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Visitng Al Capone, Summer 2002


 Agostino: You see, Pittsburgh does not have a large Armenian community -- it is a bit far from Philly, NY, DC, Boston: all the big Armenian communities.

I am originally from Armenia, came to the states in 1994, did college, worked for a few years, now getting my PhD in Computer Science.

 Agostino: Hey Dikran, you hit right on the nail. Having lived in Northeastern states for almost a decade, I still don't understand how I survive the winters here -- might have to go up north to canada to take a few survive-the-cold lessons . Yea, es ist arsh kalt, as the german's say.

New York must have been fun. I have not been there in a long time.

For the winter break I went to Toronto and Wash DC with my sister ( now, as if it was not cold enough here in Pittsburgh, I had to go to Toronto ). But it was a lot of fun, and Canadian's are very hospitable: they only charge you 1/ 1.6 th of what Americans charge.

Do you know if there are any upcoming events for Armenian Youth, like the one in Philly past September? I really want to go to one of these.

 Agostino: Hey, Dikran, how have you been, my friend?
 AbouLeil: Hey Diko listen were going on friday night ,and theres no more tickets left cause Placido Domingo was going to sing which hew canceled 2 days ago because he got sick but if you wanna come with the lady that is coming for the opera let me know so ill try to get you a ticket kapishhhhhhhhhhh but you gonna be seating separetly aight later

Uncle Leo
 Talareeg: Shnorhavor Nor Dari yev Soorp Dznoont!
 AbouLeil: ya manayishhhhhhhhhhh lak oures toun diko ,garotsang shou fi mafi khabyurna oulohhhhhhhhhhhh hade hope all is well ,usi let me wish you happy holidays take care and see you soon

Uncle Leo

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