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Wusssssssup my hommies in israel? drop me a message nŽ iŽll get back to you asap. Oh Žbout me. I live in St. Petersburg, NOT in RUSSIA! Gonna graduate this year (2002-03) and plan on going to American University [hopefully] in Washington, DC and majoring in Political Science and Public Administration, so I can administrate on all of you people! I volunteer at the Congressman's office and helping to establish an ACYOA chapter here in Tampa Bay. Other than that, I love going to the beach, BUSCH GARDENS, and canoeing! Take advantage of life as much as you can because it's only a journey where the beginning of the end begins, but somehow, it ends quickly! Bye, Mnakparov, Shalom, Salam, Au Revoir & CIAO!


My friends and I

@ Capitol Hill, Washington DC


 LiL_AnGeL: inche dzo? u 4got all about me huuhh?! dzedzzzeem! e mail me sumtime!! love yaaa! bibi!
 Sha4LiFe: No u dont but ,,,,who cares
 LiL_AnGeL: lol ur teez is never online mr im busy all the time!! u still havent taken me to miami, U PROMISED!! u r gonna buy me a house by the beach, u better live up 2 dat promise mikey ..0r else...dun dun duuuunnn hehehehe bibi mikeal!! luuuuuv you!
 Black_Jack:  Hi bro, how r u? how can i 4get someone who has been like a bro 2 me 4 many years , so man how is summer vacation going?
 LiL_AnGeL: dzo esheg, inch 1 4got about u, "ive been busy " <-do those words sound familiar?? lol eehhh wat u been up 2? where did u fly this week? anywhere but vancouver 2 come c me, okay mikey ull pay sumday!! i missed u dzo!! havent talked 2 u 4 a while, yalla get ur teez online sumtime, talk 2 u l8a bibi
 LiL_BraT: Hey..
I really like the song u got playing..
can u tell me the name plz?

 Black_Jack:  HI dzo, intchbes yes ? ya long time no seen,so how is life,& how is the summer vacation going with u: ya we had funn in eilat & i'll send u its pics as soon as i scan them ok,
take care & keep in touch
 LiL_AnGeL: hey mikael!! awwww how sweet! uve never sent me msgs jus like that, i hafta flood ur page wit msges saying "MSG MEEE" ha, anyways, inch ga chiga? i got 13 mosquito bites!! do u no how that feels?? !!yalla yes katsi! take care handsome bi bi
 LiL_AnGeL: mikkkkkey! ouresss?? meshdegh chigas?? i miss u darling!!hahah guess wat! i was lookin through some old pics yesterday and i found a picture of us at lena jambazian's bday party, n im smiling pretty 4 d camera but ure behind me makin doggie ears! ill scan it n send it 2 u sumtime, ahhh good ol' times!!yalla yes katsi! luv ya dood!
 LiL_AnGeL: ewww dolma?? ill send u the whole tanjara!!! haha eh darling, did u have fun in washington, from the pics i can tell u did!! i hope so!! guess whos here!! remember my cuzin karine that used 2 come2 jerusalem at like april 24 or may 28th, she used 2 come from jafa..well i dono if u remember her but SHES HERE!!! she suprised me and lena, everybody else knew she was commin but we didnt, i looked like this --> when i saw her!! but ya i luv her shes so much fun!! anyhoo sweets i better go now, i missed u like hell!!! i havent talked 2 u 4 like 3 months, ishde..hope 2 talk 2 u soon! bi bi!! love you mikeyyy!!! mmmmmmouah!!!
 Ice_queen: MMMMMMIIIIIIIKKKKKKKEEEEEEE!!!!!!=-  O HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY WE ALLL MISSS YA HERE!! HEY ILL TELL TAMAR TO EMAIL YA.... SO SUP MY MAN!!?? OH MY GOD WHY DID I PUT THE CAPS LOCK???? now thats better.... so how is it there??? (i mean the US...) OH YEA WERE COMIN IN the 4th of august...... so sup??? welll i am board i donno what to do..... well im getting tiered of tiping so yalla bye ttly
 Princess_Bee: yeh ofcaurs i remember u man!!!!!!! and how is your little bro say him garine is saying hi to her ok!!!!!!! and if you can massage me back see ya!!!! bbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:wave  :
 LiL_AnGeL: dzo toun inche, kordz pan chounis miyan guh bededis??ehh kal ankam take me with u!!!!!! hehehehe i hope u have fun mikey!!luv ya babe yalla write back
 LiL_AnGeL: OH MY GOD!!! IS THIS A DREAM??? PINCH ME PLEASEEE!!! DID MIKE REALLY ACTUALLY REPLY TO MY MSG???? hahaha jus joshin mikey boi!!!i miss u boobie!! so um wat u been up 2? i got a lot 2 tell u u no! a lot a lot!!cute pics!! u went on a cruise eh? wit that cute blonde bold guy?? u lucky bum! so when r u gon come n pick me up so we can go to miami? u promised mike!!n we can remember the good ol days alrightey im gon go now! hope 2 catch u online soon! bi bi
 LiL_AnGeL: mikeeeyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!where r u? miss u tunz bebe bi bi
 Black_Jack:  Hi mike? how r u? oures dzo meshdegh tchigas, is evrything ok? what about ur mome & bro ? how r they ? tell hi 2 them from me ok, what about school?, next week the exams r going 2 stsrt & after that the summer vacation will come , i still didnt deside what 2 do this summer, what about u what r u going 2 do? ok gtg keep in touch BYE
 leana85: hi mike this is Leana, just wanted to leave u a message for the first time. and i promise i will get that letter done for u..hehe byez
 alfagolf: hi how r u? how is ur work there pariv ere amenon lav bye bye
 alfagolf: hi how r u?
 vagharshag: heyyyyyyyy bro whats up u don;t chat any more om mirc I see
 Black_Jack:  Hi mike, how r u bro? long time no seen, how is life over there, is evrything ok,so gtg keep in touch BYE
 HrAsHkV:  Yo dude,how r u doing???how r things going on wit u???
 vagharshag: dzo mike garodtza kezi yep bid desnam ha,yala yegur yerusaghem,oh and mike did you see adrienne man if you did or going to plz say her hi,from me and that I miss her alot,ok man so you take care and see yah soon..
 LiL_AnGeL: miiiiiiikkkeee where r u?? i miss u sssssoooooooooooo much bud!! u woulnt believe it!!!! call me sumtime, esh!! lub yoo bobyez!!
 vagharshag: inch meayn tun bid pokhvis...
yav evry one back here says hi and hope to see you soon ok,so take care miky...

 Black_Jack: hi mike,how r u? i am reaLLy wayting 4 that day when u wiLL come 2 visit us, ok gtg keep in touch Bye
 vagharshag: sorry I meant tell him I use to play with him back here in jer.
 vagharshag: hey mike it's me vago,man you look so good,and ur bro man,he looks exaclly like you,say hi to him I use to play with him,when he was in jerusalem,I miss all of you guy's,take care bro see yah soon I hope
 LiL_AnGeL: amah! look who decided 2 rite back!! lollll how u doin mikeyyy!! was l.a. fun? hope 2 talk 2 u soon!! miss u lotts!! bye!!
 LiL_AnGeL: dzo eeeesh!!! ouress beeeh?? garotsa kezii
its u're long lost friend man~ can u guess who?
well if u dunno who it is its me ARLEN~ MIKE I MISS YOU~~~~ i wish i were in Florida ~~ how is everyone? hows your mom ,bro and yaya? i lost my icq thats why i havent been online! well i wish u and your family all the best in 2002~ keep in touch~ Arlen
 LiL_AnGeL: O n merry X-mas!!!!
 LiL_AnGeL: mikeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy, where u been bud?? missed u lotts!!! mouah!

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