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Name:Tatev Simonian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:37  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:California, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:7/28/2012 (GMT)   

Premed Student at UCSF

ohh yess



On Friday April 1st, 2005
@ The Cove, Ultra Lounge
300 Harvey Dr. (next to 2 & 134 freeway)
Glendale, CA


Free entrence for Ladies until 10pm
Doors open @ 9pm
21 & over
Upscale dressy attire
Admission $15.00

For more info call (818) 523-5772 or e-mail @

 CLUBINFO: u definetely need to check out teez at the cove on FRIDAY APRIL 2ND to be on the guest list call 818 680 0111 this event sold out the first time and it will sell out this time...21 and over and dress code is strictly enforced/ check out
 vahemvm: How are u Tatev?
I Am 26 , not really bad guy, I was born in Yerevan , now i
live in NY
and i dont really know which language I should use.
Tatev honestly, iam looking for serious long relationship
with an armenian girl .... and Iam looking for one. YOU
probably have thousand of admirers so i dont value my chances very
high but ..... " erbeq ches imana"
I dont have a pic on my profile , just
drop me a line and I will send it for you
 synergy: Nice green eyes, are they really yours?
 EL_Matador: wow
talking about blue eye's
lusine kez hamar var gitchna.
all the best...

 Numenorian: UCLA Forever... Just a reflex to the US News rankings for Neurosci... as you can imagine... I tend to disagree
 goldsmith: lav shad g neres kezi neghatsoutsi ne bay
 goldsmith: hasgtsang khegetsiges ??????
 goldsmith: laves mmmmmmmmm
 goldsmith: laves anoushig oryort inchou ches badaskhaner??????????????????????:k  iss:
hey studying communication and electronical Engineering...well itz kinda alot different specially the weather u know and the way people live
so what do u do? tell me about u
 Vahanm82: gjot achker ounes kiank.spanoumen ashkert.shat sirounen.

 goldsmith: laves anoushs kezme khntrang m ounim gareliye??????kou ngard lman vodgi getsats mersi bay;( )
 goldsmith: parev anushs housam laves. es al lavem gouzem hedt mishd khosil paitz ete toun shad yngerner chounis? hagis mishd ourakh eghir. bay______________
 Orbel: i like your eyes
 dirtyaz: thanks for the compliment, so which part did you find the most interesting? have you gone through the application hell yet?
 Royalty: well I attended Buckingham palace for two years and i doctored for a year at manchester U so id say im pretty much royalty if i want also my name is prince so that kind of tops it off u know
 ilovesillyputty: Reaqaintence: Hi, my name is Arman(d) I am a aspiring bio major perhaps looking to get some tips from a premed. Do you like biology and science in general? Is that what drove you to go into your premed? Do you feel that the field of science is somewhat tainted by humans and fringe groups that have influence on society? Are you an evolutionist? Is it possible to be in modern science without adhering to the religion of evolution?
 dikran: oh im sorry PreMed. i always ask stupid questions, so sorry. hehe take care.
 dikran: Thanks, but which part did you find interesting? Tatev, that's a nice name, i never heard it before. So you study in UCSF, good choice, im assuming that you like it there, i still believe SF is the most beautiful city in the US. So what are you studying?
 goldsmith: hi shad kheghetsig achougner ounis ? gouzes hedt khosim?bay
 AlKoHoLiK: ammm it`z cool i guess dunno coz im in Jordan now for University...what about u? howz cali doin???
 ilovesillyputty: Jeeeezus Missy! Calm down I was merely inquiring because I wasn't sure. You don't like posts from us menial types the ones below premed eh? Hehehe. I had heard it once and yea we are all ignorant about something. What are you ignorant about? And you don't like "Mani"? Dost thou thinkest that thine one cares? Seriously I couldn't give a damn.
 UNIXlover: I can see so much more behind that pretty face.
 nhgre: menak mi bana hetaqrqrum .xies etqan ush mtnum internet, kamel helnum
 ethno: hi TATAV!
 vahe010: hi
oh yes
u r very very beauty

 manuello: hi beautycatch remember me,so how r u doing .is everything all right? i have posted my picture on the worldlounge ,i have said last time that ur eyes are killing me, now i am saying again ,waw waw ur eyes r like a diamond ,write me back

 AJ: are you coming to the ASA party tonight at the GATE? Talk to you soon
 AJ: Did you plan it such that the shirt matched your eyes...very exotic looking...good work
 Nshan: Hi Tatev, how r u ? everything is fine here. wow are you from California ? one of my favorite songs is ( Hotel Califrona )
Nice position in your pic
ps: sorry for my late relpy
 oovahe: you have beautifull eyes
 Lenny: hehehehe just joking madame, but ... If I only have some time with you, maybe I could cook u something and after that I can play something 4 u at the piano, and maybe after that u can care me more !
Life here, mmm good question with more time I ll tell u how is to live here
were do u live at ??
Do u have icq or msm ?
It was great to c your answer !!
Kisses and take care !

 Lenny: Tatev
oh my god !
do u wanna married me =??jejjeejee
thats not a jocke !
So what do u do Sugar ?
DO u wanna keep n touch with an argentinian dude ?

kisses and take care !
 sebcoe97:  Hey there, cutie
 LovelyAngelGirl: Hey when i see a pretty girl i tell them they're pretty just wannted to tell u that ur one of them
u have vary beautiful eyez
is it green?

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