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Name:Hrant Khatchadourian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:33  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Rhode Island, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/20/2003 (GMT)   

Hey whatsup, names hrant..Im 17 and I like to party and chill with my friends...if you wana know more, just ask and ill holla at ya...and remember, alwayz pass to the left....light that shit, smoke that shit, passsss that shit...PEACE



 Agavni22: Hey Hrant
wasup its natalia from datev and st.Vartanatz. Just saying hi. post me.
 ArmoMack: yO HRANT!, we gonna papirose at the papirose.......adi boodi! - bignig
 loulig: hey hrant its lucy from datev whats up how have u been yo are u comin to panagoom this year i hope u do i miss every one so much post me back bye muahhhh
 Agavni22: hey it is natalia
cool pics love the one of u getting raped. real sweet

 Raffithechevy: hey nothin really here. u see the car commercials right the chevy anbd they go like a rock lol get it. lol so anythin new wit u? hey does viecken have a WL sn? well gtg now ok holla back iight. peace
 Raffithechevy: yo man u like my sn lol. try to put it togher if u cant holla back and ill tell u peace

 HyeAxCHi: hhhhrttttaaaaannnnntttttttttttttttt  ttt
 mikenice: Ohh..geeze, thats pretty bad...well i hope everything does turn out ok...tell your dad i feel very sry for wat happened... OMGGG...i am sooo exhausted, just now the garbage truck came, and i forgot to take out the i ran i fast as i could and took it out..good thing they waited for me, my dad would have yelled at me... and im all wet now cause it was rainnig...newayz ill talk to you lata, byee
 laralicious: hey tramp wsup? nmh...bored as u can see! watin for ali 2 get off da otha comp so i can type my paper! meanwhile its like 1130! ok def past my and ur bedtimes lol hehe u best be cumin 2 sports weekned! i dunno if i am at leats 1 night! lol so ill hopefully see u then or sooner mayb and at karnig! on may 18! u betta cum w/da crew its for us for haysatan! eheh will be spendin da summa 2gher how fun ull be stuck w/da bastajians hehe newho this is long ill ttyl bye hun ~lar
 SexyHye15: hey sweety, whats up? how r you?? anyways just wanted to post u. yalla bye.

 pinkprincess: hey,
watsup? nice pics ya doin? ya amama is doin kk,
c u soon,
 Charaghcheeg143: Hey hrant... wasssup ? i am so bored i am at school!! lol i g2g bye
 HyeAxCHi: u know u liked it mikey...haha whats goin on hr? u commin down for sports weekend?
 NahFuccDat: Your wack
 mikenice: nice pic fag...u forced me..thats sexual harrasment
 HyeAxCHi: nice
 SexyHye15: hey. yeah i know u were, u u betta be nice 2 me or else ill have ur bro kick ur butt.hahaha. n e wayz...ill ttyl. yalla bye.

 manvel17: gowad khelok getzir
 SexyHye15: hey hrant!! whats up? how r u? thanx for picking me up from the airport saturday was cool.ur such a qt!! yalla ill ttyl.bye hun.

 hyechick02: whatt upp hunn...bday is comin yeayea..see u 2night
 HyeAxCHi: we are commmmming! HAPPY
 HaMoV16: Yo Yo SuPp PLayaa WeLl u KnO wHa I dIdNT wAnNa POsT u Ccuz U gHeTto Fo ShO LoL =] nAh SaH u HeLla TiTe lol I sAw U anD vIkEn wiT sOmE bUrGer KiNG At aRmO sChOoL FrOm MaH ClAsS wInNDoW...eWw Yo AlL tHe KiDss i TeAcH bEaT mE up LoL WhAS uP wiT dAt?! =] GRRR aY yO Ay Yo IlL tAlk U lAtAZ plAya
PpeaCe oUt

 anoush_neeky_69: Hrant !! Hey Hunny!
Its Monique ..... sweetie u where out of control last weekend at the dance but u where mad funny !! hehe i don't want to see ya doin that all da time don't turn into a lush like me !! haha i luv yas ! stay clean .. hit me back ..yalla bye
 HyeAxCHi: seriously not crazy U AREE
 hyechick02: hranttttt..i dont feeellll the luvv...
 HyeAxCHi: hranttttttttttttttttttt! ur name...its so armenian! MWAAA im seriously...soo bored
 HyeAxCHi: heyy seriously i have no idea what you are talking about..if u seriously didnt know what i was seriously saying then u shoulda asked me then cuz i seriously forgot lol happy..i seriously posted ur serious ass back! mwaaaaa bye!
 HyeAxCHi: awwwww ur sucha qt!!
 HyeAxCHi: Wat are YOU talking about
 HyeAxCHi: lol thanks for sending the same post twice..i really got tired of readin that lol
 HyeAxCHi: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
 BnitHelwa3: hey hranttttttt whatupp long time no see,what u been up to lately? nice pic smilng for once ha.anywho hope to see u soon k ba bye hunny bunny
 laralicious: tramppp! wsup hun? how u been? long time no see! hhuh? lol i miss ya hehe.. nehwo nice pic! lol i bet ur enjoying that! eheh nehwo ttyl hope 2 see ya lil ass soon luv ya a bunch ~lar

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