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Best of Friends


 xWhaTxISxLovEx:  HEy POlarBear loool How are u jan? inch ka cheka? Well i hope ur well.... anywayz i had a good tiem at camp hehe Oh and thanx for letting me chill with U in da HOuse haha i wasnt feeling well i know,,,,, anywayz wuz new with u> WBS TTYL Luv* ~SonJan~* PRiNCESS*
 Lolig: arlen..... what's the shizz with camp this summer, yes? no?
 kIssMyaSStroNut: Hi arlen!
I don't know what is going to happen to the ACYOA juniors but i will LAY LOW like always. If any suggestions please tell the president of the thingy. I think we need some help!
 XxWhosTheCute1xX: hey arlen i need a sign up sheet for camp leave cuz i wanna go !!!!!!! and i dont have one so.... im dieng hurry i need one fast!!
 ArmoChick13: TEXAS bear!...thanks for dropping in on us that day! that was really exciting! okay, i'll ttyl...
 Lolig: 5 more days..... Boston will never know what hit em!!
 ArMeNiAnPuNk: Hey! Sorry about this morning! thank you soo much for being there...i hope everything works out for the best! well talk to you later...
 ArMeNiAnPuNk: Hey Arlen! i called you but you never called me back.. But well just wanted you to be at our ACYO jrs meeting sat cuz Lucys out of town...but well i guess its to late...umm if you get this before 12 on sat the 18th please come!! iif not then umm ya i dont know lol
well talk to you later

 tarksdogs: Damn baby shaq, look at all the messages you have. You are a stud on this thing! You ready to ball it up this week. 2 weeks left...we need to get serious. You should do ok in Boston, because I wont be guarding you!
 TriPpyHiGh: i see...i'm not goin to sw this became pointless
 armo78: yeah, i'm heading on up there thurs. for the assembly, so if you're there i'll see u then, if not, i'll see u on the court..good hearing from you
 TriPpyHiGh: whats goin on guy!
 armo78: what's going on bro? remember me from LC?? hope all is well

i just wanted to say what's up, see you in Boston!
 djNish: What up??? Long time no speak! how are things down in Texas? Well we will have to talk before sw becuase you will be in we can meet up b/c i most likely won't be at the weekend..but we can talk! Talk to ya later. ~Mark
 cherrychicQT: o well i have sent the forms in like 2 weeks ago and i know 4 sure i am going, who r the other 2 ppl?
 Lolig: ARLEN- in exactly one month, we will be in Boston partying hard-I CANT WAIT!! see you soooon! mwwwwwa
 cherrychicQT: oki doki
 PiMpInMaMi: hiiii booobooosh! lav es? well im sittin in class juss finished da testin for today..decided to drop by and say hello..SO HELLO! hehe muahz
 cherrychicQT: arlen whats gonna happen with the camp forms? we get a discount right so how much do we pay? can ya tell me ASAP!!!!!! cause its first come first serve!!!!! so plllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz post me bac ASAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

thanx, tamar
 BABYGURL18: Ohhhhh those eyes, those eyes hehe~~
you got lost there for a while~~is ok ~~I'm doin purdy good hun~~starting a new job in a and goin back to school in Sept~~what do u do by the way? R u still in school? R u goin to Armenia this summer? Ciao Arlen from Arlen hehe~~
 Lolig: arrrrrrlen! I havn't talked to you in a while, and I'm sorry-I've just been really busy. I hope everything is going well and you are having fun at work. Anyway, I have to go study b/c tomorrow I'm disecting a sheep's heart-fun fun fun!! I'll always be your mighty aphrodite
 Arammb1: hey Arlen wassup? why'd u take out the pic w/ u and ur 3 other friends... that was a good pic of ya, lol ... i'm gonna keep this short caz there are a lota other ppl i gotta post today, haha... i've been posting ppl like almost all day, lol peace out dude hit me back~

~ Aram ~
 phieffer98: Hope you had a nice easter. Happy Easter=)
 PiMpInMaMi: hey toon! yah i wasnt gonna put my pic up but den i was like...whooo givessss!so here i am...wassuup babe? um i juss woke up about a half hour ago, im juss gettin ready to go to la, i think my moms gon let me go to magic mountain wit mah friends tomorrow..yippeeee! teehee anyhow i betta get dressed before she changes her mind bout goin! lol okay byeee hun =)~

 BABYGURL18: I know eh!!! World Lounge yegher!!! this is sooooo rigged and it took away somethin we are just like everyone else..dammmmnnn...I'm still staring by the way..heh...bye hon :-))
 XxWhosTheCute1xX: hi arlen hi arlen hi arlen hi sup how ya doin im bored so i repeat my self so i repeat my self its 9:00 and im bored and im bored! so i decided to come to the "world lounge" what a stupid name!!! WELL I HOPE U SAID URE GOODBYE'S TO OUR BELOVED ARMENIANSCONNECT.COM
 cherrychicQT: lol yeah i had fun lol a little out of hand huh lol at least after everything that happend we still got all the food done on time and the sarmas only got burnt a little u couldnt really tell lol
 PiMpInMaMi: eench beautiful and talented?!?!?! im sooo not even close to beautiful! talented in some sense okay..payts beautiful is an over statement! happy you had a fun time!if i could id soo be my little arabic dancin movez like whoa oa oaaa! tee hee =)~ its about 1240 rite now..i juss got finished cleanin da room..i had quite a bizzy day i should say...let me tell gotta watch da movie JOY RIDE...titeeee movie! okay babez..yes beedee bargeem...keesher pareee!
 PiMpInMaMi: no how was your daddy's burfday? i wish i was der to dance arabic...dass like da best...well not da bess, but you know! lol anywayz hun ill catch you online sometime...keesher paree.~pimpin~
 PiMpInMaMi: wow...i saw your pic..and i gotta give it to you,you've got realllllly purtyy eyez! aight im out..
 BABYGURL18: ...of course they did...those dreamy eyes...I can't stop lookin, OK I better stop before I get myself in They really are beautiful!!
Hon, I don't have AIM or anything else. I have ICQ but I'm never on that. This will have to do 4 now till I maybe get my own comp....ttyl :-))) Arlen
 TriPpyHiGh: whats the deal kid...ive been on this thing since forever..before anyone found out about it
 sHeRryBaBy5: heyy hunny - im goin to the other sw.. but i dono if ill still b able to see u .. i think we will im not sure though - hopefully!! ya i heard that sum others are goin to seniors 2 - well im goina bOuNcE ttul! xoxo ..sher..
 LAYLUSHKIN: heyyyyyyy BIG guy sup?ur the best mannnnn ur on AC? coolz this is liana from church ook c ya take carez
 BABYGURL18: Tom Cruise step aside. Eufff :-)) I just have to say that you have the most, um, I can't even think of the right word, *enchanting* eyes I have ever seen on any guy in my could melt any gurls heart with those eyes..heheh...and now as far as Armenia goes..I would love to go this summer, but I doubt I can..don't you guys have church groups that go every year? :-))) Arlen
 Lady_Lu: *blushing* By the way awesome pics....but I don't know how much Eve will like love ya!
 Habibi: im in for friday
 ArmoChick13: hey A R L E N !!!! whats going on in TEXAS?!?! i'm so happy you looked me up...EXCITEMENT! ehehe yeah, my birthday was March 13th..thanks for your best wishes..and YESSSS i will see you at the senior events...Hopefully! i wish i had more to say to this cute teddy bear in blue but you're sooo damn cute you make me blush and i have a loss for words all of a sudden. hhah i will talk to ya reaal soon though.. buh byeee
 phieffer98: thanks big bear=)
 Lady_Lu: yes how man people do you
love ya
 cherrychicQT: yeah u better try lol jk them me and magali wont have n e one to annoy on the plane lol jk
 cherrychicQT: arlen!!!! whats up man im doin fine. hey u goin to camp this year too right cause harout isent
 Lady_Lu: gees your on for like a day and you have a gizzilion posts...hehehe anyway thanks for agreeing to u know what...muaahhh love ya
 Arammb1: hehe, it's all HTML, cool isn't it? lol i'm gonna be changing it around a little bit sometime, whenever i have time
 ActorHarout: is that how everyone thinks of me??? honestly.. Id like to know... i was in LA over spring break, but i go to school at quad C. Im in town now....
anyways my best friend is gonna be throwing a Bday party for me the second weekend of april hope you can come i havent had a chance to call and ask anyone else yet simply because i found out about it about 2 hours ago... anyways, gimme a call i think u still have my number.... use it

 Arammb1: heyyy Arlen wassup man!! havn't seen or heard from ya in a long time. how's everythin? there are a TON of people on this that you'll probably know... heh anywayz i gotta go it's 12:20 in the morning and i gotta get up for school in 6 hrs, lol hit me back, ~ peace~
~ Aram ~
 sHeRryBaBy5: HEYYYY!!!!!!!! OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU!! wats up?!?!?! are u goin to sw in may?? u better cuz ill c u ther!! well hun ill tlk to u lata keep in touch! xoxoxoxoxoxo ..sher..
 ArMeNiAnPuNk: Hey!!! whats up??? everything on my side of the woods is great i guess...kinda boring you know the work and more school and more work! lol ...well how have you been?? ttyl
 Habibi: wuz up PIMP thats fine w/ me
 BABYGURL18: Howdy Arlen :-))
Wow Armenia!! That's gonna be fun!! A few of my friends have gone and they say it's really awsome there..I would love to go too, but I don't know when...r u goin alone or with a group??? Ok Arlen talk to ya later, Arlen :-)
 ArMeNiAnPuNk: Hey Arlen!whats up??well if you havent figured out who this is its Angela! well i just wanted to say hi! talk to you later
 mrmango: i'm actually looking at the shawerma king shop in the back what city is that in...i WANT!!!
 Lolig: ARLEN!! Don't fret, I don't give up easily on my friends! I'm glad I've finally found you before sports weekend. OF COURSE I'm going! Boston, HERE WE COME!!! I can't wait to see you! I love you forever!
ps I'll always be your mighty aphrodite =)
 ActorHarout: SUP ARLEN?? hows it goin bro? good to hear from you gimme a call sometime maybe we can all hang out like the olden days..
 Lolig: ARRRRLLLEEEENNNNN!!!! It's Lorie! HOW ARE YOU!? Geez, it looks like everybody's officially on this thing! Hit me back!
 BABYGURL18: Hi Arlen lol...An Armo cowboy ey hmmm, I'm tryin to imagine that..hahah...Have u ever been to Toronto? Did you know that there's a city in Texas called "Arlen"?
 hyechick_18: hello, I am from the boston mass area. Where are u from? Thanks for the message.Have a great day *sos*
 BABYGURL18: Heyyyyy Arlen :-)) this is's so coolio, another Armo with the same name!! I know it's a guys name in French...My mom picked that name 4 me cause of the author Michael Arlen who wrote the book "Passage to Ararat" where you from?? Ciao Arlen heehee

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