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U lookin at me? Sure u are, so leave me one below....but are there some cute girls here or what? :)

Me w/some friends

Me again...with the crazy hair


 damfine20: hey jus got ur message...i started USC so im pretty excited about dat..but school is kickin my two weeks we will be stationed at the usc hospital doin i don have much time to come on line...hope things are well with u
 Hamov_Jan: a lot of great clothers that here in America we dont have a chance to wear.
 Jigyarik: well i guess i wrote to you before i saw you at contour... hows life hows school?
 Jigyarik:  hey you... gde propal???
 damfine20: hey ya its real sunny here, in fact im gona go tan and study rite now, in 8 min ...finals!
 damfine20: tnx hon mwa
 damfine20: despite wat the pix look like, believe me, im a nerd, i barely go out, mainly only on sat,....i havent even seen my girls for a while to show them ur pic, i will once i see them on line or they are over......bibi

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