. what i dont understand ur kisses Muahhhhhhhhhhhh
well if u want to add me in msn my email is
 dave78: hey,how u doin lady?i was surprised of ur i look younger!!!may be lol.i mean id like to...10x anyway.
take care..hit me back
 boss: hi maral laves?i hope so.
so i missed you too.
here syria is everything allright, so what about egypt.
thanks for your reply , you are so kindness.
my best wishes to you and your gfriends.
take care, and keep in touch.
bye bye
 hagop8: hiiiiiiiiiii.
HAPPY EASTER"""""""""""

 keegho: kouksi bouksyyyy...hehhe..sorry maral it has been a long time i didn't call u dont worry i will call u before u travel..;o) BTW Check my new pics.
 vagharshag: you look good girl...

 IC: HI maral inchbes es laves tasert inchbes en
janchtsar intzi @sirya bidi kas kal shapat ok see you
take care byee
 COBRA_001: hi my lover my sweet heart you r so sexy yeeeeeeeeeee keep in touch ?
 cutie: heyyy maral!!!

 papa024: whats up cutie, hows it going? well, the award was for the Chicago AYF to you later babe..
 AntranigPasha17: hey Maral, thanks alot babe,the same and even more compliments to you )) yea i figured it'll be easier if i just write it in my comments than having everyone posting me and asking if she's my girlfriend hehe...anyways..i'll talk to you soon..and thanks again bye for now.. ^*Antoshig*^
 tamicious: LEOOOOOOOOOO what's up????????????????
listen, my pics RULE!!! they are like A1 kay? yea..
well, i luv ur first pic... it is tres modelistique ( as if that's a word )
and the othres are still not showing good luck hehehhee
well.. nice comments you got there. but all is armenian "ya yaaaaaaaaaa"

kiddin. kollo katebli YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL... they should really see an optician kiddiinnnnnnnnnnn wallahi jokin..
walla temawetini

well.... did i

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