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Party time!

Dallas Leaving Sports Weekend


 leonminas: Ciao Ani..Maybe I'll be coming to McKinney next is life there ??? muah
 ActorHarout: yo love the pics!!!! ummm UNT chicks..... hook it up!!!! jk just wanted to say hi! stop by work again anytime...... hope to talk to ya soon! ps i miss that hat in the pic.....
 hyebrothas: HEY ANI! That's coo' you're a HYE from TEXAS! I like must me a farm girl that's ARMENIAN and that's cool, I'm from the Country and I love farmin' so thought I see 'sup w/you baby! Keep it real!!!!
 phieffer98: Hey girlee girl, whats up Its me Leslie, I met you in Boston. Of course you remember how r u? Well just wanted to say HI. KIT
 tarksdogs: Nah, not yet. I'm still a west coast boy at heart. Maybe in a few years Texas might grow on me....but I doubt it!
 Lori: I have never been to F St F, have you? I am not to keen of the big crowds of drunk college kids. Last April I saw so many people walking past my apt on their way to the fair carrying cases and coolers of beer. I wouldn't mind seeing flickerstick though, and the other bands. Seems like a good lineup this year!
 Lady_Lu: what up G...
 dangrs80: hey whats up im from arizona glad to know there are some armenians close by
 Doc-Ara: Hey! I saw your pic and decided to say hi!

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