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~*MeT cHicKs*~


Cuz´ and Me


 GEAVY: hay es du hay es du haykaka jpit unes du.thats it
 Sayat_Nova: inch lavnes baits du
 ArmenianGuy:  Hello
 BigTony: love your smile.
 VB: Hi Rozette how are you? In your second pic have you been taking drugs????? LOOOOOOOOOOOL Anyway i think i better move to usa all the pretty girls like yourself are over there. And if you are looking for a hye dghah look no further. LOL anyway sweety take care.
 KingKeebler: yea i know...sad isnt it? o well...vacation kicked ass i went to ther jersey shores wit my brother, got an ill tan...and i just did a 9 hour shift at work my first day home so im goin to sleep now...byeee
 KingKeebler: nah not goin, sorry it took so long to answer back but i been on vacation, ciao
 Armnzprd4ever: Hey Rosette its mike, chris and vicks cuz wassup!
 Grbo: i was in new york almost a month ago... have u ever been to boston?... u should come some time.. and maybe.. just maybe. we can me sumtime so we can actually talk.. k hun..
 serop_a: hi yes hayy yv wzazit bes hayy yrdasart yem grnank avyli zanotanal bayyyyyyyyy
 armenianpimp3: hey mets chick wazzzup yeah def we should talk im me also i havbe u on my list so if i see u i will im u ok hun talk to u soon.. LETS GO METS
 armenianpimp3: hey mets chick wazzzup yeah def we should talk im me also i havbe u on my list so if i see u i will im u ok hun talk to u soon.. LETS GO METS
 armenianpimp3: yeah mets wasssup girls next time u go to a game let me know cause i work there, get u some discounts aiiight messsage me back hotttie lets go mets f the yankees
 Grbo: defffffffff chillin in philly... 4 sho...wink wink
 GorillaZ1980: hi yes lav yem toun lav yes?
 Gastro2001: hi
 GorillaZ1980: hay yem yes hay yem yes salsapesek im yeres kach raffiyin donem yes
hey how are you
 PILAVJI: lets go Mets!!! lets go Mets!!! lets go Mets!!! lets go Mets!!! lets go Mets!!! lets go Mets!!!
 Luke: Yo chicka - whats going on - long time no C - r we gonna party in philly or what?
 Grbo: im in both homenetmen and ayf.. u goin to seniors in philly?.... ima be there.. your ass betta be there.. keep in touch babez.. pe@ce
 FUnGi: hey whats up? You look cute. Id love to get to know you better. I live in NY also, where you from?
 PILAVJI: rose it's me taniel (danny boy) girlie, just wanted to drop a how you doin from this ashkhar lounge thingie hehe. okaaay hit me back whenever you can bye bye chica
 Grbo: u in any armo organizations.. like homenetmen or ayf?. keep in touch cutie...
 greenvega1: I did the same thing this weekend. Went to the beach and ate alot of BBQ food. Ive heard of astoria but dont know queens very well. I live in Staten Island. Keep in touch cutie!
 greenvega1: Hey, how was your weekend? Where in queens do you live? Talk to you later.
 XUYAN_TXA: privet es inc goxakan axcikneren haytnvel
 greenvega1: Thanks. I like the usual. Going out, drinking, working out, I love martial arts and different styles of fighting. What about you? Where in NY do you live?
 greenvega1: Hi. You are very cute. Check me out and get back to me if you like what you see.
 ladyT: hey Rosette its Tamar we met at Lousie's wedding. wuts up? i c ur a mets fan, nice well ttyl hun

 Grbo: rosette-uh kaken anoon muhn eh... maaaaaaaad cute.. even though im a RED SOX fan.. its ok.. you're still maaaaaaaaad cute
 berjo: fine and you?
 berjo: fine and you?
 HESONER: :-)....HOLLERRRRRRRRR...i dont follow baseball..but i like the pic..HOLLLER...
 jetlain: hi my love
 SoSoPasha: I know,nm here. Oh i got a new car a 98 Maxima (LOVE IT), lets see any concerts....ya i went to the Jaggamister Tour (Prob never heard of it) yea that was cool.So whats up with you? how ya been?
 Roughrider: 10:45?? I din't see you until much later then. Did you drop some change and were bent down looking for it for an hour or so? Don't bother chasing those quaters they're gonna end up in the collection plate anyway.
 Roughrider: Well if you showed up on time, there would have been time to chitchat j/k
We got there at the beginning of the service so by 12 it was time to go...
 Roughrider: Hey, I saw you at church today. Happy Easter laterz.
 PhatMike: KEF NIGHT.ARMENIAN CENTER 69-23 47ave Woodside, Ny APRIL 5TH ARAVOD BAND $15 INCLUDES FOOD, The band is traveling all the way from philly Its gonna be really awesome, get back to me If ur intrested..Tickets will be sold at the door,
 darnal77: Hi !

I have visit and i found
Your picture and i want to known, if you will
Be agree to talk with me ?!
 vorig1: hey its been awhile whats new.. i havent talked to u for so long howe slife been i didnt see ya at that party u should have come it was so much fu. thats alright though anyway. i guess ill tty soon
 Luke: Hey whats up - The pinto is telling me that there's gonna be warm weather coming up. Time to wash my baby!!!! What color rag do you wanna use to clean off all the schmutz?
 SS454SS: i do watever comes up chill with friends work school this that here there... u know?
 SS454SS: lav em toon eenchbes es eench ga cheega???
 SS454SS: hi
 Christina85: HaHa...Sorry Rose..i didn't take a pic! (That would have been wierd though if i did, cuz she woulda been like: WHY RU TAKING MY PIC?? FREAK!! LoL) Anywayz, it was at the rink by my community park...and i took Alina w/ me...and omg...LoL...she fell like 50x and almost dragged me w/ her each time! So AnyWayZzZ, wats new? How r the gyz?? And also: Wat do u think about going 2 the olympics next month (just the party of course =P )...I was talking 2 Tal about it, and she's up for it....a
 Christina85: R O S E! ! Omg...did u know u have a twin?! -LoL- I went ice -skating 2day & i saw sum1 that looked exaccctttlly like u!
 Roughrider: NO what? Lighten up, Iím just making conversation.
 vorig1: hey.. sorry i didnt write in time. i was gong with my cousins.. btu whatever i will definetly find out much more havent talked to anyone though.. anyways well i like to hang otu with my friends ski rollerblade go to the mall and movies.i love armenian events .. there so much fun. i tink im going to the olympics in philly in september. alogn with sports weekend.dotn knwo whate else to say btu well talk soon okay.
 Roughrider: Where did you find a bootleg Artin, to take that picture with?
 Kathie87: Rosetteeee omgggg don't waste your time gettin upset over that fag... you are *SO* too good for him, like I told you 10 million times before hehe believe me well take care and I'll ttyl bye!!! p.s. enjoy your week off (lol I'll be stuck in school blah)
 SoSoPasha: hahaha yea NYC what!! Sorry i have to laugh, Nsync 5 times geez, well im not really surprised though, i hear there good, lol. yea i think the next show im gonna go to is No Doubt at Roseland, im sorta in love with Gewn, but who isnt ok seee-ya lata
 vorig1: looks liek i wont be getting to the dance though im sorry im goign skiign al weekend im sorry some other time thogu definetly.. march 9th theres a dance at armenian american.. i let ya knwo more soon ttyl bye

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