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Name:Lara Beudjekian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:30  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Lebanon  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:7/3/2003 (GMT)   

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 haro_007: hi laroug where are you i mees you you sand my your email iwont your mas yeta problam shegane plz see you take ker
lave niya toun kaze ok bye see you

 SiKiWawA: hey
how r u?
u look pretty in this pic name is sako and wanna be friend with u
msg me soon
take care bye
 harut_ch: barev! how r u? i wanna mail u!
 boomboy81: hi lara h r u ?u r very beautiful girl!!
how is ur life?
do u mind if i add u?
thatsit for now bye bye take care see ya someday
and send me msg ok byzz

 red_devil154: hi look lara add me plz mou3jab red_devil154@hot...

 sikiwawa86: hi how r u?
i miss u
plz send me a message
yalla bye'

 kokochig_86: hey laves? gareli e add enel? our ge nesdis bourj hammoudi mech i mean arax,marach,arakadz,sis......?
so yalla take care 4 now!byeeeeeeeeeeee

 ARM0_ESSENCIAL: hi how are you dear?
i think ur fine... reply me back
 HOTLOVERR: hi sweety u are so sweet and cute a3deh mean sit down i can be ur teacher in the arabic write it if you want loool tell me about you honey and what do you do in ur life and what is ur hobbies take care of ur self honey cath you laterzzz
 EROSRAMAZZOTTI: hi lara whats up so you are very cute.take care...
add me on msn it is better to chat

 GeOrGe69: Hello Baby
i steal my moms jeweler just to marry you...
 haro_007: hi threre thanks four your email

 sikiwawa86: hey how r u?

soory i was tinking u block me
so im waiting to talk to u in the msn messanger[
 kiko123: hehehe LoL
i am not Superman
 kokochig_86: hey inchbes es?look add me plz!
yalla take care!muwwwwah byeeeeeeeeee
 Hot_Stuff_Mel: hey cool my aim thing is MellyBaby5 did u mke 1 yet? cuz i wanna know :-D well gtg bye yes worldlounge works!
 sikiwawa86: hi there
how r u
plz unblock meeee

 On2Legs: Yes, they are in lebanon and in fact you are on of them
catch you online some other time, bye 4 now
 kiko123: i Belive i can touch this sky
Hi Cutie
 On2Legs: well good luck in canda hope u find urself a pretty boy from there and u can add me on ur MSN if u want
 jimi: hi how r u?

 Hot_Stuff_Mel: hehe yea but nooo! the chruch is bad very very bad! lol hey u need to download aim go to aim . com download its free and dosent busy up the phone line lol well download it!!! bye
 On2Legs: well which school do u go to now ? and i dont go to tarouhy but i go to hovagimian I used to be one class smaller...bye write back !
 jimi: hi lara how r u?is everything ok
i missed u very much ok?
write me soon

 sikiwawa86: hi lara how r u?
hey i can take ur email adress and add u in my msn list
plz tell me yes
 On2Legs: hey, u use dto go to tarouhy right >?
 chababoy: thxs for sending back a message u r cutehope u r spending nice day s in life see ya bye take care
 Hot_Stuff_Mel: thanks girl hehe i like the there cutiezZ lol well gtg ttul i miss u so much our church isnt the same without u....

 sikiwawa86: hi cool u study in canada
i have my cousins in canada ,montreal,laval
 sikiwawa86: hi how r u?
big problem when these days past quiqly there is the school
 Hot_Stuff_Mel: check out my pagy!!!~!!!
 steelsevag: oh...u came here...i didnt know
so..have a nice summer but i know u wont have a nice summer coz this country sux so...
Y back
 sikiwawa86: hi lara
im ok]
and this summer is so borring

 sikiwawa86: hey u how r u?
still so sexy
yalla bye
 steelsevag: r u???
whats up? which skool do u go?
if u wanna know more about me msg me
 jimi: hi lara how r u?
how udoing?
tell me plz ok? i missed u
bye see u
 blue_devil: hi how are you?i hope you are fine i tell you that i will putmy pic on sunday today i s saturday ok???
byezzzz take care

 blue_devil: hi
hopw are you???i hope yo are fine i write you this message to tell you that welcome kezi hamar ouzatset genem so take cares byez

 doctor: hi lara how r u goood from ur doctor
 kokochig_86: hey baby can i know more about you?ur hottttt plz tell me wher r u from in leb maybe we r near!plz baby !
reply me bq!
 kokochig_86: hey baby my home is in adonis but eeryday i m in arax!in my grandmo's house!by the way tell me wher r u from?plz plz!
 jimi: hi how r u?? iu liked u hope that we meet a day ok?

 blue_devil: mwahi sorry about the pic because i was busy but i will put it on saturday i swear...
ok byezzz take care...
 blue_devil: mwahi sorry about the pic because i was busy but i will put it on saturday i swear...
ok byezzz take care...
 haro_007: hi how are you fine???
i hope you are !!!
your pic very cute i love it very mutsh
i love to know everythig about you everything
so you want to plz live me a message in ok see you later i hope you will send a message see you take care bye
 kokochig_86: hey baby i live in arax!&u?
take care anouchig
 kokochig_86: hehe baby wher u live in lebanon?u r really hot!i m from adonis(zouk mosbeh)but everyday i m going to bourj hammoud!
reply me bq qt!
 harout_9:  hi
i live in lebanon u? naye emils e plz add ere ok? bye hokis
 blue_devil: hi how are you?i tellyou this message to tell you that i am putting my pic on saturday evening you can see that on sunday if you want please tell me more about you in message ok and byezzzzzzzzzzzzz mwa mwa mwa
 Hot_Stuff_Mel: hey hey hey...guesss whoooo? lol the 1 and only cute1 my other page is messed write ma back..byezz
 blue_devil: hi how are you ?tahnks of the message i write you this just to say to i hope that you will say me the answer and i hope you will answer me ok because you are the once i see you in the world ok byezzzzzzzzzzz
 7th_son: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
jigerem u live in lebanon or texas anywayyz our vor elane goukam bes hamov pan me ga oudelik
 woolf_mind: hi lara 1stly how are you ? your so sweety & cooolllll
secondly plz send to me a later & tell me about in your hobbies & have a nice time & i hope to you all your life have a nice time babye (K)

 harout_9:  hi
ar you armenian?????
becoos im armenian
i llove the gerl of armenians

 7th_son: dzoooooooooooooo aghchig terket var ar chene falej gelasss l0L nice home u got there yerp bid kank

 sikiwawa86: hey no problem i puted soon
u have a nice pic
 sikiwawa86: hi ur so cute if u nead a bf plz send me a message

 alienserouj:  hello how are u ? can u plz tell me more about u?
like ur hobbies..what u like..
reply me plz
 blue_devil: hi how are you?nice to meet you baby and thanks because the answer that gave me i hope that you will think good about the answer ok byez...

 xrolandx: or listen i will add u to my list
yalla talk to u soon

 xrolandx: hey..
well the most important to know isnt where u saw my pics but its either u liked em or not?
anyway if u got an msn id just add me to ur list and we'll talk
ciao for now
 blue_devil: hi i read your message i want to be your best friend because i love the girls like you preety and cuty so plz tell me with a message and tll me if you have a b/f or not byez
 alienserouj: hello there how are you?
I added u on my MSN so ill chat u soon ..hey visit my website
byebye honey
or give me a call :o1/260 484

 Jean_luc:  ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, hi there , you seems cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

 blue_devil: hi how are you?i write this message to be your best friend in worldlounge if there is no problem...
if you want you write me a letter and tell me that ok
 PartizanX: hello how r u?
where lebanon?
i added u plz speak with me on msn ok bye
 xrolandx: hey cutie, well its true that ur pretty
anyway if u like us to be friends for the moment u can add me to ur msn
ill be happy to talk to u
kisses for u pretty girl
 PartizanX: how is ur life?
where do u live which city?
thats it for now send me message ok byzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and plz add me on ur msn my email is and u r very beautiful

 XxWhosTheCute1xX: ahh there is nuthin
new over here it same
old same old u know?!?!
but i wish u guys were here
so how lebanan!?!?? u betta
come back!!!!!! lol ah.....
please... lol well w/b luv
 LAYLUSHKIN: hey lara no i didnt forgot u dont say taht well anywayz whats up hows everythign? up tehre? we r fine just alot of stuff latley gogin on so busy dont hasve internet no more so i cant write u back soon well just wanna say hi and whats up? hows eveyone????? say ho to everyone
 XxWhosTheCute1xX: hey u... i miss u!!!!!
hows u been ??????????
i hope ure havN fun!!!
wats up???????????????
ughghghghg i miss u sooo
much goodness!
come back homey!!!
i got to go ill
ttul bye write back!

 armenianprincess77: hey lara wuz up me nothin just chillin trying to write back to everyone anyways i can't say hi to anybody like u i am over seas in armenia!!! girl u did not know that oh yeah i miss u tooooooo well i gtg bye
 kIssMyaSStroNut: Gee Lara! Can't u take just one good picture of your self!!! j/k lol Luv ya alwayz

 xWhaTxISxLovEx:  ehh now post for me huh?> talk to everyone except moi? amoT!!!!! lol anywayz jana BArev azizzzz laves? i hope u and maro are doing good i miss u guyz so much =( anyway who is that s3xy BIatch... haha thatz my cutie lara lara shake it girl shake it! haha man so wuz new how is ur family maros bf?> huh huh tell tell tell.... lav baby TTYL WBASAP!!!!! Hugzand KissZ Sonia aka TEXAS PRINCESS~ 6^4 @>----_---

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