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Age:37  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Pennsylvania, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:2/28/2004 (GMT)   

Parev zeez, im from Philadelphia and I go to Penn State, Drop me a line if you want, or check out my site me and my cuz made, , yalla bye



Me,My cuz Shant and Courvasier


 Nay-Lo: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Where are you????
 MaralV: lan oor ehs.... NY eench kak kuneyer gor???? Hos nayeer, yerp Philly hasneem chem oozer lusell, guneeg asee ereh, guneeg anee ereh... PERANUT MAKOOR GUH BAHES!
 DivaHye: Hi Sweetie... I MISS YOU! When are we gonna hang out? I am leaving in less than a month and we gotta chill!
Hit me up babes.
 DivaHye: Hi Sweetie... I MISS YOU! When are we gonna hang out? I am leaving in less than a month and we gotta chill!
Hit me up babes.
 Asala1915: Hey man!!
What´s up ??
Do you remember me??
 nUnUsHeEg: boghosssss eench ga yavreeg?!
 NiRiVaRt518: YO BOOOOOO!! its ur favorite hav! im doin pretty good, and uuu?? workin up a storm at ritz camera..still gotta come over and teach me how to use mine! its gettin me frustrateddd! ge khoseenk, take care hun, byyeee
 HyeAxCHi: BOGHOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~ wattttttttttttttttttttttttup GENJ?? hows the life going for ya? see u at kermes maybeeeeeeee! but ill DEF b in philly! gg byee!
 HyeAxCHi: hey hun...shad lav em..du vonce es? um yeaaaa whats goin on?
 Babygooey629: hey there hun!...whats up..hmm naw naw noo cape for me i have to go to a christining that weekend..its actually my parents are becommin godparents soo i cant even skip it..soo how have u been..eench ga chega!?
 PHILLYzFINEST: ALOOOO vonts es?!?!?when i see a pic of me on ur page then ill think about postin 1 of u on mine
 khentaghcheeg: hello my bo---how u doin babes? Chem gernar uspasel meenchev geeragee... guh garoodnamgor kezee arten! Verchuh hedud guh khoseem..yalla bye!
 Hyortik: LAN BOGHOSSSSSSS thanks for coming to our dance and supporting our chapter
 HyeAxCHi: ur going to the capeeee? i WAS gonna go but i already have mmy tickets for chitown..but im commin back the 7th so i guess i mite see u ~ well gg byee hun
 nUnUsHeEg: hey jeeger.. whats up... yeah im def gonna b in philly for seniors... u goin to chicago for hmem or u comin to the cape? talk to u lata yalla byeeee
 HyeAxCHi: hi to u too! im commin to phillly! are u going to chicago olympix?
 dreday: yo bo, i might not be able to come saturday. my bro has a gig and i might go there instead. ill call u
yalla -dre
 leogirl12820: helozzz

where the hell r u?
ummmmmm,,,,,u were surprised or what?
yest. i found ur letter and kept laughing on ur hadn0writing!!haha
LOL..anyways keep in touch i misss youuu
 MaralV: hey sexy hokis,,, luse eendzee yete gooozehs kezee hamar pan muh unem "HAJEES" gusehs!!! hasgutzar

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