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me and my sis:)

*HoEs*In*MiRaGe:) hehe


 Cutiec34: heeeeeeeeey girl how u doin!!!!!!??? hows ur summa..?? i hope all is good..thanks for the post sweety hehe im glad u still keep in touch...well ne way im leavin for a week to bermuda so ill be on after the 25th take care and have fun ehehe ciao
 siroun00: hey.... i was in armenia till the the ummmm i dont know i was there for 3 weeks....and now im in florida with my aunt.. the best thing is im alone no mom dad or sister!!! haha soo how is ur summer?
 wnatouchthis: hmmmm i dunno...sumtimes..but i'm not sure..prob not... i'm all confused but i don't care too much n e more..but thanx hun u r such a sweetie..luv ya
 wnatouchthis: hey ugh this sux..but ok tommorow tommorow luv ya bye babe
 wnatouchthis: hey girl...wut up..i'm so bored..i just got off from the phone wit u..this sux that u can't go...i'm not goin then cuz it would suck..but uh hopefully when your ma gets home u can get money then and we can go o and by the way i forgot to tell u..i got my piercing but i forgot that u need an adult wit they called my mom and asked for hurt like hell but it's n e wayz call me when u get this..even if your ma isn't home yet ight babe? mmmwwaaa luv ya alwayz c-ya lata
 lebanese_qt: hey baby girl
yeah my bro just got to lebs
he said u were
yeah know we can all be a huge familia
yalllah hun, peace
 lebanese_qt: hey baby girl
ooooh i miss u too
so u and my bro are tight
aww thats cool, have fun chillin
take care of him 4me while im not there
lol, anyways yeah cutie gtg love ya and
miss ya mwah peace
 BENZBOY69: its ur sister , jjkkk
 DaNcInQuEeN212: loser! haha! guess who? its me mariellen! i said i was russian too. lol
wats christina's worldlounge thingy? ill write to u! hopefully my account will still be here wen i get bac! luv ya SO much! BSL!
 XxVixxenxX: heyhey babe wat up?!? n omg tha dance was so funeven though there was like no one there for like eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya we gotta work for next time lol...hahahahahahahaha k so neways i'm gonna miss u soooooooooooo much when i'm in maine (coldness and bugs lol) but i'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaack for u! lol ya so i need to get us hot guys in maine lol so ya this is too long so ya i'll ttyl mwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaz luv ya xox byeeeeee
 lebanese_qt: hey cutie
sorry its been a while
watsup, i miss u soo much
lebs. is cool and i didnt have to get
another surgery, just a few stiches, but that voice inside says im'a be alwright jlo, thats my girl, anyways hugs and kisses hey tell inna i love her and miss her, and have her write me if she can, yallah we will chill when i get back
peace mwwwah
 peachesncream25: hey hun what's up?? I just wanted to tell u that u r my bestest friend in the whole world and when i'm tellin u the whole world I mean it !!!!!lol!!!!I think u know what I 'm talkin bout!!!!I love you hun!!!!!!by the way...what r u 10 ???well...what r u 40??lol aight I'll ttul!!!I'll miss ya!!!lol!!!mwaa
 bacardibaby: hey babe!of course I love him his my idol with Will Smith lovin the music U CAN DO IT PUT YO INTO IT !
 BENZBOY69: "well look who it is" , waddup dork
 bacardibaby: hehe thanX sweety I really appreciate it well of course we can chat Peace
 Bean: All this trying to get 'down to earth'... You all launched yourself to the Earth to hard... and went straight to the center of it!...
 cutiegurl22: Hey cutie! I'm doin pretty gooin, i'm lovin my summer How about u, wat have u been up to? Done anythin special so far? K well i g2g i'll talk to u later
 lebanese_qt: hey girlly
im gona miss yoiu so much
girl take care of yourself
and good luck with that guy
steal his heart!!!!!
lol aight baby peace
 russianniggaz47: hey hunn, ya its awesum i luv lookin older althought i probly won't wen im liek 50 haha.naw my dad tried teachin me russian at an early age and i was stupid and just played football instead of listenin lol. but of cousre Ericka, Katrina, Nora, Nadia and even my lil sis Jamie can speak it of course bc they r girls and much smarter then me. they say lil russina phrases behind my back probly callin me retarded or sumthin hahaha. well its hard havin 5 sisters ur lucky u only have 1 but they can b the best friends in the world lol.
 lebanese_qt: hi habibti
watsup! oh yeah thanx for spreading the love, hows summer? oh yeah....we need to chill again and take over andreas and order half the menu!!!!lol aight babe
ill see ya around, mwah
 Lav_Em_Yes: Nuthing is new talk to you'll later

 siroun00: thanks! ummmmm is ur sis goin to go? haha im soo tired! sooo what u been up to latly?

 siroun00: sry i posted u twice
 siroun00: hey!! i miss ya too when is the next dance and ill c u there... kk gtg
 siroun00: hey!! i miss ya too when is the next dance and ill c u there... kk gtg
 Lav_Em_Yes: Hi How are you?
How is your life?
Can I get ur AIM?
Bye Talk to you later.

 MaCkDaDdy01: thanx.

 Armo4Lax: lol thanks, later

 Cutiec34: heeeeeeeey sweeetie how u been? mwa i miss ya ur never online anymore..or maybe i m just blind lol mwaaaaa looknn sooooooooo cute hun ur such a QT lol mwa um tty soon i hope..hope things are sooooooo good for u ok? if anythign wrong ill handle them jealous B*tchs mwaaaaa ciao babe..
 siroun00: heyy mine is ummm..... lolz .... its anoosh86!!! isnt that cute!! lol sry im like really hyper! so u goin to go to the dance..... this is like lakin me like 3 years to write!! thats how much i luv u...... ummm no !! jkjk u know i luv y!! i gtg
 siroun00: well i dont know the exact date but its like not this friday but sext friday!! lol i know im jsut sooo smart....... ummm ya.... lol my vacation wasnt that bad.... i was kinda grounded but its all good!!! lol
 siroun00: hey sexayyyy...... umm okay... lol so are u goin to the dance on like the 8th or sumthin its in like 2 weeks........ umm.... how ya been.. how was ur vacation??
 siroun00: hey so i didnt really c him i think i know him. he might by sisters friend. i was so outa it yesterday i gtg im goin to carolyns
 siroun00: hey i thought the dance sucked!! lol i mean i had fun but there werent that many people there!! the dj was awsome who was it??
 siroun00: hey gurl im in touble with my mom cuz i got a bad grade but its k she is easin up! well if i dont c your sister tell her i say hey and sry if i cant make it to the party but have fun! my b day is on the 18th im goin out with some friends so ill c-ya lata ~peace~ gina*

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