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Name:Carlo Narguizian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:40  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Lebanon  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:2/6/2003 (GMT)   

Talk is cheap... because supply exceeds demand. Parev! im from Lebanon. i deal with telecommuncation. i speak english, francais, 3arabi, hayeren, turkce, svenska, espanol. i travel alot, almost every second week. interests: making friends around the globe, playing violin, reading, travel, aviation.



 cutedoll: Hello Carlo!thanx for everything..
about my hobbies..well they are a loot wanna hear them all??..ok let's start..I like reading, painting, swimming and dancing and lately it's chatting...
I like clubbing a loot I usually hang out w/ my friends in monot ..anything else u wanna know ur majesty??
keep in touch

 cutedoll: I mean *in poltical science!and I've been to tarouhy hagopian then to yeghishe manougian heard of them?
 cutedoll: heyy..Welcome!Well I just graduated Uni. to be exact from AUB I majored in Public Administration and Minored on Political science..probably I'll start MA soon, I mean hopefully!That's all abt me for now!
take care

 cutedoll: U look like an interesting person...
 silvy: Hi, nice to meet a boy like you as a new freind what do you do in life? How do you find Lebanon because I hear many bad things about it. See you
 TALINA: hey,i'm at AUST,i was from KHANAMIRIAN....
 taloush: Your job seems to be very interesting.
I wam currently searching for a job in the Marketing sector too.
Well my favorite places to han out in is usually starbucs cafe, my dance club, sports cafe, mono street etc.
yaani no specific place to be at all the time. here and there.
What about u? I bet u hang out in different corners of the world:>
anyway take care and have fun
 taloush: Hello,

Ana kwayesa enta izayak
well i am doing my MBA at LAU.
What about u do u still study or just work?
 Rnb_Lady: Hej hej..))) hur kan du prata svenska...dont tell me that you have learned by using internet or books...then I dont believe you!!So tell me the story behind it!!//Gajane

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