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Believe Hope Love. Live life to the fullest because you got one chance. If you want to know more drop me a post. Laters. Armenia is the best country in the world. I was there mid july and i want to say it is amazing. I cried the last couple of days I was there because i was leaving. It is the most beautiful and astonishing place in the world. Every Armenian should visit it at one point or another in there life.

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i am doing fine thanks for asking
how r u doing??
well school is ok i was so busy this week i had to turn in 2 project and plus i had like 3, 4 exams to take ...anyways hows ur life treating u?? well my sn is OoPaPaYiBaLaoO thats my aol sn...u have aol??? well just IM me and we will talk
well then ill talk to u laterzz
take care bye
 BeautyCatch: Karo jan shat xor@ imast a ko user name artahaytum. Are you too much into religion?? Let me know what your beliefs are behind that user name. Keep in touch.
ur in Fresno in a weekend?? Fresno its not far from Sac...well anyways good luck on ur play
well take care
 CHAMICH_ELLEN:  well i am doing fine thanks for asking again
how ru doing???
well on a weekend i am gonna go out with my friends what about u???
later take care
 CHAMICH_ELLEN: Hi i am doing great thanks for asking
how ru doing???
well life is good
well later take care
 CHAMICH_ELLEN: Hi!!!! how ru doing????
later take care

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