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Im 100% an Armenian Girl and Im proud of that, I like music and all kinds of sports especially Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Jogging... I like to play Chess too. I like to have many Armenian friends from all around the world so get connected with me :-)

Nice Look Ha?

On the Graduation Day

Trip to NY :-)

~*~Wanna DrinK somethin´??~*~

Boston, MA summer 2004

~ I Love NY ~ (Summer 2004)


Hey sweetyy
thanks so much for ur vote!! it ment
alot ull have mine whenever!
XoX {MaRiSsA} XoX
 ItalianEuroStar: hey thanks for your vote
 GEAVY: hello come back NY again ,you welcome here any time
 ItalianEuroStar: hey bella thanks for the vote

 lara_armenia: heyy
just wanted to say thanks for ur vote!

- LaRa -
 lara_armenia: Hey there
thanks a lot for your vote
~ LaRa ~
 armenian_babii: Hi there
Thank you so much 4 ur vote, i wouldn't have gone this far without your vote!! lolz
You alwayz have mine
Anywho, thankz again

 AdVeNtUrOuS: hey girlyy .. missed u too hows everything going on with u latelly ... thanks a lot for voting and supporting me
we will begin basketball practice tomorrow and we have next week too ... we will be waiting for u to participate with us
ill add u oin my msn .. so that we can chat
 francky: HEYY..
 mr_taka_tinga: hi again just missed u and remembering u yalla have a nice summer vacation take care bye
 jacckk: hi how r u hope 2 c ur pic so sOOn so take care bye bye!!!!!
 abulant: how arev you anoushig aghcheg?????????
 mr_taka_tinga: hi araz nice to hear from u back well summer is ok im trying to have fun ... what about r u doing fine and r u enjoying ure summer ...yalla bye for now c u
 mr_taka_tinga: hi araz missed u laves keep in touch c u byez have a nice day
 mr_taka_tinga: hi araz missed u laves keep in touch c u byez have a nice day
 D-GR8-HYE: Hi Arazig, how r u girl? Thx for your post! Good Job on your official exams!! *thumbs up* I am very proud of u. For the summer, I am working full time as an intern as a software tester for a biomed company. On the side, I am also helping out at my church with many things. My summer has been really fun so far, praise God! What's going on with u? Enjoy your summer vacation! Write back.

 AIDA: hey girl what's up?
well i'll be leaving to go to hayastan in about a i guess i'll write to you till then but after that i'll write to you when i come back...bye
 puzo83: ahha! so u live in zahle... i've been there before...also i've been in ainjar.. once there was this thing KHATCHI OR they say ...i was there... we stayed there in was so cool.. we played the guitar until morning.. we had lots of fun..well actually my father is born in zahle... by the way u know a family called okkayan there? ok then..laters..PeAcE**
 AIDA: hey girl?
what's up?
finally your exams are finished. anyways i hope you are having a fun summer. This year i am not coming to lebanon but instead i am going to armenia with the hmem scouts for camp.
anyways got to go so i will talk to you later
 puzo83: it's cool that u're on vacation too... by the way from which school r u? i play rock music... classical rock... and this is my seventh year i'm playing the guitar... i also played the piano for 4 years... i practice 4 hrs a day... i like it alot.. u tell me... u play tennis? where do u go to practice? by the way where do u live in lebanon? the exact place i mean...? ok then...i'll be waiting...laters..PeAcE**
 PartizanX: hello i live in fanar
 puzo83: hey araz... i was so busy lately..i wasn't even checking my emails.. but now things got better... so how r u? how's life? i'm in hollywood at the moment...and i'm on vacation...what about u? what's new? write me back and tell me everything that is going on there... ok? take care and laters...PeAcE**
 MasTeR: Hmmmm, chlla chi havnetsar esadzes?... LOL, Okey "sorry":|...
 MasTeR: Hmmmm, ayt yerke kezi hamar tri arten
 MasTeR: Hi, And I'm 100% Armenian boy, I like all kinds of sports too.. And I'm a good chess player...i can beat you
 gaget: pare araz laves enze heshatser guozem haded ghosel yerane badaskhan keras enze

 norayr: parev oriort laves yes shad lav yem hajis nghart g ghrghes?
 nigolbarca61: hi, arazig , , it was an nice chat with you reallyyy, i was disconnected for an 1/2 hour then i entered again but you were away.
any way keep in touch okay, see you soonnn
 Hopig: loool not that much though
 PartizanX: how is ur life?
where do u live which city?
thats it for now send me message ok byzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and plz add me on ur msn my email is
 mr_taka_tinga: hii araz
missed u
 Arammb1: hey how are you? i'm bored as hell, lol
thanx for ur compliment. my webpage is  ge.html
do u have a picture? well i gotta go, buhbye

~ Aram ~
 blackeagle: hi there how r u sweety ? i,m zareh from israel . see u soon
 kia: parev anoushig
 nigolbarca61: hi, arazig , laves, , yarvne chank khosir gor msn ov, hoosam shad laves, ,write me message please to know that you are okay,i will wait for you okay, byeeeeeeeeee
 mr_taka_tinga: Hi araz im sorry that im late i've just seen ure message anyway if u want we can chat in msn mr_taka_tinga@hot....
hope c u there
 AIDA: hey girl what' sup?
well i'm glad you wrote back....don't worry i understand i'm really busy too. Anyways i just wanted to say hi and good luck on ur exams. Right back and tell me how you did bye
 puzo83: hey arazig... actually i study and i work,, i study dentistry...nice to hear from u by the way... well nothing much to say..hope to c ur pic too soon.,,,, ok then..laters... write me back...bye!PeAcE***
 Steph818: the one's your asked me hobbies etc..
 Steph818: are you getting any pics up soon?... by the way u havent answered my questions yet!!!!!!!!!
 Yercho: hi araz .. can we be friends...please if you want send an answer message..chao..
 puzo83: hey how r u? how's life? what part of lebanon u stay in? ok then!!PeAcE!!
 nigolbarca61: hi, araz ,i added your email in my msn okay, , i want to talk about us,i love 100% armenians ,so, be in touch okay, byeeeeeeee
 D-GR8-HYE: Hi Arazig! WOW, isn't this amazing? I leave u 2 messages back to back. LOL! I've noticed, i'm one of those who leaves u a long message, i wonder if that's ok with u, please let me know. ciao!
 D-GR8-HYE: Heyy Araz! Thx for your message! How r u doing? Yeaa, I've been very busy with school. Sorry, for not writing back. Just a few days ago, I stayed up almost all night finishing a program for my programming class. I slept in cuz i didn't have school the next day. Thank God! Everything is going good right now, praise God! I have about 3-4 weeks left for school, then summer break! YAAAYY!! Well, what's going on with u... Hope everything is good. Good luck with school! I wish u all the best for all your exams! Alright, u take care of yourself, God Bless You! Hear from u soon, byeeee
 AIDA: i just want to make sure i'm talking to the right this the one from zahleh....we went swimming at telal?
write back so i can know cause i know 2 araz's from lebanon
write back bye
 mr_taka_tinga: hi

 vatcheabs: i took general arts and science that course gets you no where so i just took it for like a back up course.
 Steph818: hey araz, how are you?.. lol thanks for the post i get my braces off tommorrow!! well it was nice talking to you
 vatcheabs: i finished first semester college and i'm workin right now and probably in sept. ill get into a diff. course like dramatical arts.
 vatcheabs: hey thanks. so what are you doin right now workin or in school or both?
 gaget: hi laves yas heded ghosel gozem
 Concerto: Thank u for ur message Arazig,and i wish u good luck in ur studeis.Ciao.
 D-GR8-HYE: Heyy uu! How r ya Araz? Good luck with your studies! So u r graduating this year?! CONGRATULATIONS! Do you need to take some government exams? I know how you guys have to do that. Are you going to college after? Where in lebanon do u live? I have a lot of cousins in Lebanon. I really miss Lebanon. I know you wouldn't recommend to come there but i want to go back one day cuz i have a lot of friends too. Don't worry about your pic, just send it to me whenever u can. Well, I don't want to write u too much or else u'd go HEHE! Alrighty, u take it easy, God Bless You!
 D-GR8-HYE: Hi Arazig! 10x 4 writing back! How r u today? I'm doing really good, park Asduzo! Well, i have a lot of hobbies, some of them are playing basketball, soccer, pretty much any sport except for golf, lol! I'm really good at basketball. I also love watching basketball. I love playing on my guitar. I also enjoy chess just like you Chess is really fun, it gets your mind working, i love that! No other game does it as well as chess. I'm into computers a lot. I love Jesus a lot because no one in this earth has loved us more than He has! He's the prime example of love! Hmmm...ourish inch...let me know what else u want to know, i will gladly tell u. What do u do in life? By the way, do u have a pic? If u have one, can u send it to my email plz.. Take care of yourself, God Bless You!
 phustukh: hey...where does ur uncle live
 anjartsi: Hey araz sssup hehehhe long time no seen inch hech anjar ches kargor yalla take carez c ya

 D-GR8-HYE: HIIIII!! Thank you for your compliments! Well...hello there Arazig... WOW! What a cool name! Here i am, connected with u How r u today... Heyyy, just want to say you're the 1st Arazig I've ever met, it's so cool! I also think ur comments r the gr8est, I really like them! I also love to meet armenians from all over the world. I was born in Beirut, Lebanon. If you ever want to chat, you can catch me on msn messenger pretty much anytime, except when i'm sleeping of course...LOL! (u knew that, of course!) Well, write me back when you get the chance! Take it easy, God Bless You! Have a nice weekend!
 Funkey_Monkey: hey araz! laves? im good. whats new? about the background its these codes u need. ill tell u it next time we chat,
 Funkey_Monkey: hey Araz, it's aline. I wrote to your brother thinking it was you hahahaha. eh laves toun?? just wanted to say hi!
 DANGER_MAN: hi how r u ?
 DANGER_MAN: hi how r u ?
 bacteria: or there is another solution...maybe i will meet u somewhere and so that i can see what u look like... its ur own decision! r u shy of the camera? just send me ur pic! keep in touch ..bye
 bacteria: i mean i will be waiting for ur pic!, what did u think? lol ...anyways keep in touch! byez
 maffia: hi araz laves do you remamber me anjari janon ok bye take care
 arex: hi araz it's me arax from anjar.just wanted to say hi

 armostallion: hey, whats up? thanx for the message...ya, i like some types of care -Mher
 raffi4: arazig laves,kitzar intzi
 bacteria: ok then, i will be waiting until then! keep in touch! ..bye
 anoushighye86: hey i got to LHS and in 10th grade. yea i live in mass. why do you ask. well take care ttyl
 sevouliggg: salutttttttttttttttt
10xe mailit hamar housam lav es tell me about you more plz take care byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Anichka: hey...wassup? )) how r ru doing? )))0 I'm from Stavropol and I'm 15 ))) I study at school )) and I like tenis and sweaming )))) also I like music )) and I have a lot of armenian frimends)))
 bacteria: i live in adonis in leb...and i'm a student in AUT..i mean in the UNI...i'm studying hotel management...i have a quest! can i see ur pic? anyways keep in touch, so that i will know more about u! byezzzzz
 talina039: hii arazig!!
intch ga tchiga noroutioun tasser e g kalen gor
hetch mi medahokvir 20en aratch g desnevink !!
yalla bey bey

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