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Me again

~ Thinking ~

~ (BIB) Bakinetz in Black

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 Suspended_Angel: Happy Coming New Year Ervino! Hope New Year brings you only the best things in life!
 a2y3f5: Dear Friend,

an update is posted.
 Hamov_Jan: Hi Ervin , kak dela? shto novova?
 Artur777: Hi, Ervin
Just wanted to wish Happy Easter to you and your family.
 Artur777: Hi Ervin!
How are you? How is your work?
I've been alright, travelling too much almost done with this semester at school. I can't wait till holidays.
My valentine's was good, by the way
Ok, Ervin, take care
write back when u can
 ALMRS: Hi I think you have a good sense of humour and very-very bright imagination.I really like your profile.Of course,ARMENIA is the best. OK,I'll talk to you later.
 kotenok: hey how are you? I found out about your website thru my friend Gayana, you know her she lives in Michigan, in Detroit. We were going thru the website and she showed the people that she knows. anyways, ya jila na vos'mom kilometre, tvoya mama novernoe znaet ob etom meste. mne bila 7 let kogda mi uexali iz za sobitiy. a gde ti jil so svoey family v baku? well, i'm going a little crazy here because i've got a lot of stuff to do for school. i am finishing my third year in college. what about you? what do you do? well, write me back and ask me any questions you'd like, ok? talk to you later!!! bye
 Suspended_Angel: Thank you for your help, computer geek My computer feels better than ever. Thanks for your time Ervin. I truly appreciate your help. Have a great weekend!

 Artur777: Privet Ervin jan!!!
First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and may all your wishes come true
Sorry I couldn't write you earlier, I haven't been here for a while, the hard drive on my laptop broke.
I hope you had fun on your birthday
Did you though?What about Valentine's?
I'm not in VA now I'll be there tomorrow.
Ok, Ervin, Keep In Touch.

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