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Ahleeeeeen, Im Kev. I was born in a place called Freezer(brrrr), i mean Montreal (Canada). But now I live in the (Oven) state of California to be more precise In Orange County. I have lots of hobbies, which youll find out if you ask me, OK Ill tell you one thing, my favorite is SLEEPING (irgoun elara bargeyink) hehehehe. Ok! One more thing while were at it... My dream is to become a very rich person without having to worry about anything like bills and also to be with my dream GIRL (aylev@s kidtseg ishde, amma irarou chinak haaaa ) hehehe. Tayeb what else, gardzem asge lav chi paylir, ge pave khallas. The rest is for you to find out. Amma look ha, dont hesitate, leave a message, talk ya3ni. Yalla see you all later. Anytime, anywhere, feel free to email me or you can just call me at 1-800-call-kev. hehehe its a joke ha chiheratsaynek hedo jehenemin dibe heratsaynadz g@llak, Ya3ni asvadz kide our :))))) P.S. Dont Ask For Any Translations!!!!

Do I Trust him with my camera?





 annoushig: Hey kev how are you janig, it was reallyyyyyyy great chatting with you on Friday. You are sooo funny and nice (your full of life, I like that). So, anyway hopefully we will talk later. Yalla have a great day and week bye for now.
 PiStOl: hey kev where did u go on vacation??
 SaSSoun: hahahaha... love da shirt bro. how was cancun?
 daliajig:  Dzo Kev )) u still remember me ??? aghvor anagngal er profile-t desnel@ - All the best mate
Keep In Touch & Keep Smiling
 ANGELforU: Ahleeen!!!! Straight out Beirutsi (Well the way u talk anyway) An dghayeen kidem (yerort ngareen mech neh)
Ok Yalla Bye -->
 garry: yasou kev lave es? DSo yerp bidi montreal kas, looks like you forgot about us. hope everything is ok.
 PiStOl: oulak poshdig lav ess oures mechdegh chigas tsaynet cheller gor eh yerp gou kas gor man let me know yalla keep in touch
 inmyheart: hey bro where is ur babe
 SaSSoun: bro "lol" figure it out man ahahahah
 jehennem: hi kev
its me maroosh.. remember?
loong time no nothing

oores lan??
 GirLyGirLRacEr: hey wassup whose the fourth guy last picture write back ASAP iight peace out
 Vidalina: this is the last message...i promise...however it is the first one u'll be reading...but if u go in's the 3rd one i'm leaving u tonight...i just wanted to say...don't mind my silly mood right's almost 3 am...u know how these late nite hours affect me! HEHEHEHEHEHE
 Vidalina: oh oh oh oh oh oh oho oh oh oh oh and by the way...i dont need any translations...mashallah poloruh nal haskutzah...including the tayeb...that was the mom uses that word SO MUCH! hehehehehehehe...
 Vidalina: yo...joe blow i just wanted to say HI...hope all is well with u...what have u been up to? k.i.t. ~aleen
 E-TuRnAl: ok here is three think im name starts with an M...and...ummmmmmmmmm i think this phrase might help "lets race....MUAH"...ok hopefully youll guess who it is! happy guessing.
 untouchable4ever: hey kev, i don't want you to hurt yourself trying to figure out who it is. So i'll just tell you. It's jasmine. mmmwwwwaaaa bye
 untouchable4ever: hey kev what's up? Guess who! well i was just going through some pics and i came across yours. You look so good in the second pic. Not that you don't look good in the other ones. YOu look extra good in the second one. Well sweetie take care and hope to see you soon. Next time we won't take your car. LOL! bye
 One_Sexy_Chick: Eufffff, you're one of the hardest Yeretzians to keep in contact with!! Even though Arshag's got a busy schedule he's more easier to keep in contact with than you. Where the hell, are you dzo??? Look I know ur busy being chased by all the girls but at least spare five mins. to write to ur lovable friend from Australia!! Hehehehe Or do I have to come all the way to L.A to give you a good kick from behind??? Yalla kevoshig, get your fingers moving on that keyboard dzo!!
 E-TuRnAl: lol
dont worry about the months...try some names!
 vacco: check out this girls site.....ani3000
 Funkey_Monkey: ya i wanna come!!!!!!!! hhe get me a ticket too!!!! well have fun wherever u go kev! btw tell mary i say hey!!! and ur dad and mom!!! take care!
 Funkey_Monkey: hey kev!!!! ya my page u cant really see it but ah well!!!! i need to find out how to change the font so u can read it better and ill make it bold. so whats new with u? hows work? what u got planned for the summer?? well hit me back!
take care!
 One_Sexy_Chick: I know you wouldn't Kevoshig...I know you too well...that's why I thought "Ammma, this isn't like this guy...he usually keeps in touch with me...always asking me how I am"...Ur one of my favourite Yeretzians...I DEMAND you to keep in contact with me LOL Nah, you can keep in contact with me whenever you like sweets just don't leave it too long...garodtsa kezi! I missed our conversations *Sniff Sniff* I hope work is going well with's everything with the family? O.K Take care for now sweets. And what's been happening with my cuz Chantig? Iren al garodtsa!
 One_Sexy_Chick: Kevoshig, Amot kezi dzo! Meg had namag gam message chess krair intsi!! *Sniff Sniff* Inch yeghav? Did you win the lottery or something for intsi mortsar??? LOL
 baby_blue_lara: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nice pics!!!!bye
 KaRaLLiNa: Hey Kev, I use to live in Calgary Alb, i've been here for about 8 yrs now, I live in LA. So how come you moved here, did you move alone or with your family. So how do you like it here, compared to Canada, If you care for my honest opinion I hate it... but then again I love it... Basicly I miss Canada..
 Tavitig: come to mtl bro....yegour vor zilifner meg meg kashem i could picture u yelling after every time i pull out 1 thread LOL
 Tavitig: BARON! monsieur, in case u forgot your french....MISTER!......paradon was on march 16,2002....the month following march isn't may for what i know unless u americans have a different way of going with months and you're telling me to fly in to cali? i WISH! amma mafi para man...i can't take a week or so off either i'm already taking one for camp, i wanted to go to middle east amma no more tickets, and armenia...i just couldn't any which way....we did take some pics at school with the class arshag and the gang....amma i have no clue where the cam is at...and btw....remember i'm not a photo friend dude other than that....what's new?
 Funkey_Monkey: hehehe ya u know u think Brandon from Incubus is HOT! don't deny it lol j/k, i told everyone u said hi they say hey back! tell mary and ur parents we say hi too! well when u coming to Canada? this time i'll take u to Tim Horonts hahahaah damn u americans with ur starbucks!
 Funkey_Monkey: KEV! whats up! mortsar enzie dzo!
 MISS^^X: hi kev ,ya ur right long time
how r u ?i am fine,as u know the situation is not good hope it will be better!!
what about u ?how is life there and new things ?
anywyas take care
c ya
 chitownztakouhi: waz up yoz a cutie hit me back wit a messgae aight wit some info bout yoself...and whoz yo boy the one in tha pic (second to last on tha left)
 garry: Yassou Kev lsetsi vor nor A4 me areres, mabrouk.ishala parov vayles, lav kshe arak mi yertar yev mishd oushatroutyamp kshe.

its for your own safety my friend
 One_Sexy_Chick: Hey kevoshig...I found u here from Tavit's page....hope ur doing good! Talk to you soon. Happy Easter!
 Vidalina: hey stranger...i just wanted to say hi i hope everything's going well with u...take care! bye
 garry: yassou kev, laves? Anhamper gesbasenk gor kezi , lsetsink or meg amisen bdi kas egher. let us no bye

 IxLOVExARMENIAxSATO: hi bro you r from oc !! ?????
 Tavitig: who's tha chick pornstar? lol
 Funkey_Monkey: hey kev, awww tell mary i say hey! i havent seen her in years!!!! can u send me a pic of her if u have it! oh and for ur phone number can u send it through email coz im sure u dont want everyone to see it online! email is so well call u when were in Orange county thats where u live right??? catch ya later kev!
 Funkey_Monkey: hey kev, how are you? nice page! check out mine lol i got some hot picks of Brandon from Incubus! heehhe. So whats new????? guess what i'm coming to Cali in 13 days march 21st! can you tell you dad that i want to see him forsure!!! my mom is coming too so i think she'll call! hopefully i'll get to see you too or somthing. I'm staying at my cousin Annie's house in Glendale while i'm down but im going to Orange County for 3 days.
 vacco: hi

 yavrigk: hei kev,
inch bes es?
i hope u are doing fine)
yes lav em,always the same here,working ishteh...
esi hi me esem)
take care
 Armenian_Q_T: not much happening here. it's cooooollllllddd, nothing like sunny California
 Armenian_Q_T: hey you, that's not your last name. How have you been big bro, how is everybody? say hi to mary, your mom and dad, my dad, you know... w/b. luv lolo
 Funkey_Monkey: hey kevo, long time no speak! just wanted to ask you how your holidays went? how was christmas? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! tell your family i say hello and wish them a merry christmas but tell them on jan 6 ok! not now! hehe
 yavrigk: hei kev,
lav es?
i wanted to wish u a merry christmas and a happy new year if i dont see online)
i am ok,have these days off,i am happy about that
anyways take care ciaoooo

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