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Hi there!!! I live in Sweden,but i come from Artsax!!! I would like to meet some armenian friends... So.. if u r interested.. write me:)) bye...

Its me



 DONT_TOUCH: sorry but i dont have any pic...which country do u live in sweden?so keep in touch ,i hope 2 c u sOon,b'bye....
 DONT_TOUCH: yeap,1st thx for ur msg,which country do u live in se ?my 0736302872maybe u want to speak with me,so keep on touch,bubye
 DanDoun: hej i hope that u arent made from cz thats the way that i speak with so soorrry
ok if u want 2 know about me leave me a message and if u want i will add u 2 my list and we can chat their

 PiStOl: next world Cup !!!SWeden all the way!!!!!!!!
 DONT_TOUCH: u r so nice & sweety

 DanDoun: hej varför lämnar du inga meddelanden???vill du vara vän???eller inte!!
 vishab: parev laves yas amen or kaze che dasnemna cham knanar
 suklin: helloooooo h r u?nice pic
 masternet1: che ayt kntage hon bidi chi tneyir yes yerevagayetsi te im klukhes hone incher bidi eneyi skhal mi hasgenar hajis bye by e
 elie_chahbazian: so nice & soooooooooooo beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllll  lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

 Hopig: hey , how about me for a friend ? i read you comments and you said there that you wanted to meet new armenian friends , so i thought i'd leave a message
 VaNDaMMe: hi babe,how r u doing?ur sexy too.keep in touch,bye.
 DanDoun: hej i know swedsh cz i was living their from 3 years haha i dont have a pic on this site cz i dont like 2 put my pic in a public site so if u want 2 see my pic u have 2 add me ok.... hej do
c ya
 DanDoun: hej du e vekker thats the only word that i know in swedesh so if u want we can be freind s

 jacckk: niceeee pics ok nice 2 meet u in pics cu bzzzzzzzzz

 jacckk: niceeee pics ok nice 2 meet u in pics cu bzzzzzzzzz

 gentle000:  hi honey,
it's nice that still u remember that u r Armenian....
take care
 XUYAN_TXA: privetik armine
vonces nkarnert miamit tesa u asi grem.sirun axcikes du
 electrifyin316: what so funny ?
 miklos: hey!
if u like volyball i like 2 seet onlone on the sunset with a bottel of wine and still thinkin about my angel and my futere and now i think u know one of my hobbies see ya take care and
 mbkvette: navel piercings are prob my favorite place on a girl to be pierced. good choice. just dont get any on your face, like your nose or eyebrow
 miklos: hey! nice pics so u like football? if u do i can be the ball for u and u shoot me nice 2 send u a massage
 SexyKamasutra: hi baby again 10x for ur repliying msg as i told u once ur so cute and pretty take care and hope to chat with u oneday see u bye bye
 latina_girl: hej hur är det jag skrivit ingenting till honom okej ha det bra okej ha de bra vi ses snart trevlig sommarlov
 SexyKamasutra: oops what an cool pics take care see u post me back ciao ciao
 Redondo: check ur mail plz

 scorpions_84: we have a good armenian community in sweden?
I know a girl her name is odette baghdassarian..u know her?
I am baghdassarian too, that's y i know her but she is not my relative.
 scorpions_84: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! how r u?
where is better artsakh or sweden?
I guess artsakh for sure!!!
 Rio: hi ur talkin well lolol write back k?
ur talkin well
 latina_girl: hej ha det bra armenians men, du vet jag är latina ... ...okej hälsa din familjen vi ses snart hej då chaoooo
 latina_girl: hej hur är det med dig
 hrklz: hi sweety......laves ? my name is haro from north Lebanon i would like to have armenian friends from all over the world . so lets b if u like ,hope u reply to me , take care & bye.

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