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lost in space

Getting longer...


 euro_girl: Bonnnnnnnnnnnnnne Annnnnnnnnnee a toi et a ta famille
 LauraB.: Hey Jax,
Haven't logged on to this site in months. Sorry for the long delay in responding. My company is a 3 Billion dollar Network Marketing Company. Pyamrid schemes are illegal. Cananda is exploding, we're open in 7 countries & opening France, Italy, Belgium, Spain & Mexico 1st quarter of next year. We're a giant. Hope all is well in Canada.
 Estineh: I'm kule, how're things going? Are you still playing hockey? How's your family?
 Estineh: Hey Jackonino, how're you doing?
 HyeQTPie4U: Hello, did you forget who you are talking to?$!@?% Of course it is...

Lav es hamovig?

 CLUBINFO: check out D'lite this friday the 21st at Atlantis in pasadena .. 21 and over
 SodamnUnique: hey, this pic is on my nerves... what the hell were u thinkin? u have WAY BETTER PICS BRO... COME ON... SHOW SOME FACE, HAIR, AND SKIN...
 shorty_thug: thx a lot man i think it works newayz thx again bye
 SodamnUnique: what happened to ur picx boy? no no.. put them back on... how have u been? hopefully i'll see ya this summer... i have not been online alot lately.. sorry, have been very busy.. work, school, performance and shit like that.. talk to u , later
 shorty_thug: Wassuupp...i'd like to know how did u put the picture in ur comments???mine doesn't work lol help me plzz newayz msg bak plzz bye man
 Phenomena626: noren gebarenk gor?
blaaaaaaaaaaast that musiiiiiiiic!!!!!
there ya goooooooooooo....

 Sweet_Sophia: LOL of course I am and doing great Ya I won the one week free VIP so... How are you? What you've been up to? I didn't know u speak
So how it's going? How is hockey?
 Sweet_Sophia: Wazzzzzzzuuuuuuupppppppp??????:arms  feet:
 2pacs_chick: by the way u have a CRAZYYYY page i LOVE it
 2pacs_chick: Jaxxx Inch gela man WL is working 4 today only huh what is this POO i wanted to write to u since the last time u wrote to me the "PSSST" lol well now i am well
 Nado: Guess who!!!! wassup?! just wanted to say "HAPPY vALENTINE'S DAY!!!" Yalla, take it E-Z!!!! (that pic of you with the curly hair and the eyes and the whole package- wooooow!!!
 char_gabeeg: hi

You are so cute. Love the curly hair. Are you a goalie? I just watched a hockey game last weekend. It was awesome. I love the cold feeling....but my hiney froze...

I AM char...I normally scare guys more than they scare me...the whole question is: Can you keep up?

off to monkey around some more. bye...

PS been to montreal...nice city.
 euro_girl: sorry sorry
 curleemoon: Hi Nino Nino
Whatcha up to???
como ca va?
 euro_girl: happy new yr 2u2......all the best in 2004.......i like ur new hair style, so not in international business anymore, i dont like it
 Talareeg: hey hun. How r u? You seem quite busy visiting this site. Well, I will be in MTL for 10 days, and I saw your pic pop up, and I said to myself, its jaxxxxxxxxxxx. hehe ttylater
 HOTpepper: paul the bumbum????LOOOL what u and nat say about me?huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...hehhehe
and why did u go back again..???do u like at the DENTIST OFFICE?LOL PEP
 HOTpepper: cool so what u and nat talk about? didnt it feel weird meetn ur cuz for the first time?LOOL TC PEP
 XxBadShortayxX: oo i like your new have really pretty remind me of a surfer dude..thats a plus for into the white boy lookin dudes
 euro_girl: i was reading that girl's message, damnnnnnn its true u look like ben affleck in 2nd pic
 euro_girl: hey u
long long long time no talk
ca va????

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