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Name:Rodger Hagopian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Massachusetts, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:8/20/2002 (GMT)   

Hey, I live in Lexington MA, im 18 and fresh outta high school....and im goin to also 100% Armenian, but I really white washed, I dont speak much of it, I only know a few yeh...................The only thing interesting in my life is that Im in a band with a few friends of mine, Im the singer/guitarist and songwriter...and i got mp3s and stuff that i can send people if theyre interested.......but yea thats if you wanna talk to me feel free to leave me a message or some shit and ill respond eventually...see ya



 Jules: heyyyyyyy whats up? how u doing? post me back, if u want
 ZorvakOnProzak: do you know the short lady with the big nose and brown hair that works in the resource room? cause thats muh mom..Woooo
 AlinHoki16S: Hey.. mr i dont like to talk to alin.. no jk..wut's up?
 AlinHoki16S: Rodger rodger..where u been man? rememba me.. i thought i'd say hello.. talk to me man! bye bye
 anoush_christine: Dude, where the hell have you been, huh?
 armenian_babe: hheyyyy.
Guy.. its Tamar. .the girl that come to Bosten from the T Dot O..(LoL..Toronto)for "Juniors"..
the one that was on ur team.. **Poptarts** LOL shall i say more??
anyways.. post me back..cya
 anoush_christine: Hey dude. hows it going buuuuuuudddy? How was your easter? i hope it went well. What happened to all your pics?
 hyeMonique: i laugh at you!!
 AlinHoki16S: hey i only get a sup ? that's sad
 anoush_christine: Hey there mate

 ArmoMan: awww so sad
 hyeMonique: omg!
 AnUsHeEgLoReEg: thanx for the hat, i appreciate very much. i only wish i could give you one in return, only problem is that mine would look ten times worse than urs
well, i hope you have something more than hat maker planned for your future, cuz it would be bad if u didnt
see you later, friend of the friend of the person im in love with
 NiNa_ChIcA: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha, EXACTLY like her, lol. She'll prob get mad when reading that but oh well, i'll be away on a cruise!!!! Drink your own urineeeeeee ~Nina~
 ArmoMan: hey bro, waddup?
 AlinHoki16S: helllloo...i thought i'd be random and say hi..and yeah..we should chill another time..YAHH..neway..peace out!
 cutiegurl22: r u friends w/ errol
 NiNa_ChIcA: will you marry me, pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
 NiNa_ChIcA: I dunno kid, seems like all u five year olds are gonna be there. jokeeee! I'm still deciding so peace out cub scout ~Nina~
 NiNa_ChIcA: So this "dance" that Sylv and the other club is putting on, suppossed to be good eh? I heard u guys got the Dj from Club Axis! It better not be all 14 and 15 year olds there or I'll puke on you! aight nig i'm out ~Nina~
 anoush_christine: i see that nina likes to post her life on
 AlinHoki16S: Hey was nice to finally meet u ..YAY!
 ArmoChick13: hey..whats goin on?..i live in MA near Worcester...and if i knew you i'm sure i would have something more interesting to say to you. HA.okay, later
 ArmoChick13: hey, you don't know me..hah.. i was wondering if you knew Stephanie Jones though...since you go to the same school as, shes Armenian too. well, let me know whats up..later
 NiNa_ChIcA: Rodgerinooooooooo, what's crackin?? We all know i don't like Paul one bit right?? And his away messages are damn annoying cause all they say is I'm coming in blah blah days to see Sylvie. And they always have to be about her! Anywho so today I IM'd him and told him that I think Christmas is a time to spend with the family and that he shouldn't come, lol. Then he goes, u don't like me much do u, hahahahha dat's right!!!!
 anoush_christine: So your band gonna have a name?

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